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Essay On is The Mobile Phone Essential for Our Lifestyle or Threatening our Lives? - 1500 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay On is The Mobile Phone Essential for Our Lifestyle or Threatening our Lives? in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 800 and 1400 words.

It's burning question all over. Most people will not think twice about saying that a mobile phone is an integral part or our modern day life. There are many people who can not imagine their life without GG Become a teenager for which the only use of mobile phones is entertainment, which he can enjoy well, can be obtained from the number of devices or it is a businessman, for which it is absolutely essential for his work, mobile Get life disabled without phone. By using a mobile phone, are we harming our long-term health in contact only for a good image or worse? you be the judge?

Mobile phone is the most dynamic device in the market. It is fast changing from computer. The new generation of WAP phones now allow the user to connect to the Internet, send an e-mail, click on the photograph and listen to music and record full-length video. The e-mail facility, tremendous progress in technology allows traders to contact their office at any time during the day or night. This feature is a cheap way to stay in touch not only locally or regionally but globally, it is a major connectivity tool for any working person. Sending an e-mail is not nearly costly as the traditional methods of communication, so the company has the ability to reduce costs. The powerful feature about e-mail is that it can never be sent within hours of office, and time differences between countries are no longer considered.

The main utility of mobile phones for most mobile phone users is the ability to contact family friends in case of emergency. Most parents provide phones to their children so they can know that whenever they need children and it completely reduces anxiety. Most women who travel alone, they feel more secure by knowing that in emergency or breakdown, they can call help without leaving the safety of their car, hence reducing the possibility of mobile running or poor rape. But can your mobile phone be a silent killer with you?

The increase in the use of mobile phones and the introduction of new technology, which not only creates cost of hands cheap, but the use of the phone results in many more connections as more and more people can afford it now. However, it is damaged, the main thing is that networks can be overloaded and connecting to the network becomes extremely difficult. The consequences can be devastating, mobile phone owners believe that they can contact with assistance in an emergency, in fact the cross network can make it impossible. So a false sense of security develops.

Parents are now buying mobile phones fast to stay in touch with their children. Are they doing so, risking their health and more importantly the health of their children? Are not they just giving them a sense of security, but rather a tool, which is gradually harming their Vesra? Several studies have been undertaken to assess the health risks associated with ownership and use of mobile phones. The results are for everyone to see. Mobile phone emits an electromagnetic radiation called radio-frequency radiation (RFR). Potential health risks of RFR can be identified in two ways: thermal and non-thermal. Thermal effects are occurring when enough RFR is absorbed to convert to heat, at some frequencies, the temperature of the tissue increases.

However, non-thermal effects and their health risks are some of the unknown quantities, and this is where the problem lies in the place. Since the effects have to be measured, it is likely to be too late when we actually find out what we have to face. Although disputed, it is suggested that they can be at the lower level of the risk and may include changes in body cells, possibly with memory loss and headache, tumors and even alzheimer's can happen. So far the report and investigation have been unsure. The long-awaited study by Sir William Stewart ended in mobile phone security.

"The balance of evidence does not tell that mobile phone technologies have put the health of the common population at risk."

However, students were not denied access to mobile phones in case of required calls. There was an all-party commission to investigate the matter and even they could not come with convincing evidence that mobile phones create a threat to health. Therefore, the only judge deciding on the use of mobile phones is a user of mobile phones or in some cases the user's parents, but please keep in mind that being safe from forgiveness is better.

Scientists have made some agreements when they say that mobile phone transmitter is a major threat to public health. Currently the planning law allows transmitters to be installed anywhere in the country till they are below the height of fifteen meters. Since it still does not fully agree whether mobile phones harm health, yet there is a serious suspicion in the minds of scientists who have researched the minds of the general public and even scientists, so The government should implement more strictly as long as the evidence is conclusive, which controls the location of mobile phone transmitters. One way in which this can be done is to restrict or severely restrict the construction of these transmitters in manufactured or residential areas.

The problem that will be faced in such cases is that some people who are not using mobile phones are aware of the dangers due to the huge transmitters located near their homes. There is currently uncertainty with experts whether the health risks are generated for transmitted masses, especially for children below the age of fifteen years, on the facility where telephone companies can go to the site and can create these masts, the most Good, irresponsible. Mobile phone transmitters are created outside primary schools. The Minister of Health and Environment once said, "If we introduced the planned barriers which were very high then it could work against the interests of the economy." Is the government jeopardizing public health to accommodate huge and powerful multinational phone companies? The mobile phone industry has pulled the rug on the findings, which interrogates the security of the world's 2000 million handsets. What gives the above logic weight is that this research was commissioned and paid for the industry. The research cost was fifteen million pounds.

Health is not the only side of the issue with which we are working, using drivers during another hazardous movement associated with the use of mobile phones. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a new report on wireless technology in vehicles. "Wireless communication I check the safety effects of vehicles." Report is hesitant to conclude that there has been an increase in mobile phone incidents due to the use of mobile phones while driving, perhaps because the report wants to play safe. Recent scientific evidence has suggested that AH radiation from the handset can cause temporary memory loss, although this is only one in five million occasions. With the risk being so nominal, it has to be dismissed, but if this memory loss causes the driver of a car or any other vehicle to crash and hurt the family member or friend, what will happen?

For any reason if it is found that mobile phones are dangerous in many ways then their use will stop? A classic example, which can provide the answer to the above question, is cigarette smoking. For many years, it has been widely accepted that smoking causes cancer, many people ignore government health warnings and continue smoking, and many people choose to start smoking every week. Mobile phones are now becoming more affordable, those who use it stop it because it is found to reduce their life expectancy or will it be similar to cigarette warnings? Many people will stop using their mobile phones. Others, especially those who depend on their mobile phones to communicate with friends or businessmen, will not stop? One of the ways in which government is trying to discourage people from smoking is to ban cigarette advertising. This strategy can be implemented on mobile phones in a way that prevents mobile phone companies from targeting the younger generation. The government can also insist that mobile phone manufacturers include health-warning booklets with each phone sold.

There is enough research in supporting this claim that there is no health risk in the radio signal emitted by mobile communication devices. Supports periodic review overview by many government agencies, international health organizations and scientific bodies, that radio signals from mobile phones and other portable communication devices do not take any health risks. In many years the scientific consensus derived from the evidence of accumulated evidence is clear. There is no evidence that the transmission of radio signal, mast or other portable communication devices generated by the mobile phone creates a health hazard. In my opinion, the above evidence provides a solid basis for concluding that mobile phones are safe.

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