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Essay on Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneur in India ? - 1000 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneur in India ? in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1000 words.

Women entrepreneurs have to face a series of problems from the very beginning to enterprise tasks. As a woman, there are various problems for a woman entrepreneur, the problems of Indian women are related to the responsibility of the family, society and the work of the lion.

Traditions, customs, socio-cultural values, ethics, maternal husband and men tend to tilt, physically weak, hard work areas, sense of insecurity can not be difficult, etc. There are some unique problems that Indian women do while jumping into entrepreneurship Are coming

Women in rural areas still have to suffer. They face tough resistance from men. They are considered as assistants. The attitude of the society and the obstacles in which it is to live and work is not very favorable.

In addition to the basic problems mentioned above, other problems faced by women entrepreneurs are as follows:

1. Family Relations:

Women in India are very emotionally attached to their families. To take care of children and other family members, they should take part in all domestic activities. They are more burdened with family responsibilities, such as additional attention to husbands, children, and laws that remove their many time and energy. In such a situation, the enterprise will be very difficult to focus and run successfully.

2. Male domination society:

Even though our constitution speaks about equality among the sexes, even then the man is orderly of the day of shrewdness. Women are not considered equal to men. Their entry into the business requires the approval of the head of the family. Entrepreneurship has traditionally been seen as a male preserve. They put a break in the development of all women entrepreneurs.

3. Lack of education:

Women in India are far behind in education. Most women (about sixty percent of the total women) are uneducated. Educated people are given less or inadequate education, partly because of their initial marriage due to early marriage, partly because of son's higher education and partly poverty. Due to a lack of proper education, women entrepreneurs live in the dark about new technology development, new methods of production, marketing and other government support, which will encourage them to encourage them.

4. Social Barriers:

Traditions and customs against women in Indian societies sometimes stand in the form of hindrance before growing and prospering. Castes and religions dominate with each other and obstruct women entrepreneurs too. In rural areas, they have to face more social constraints. They are always seen with suspicious eyes.

5. Lack of raw materials:

The lack of raw materials, sometimes, the availability of proper and adequate raw material, the bells of enterprises operating by women entrepreneurs are ringing. In order to get the required raw materials and other necessary inputs for entrepreneurs, the women entrepreneurs have to face a difficult task in fact.

6. The problem of finance:

Women entrepreneurs are very rigid in expanding and meeting the financial needs of the business. Bankers, creditors and financial institutions are not coming forward to provide women borrowers with financial support based on their low credit eligibility and business failure prospects. Due to the prevention of money in raw materials, goods prepared by the progress in the work and the payment of the customers on time, they also have to face financial problems.

7. Tough competition:

Generally, women entrepreneurs use less technology in the production process. In such markets where competition is very high, they have to work hard to survive in the market against the organized sector and their male counterparts, who have vast experience and ability to adopt advanced technology in the management of enterprises.

8. High cost of production:

Many factors, including inability management, contribute to higher costs of production, which stands as a stumbling block in front of women entrepreneurs. Due to slow adoption of non-adoption or replacement technology, women entrepreneurs have to face technical constraints, which is a major factor in the high cost of production.

9. Low risk bearing capacity:

In India, female nature is weak, shy and light. They can not afford the amount required to run an enterprise. The lack of education, training and financial support abroad also reduces their ability to bear the risk involved in enterprises.

10 Limited mobility:

In India, female mobility is very limited and the problem is due to traditional values ​​and inability to drive vehicles. Asking for the room to walk alone and stay out for business purposes for the night is still seen with suspicious eyes. Occasionally, younger women feel uncomfortable in dealing with those men who show extra interest in comparison to work-related aspects.

11. Lack of entrepreneurial qualifications:

The lack of entrepreneurship ability is a matter of concern for women entrepreneurs. There is no entrepreneur inclined in their mind. Even after participating in various training programs on the entrepreneur ship, the women entrepreneurs failed to cope with the risks and problems encountered in an organizational work.

12. Limited managerial capacity:

Management has become a special job that only displays skilled managers. Women Entrepreneurs are not skilled in managerial work like planning, organizing, controlling, coordinating, staffing, directing, motivating, etc. of an enterprise. Therefore, less and limited managerial capacity for women has become a problem for them to successfully run the enterprise.

13. Legal formalities:

To fulfill the legal formalities needed to run an enterprise, due to procedural delays in the distribution of corrupt practices in government offices and procedural delays for various licenses, electricity, water and shed allocation, a turmoil is created on the part of the women entrepreneur. In such situations female entrepreneurs find it difficult to concentrate on the smooth functioning of the enterprise.

14. Exploit by middle men:

Since women can not run around for marketing, distribution and collection, therefore they have to depend on middle men for the above activities. Middle men help them exploit them. They add their own profit margins, which result in lower sales and lower returns.

15. Lack of Confidence:

Women Entrepreneurs are a motivating factor in running their own underlying nature, due to the lack of confidence which is essentially an enterprise. They have to work hard to prevent the balance between managing a family and managing the enterprise. Sometimes they have to abandon their entrepreneur's insistence to stop the balance between the two.

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