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Essay on Karwa Chauth

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Essay on 'Karva Chauth' (150 Words)

'Karva Chauth' is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus. According to the Hindu calendar, it falls on the fourth day of the full moon in the month of Kartik. It usually comes in the month of October / November according to the modern calendar. In India, Karwa Chauth is celebrated by Hindu women.

Karva Chauth One day fast is celebrated by married women for the welfare and longevity of their husbands. There are many stories that describe the beginning and importance of this festival.

On the day of Karva Chauth, it rises in the morning. Before sunrise, they eat a special dish called fruit and fenyon. After this, without any food or water the whole day is observed fast. On this day, women apply humidity on their hands. They wear the best clothes and traditional ornaments. They open their fast in the night with the arrival of the moon.

Essay On Karva Chauth In English (350 Words)

The name of Karwa Chauth was coined with two words 'Karwa' and 'Chauhath', in which the lamp of kerosene oil in the east means and later it means four. Karva Chauth is a ritual that reflects the relationship between a bride and a woman between her. After the marriage, the bride seeks a woman friend in the law house to share her feelings and problems. Generally, their friendship is understood in the wedding ceremony and later they are considered as sisters. During the early days, in the northwestern region of India, when it was generally dry weather; Husband travels in search of work and food and wife fast all day and pray for their welfare. Since then it has become a ritual.

Once a queen was a Veeravati, a sister for seven brothers. Rani Veeravati spent her first Karva Chauth as a married woman in her parents' house. Before sunrise and very essential water before sunrise, it started fast. Seeing this, his brothers made a mirror of the moon with the help of a mirror. As soon as she drank water, her husband died. She was suffering from the heart and cried until she got shatki. When she repeated her fast, her husband came to life.

Karva Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day of the Kartik month in the Hindu calendar. It is mainly celebrated by the women of North India and North Western India.

On Karwa Chauth, women go from sunrise to the moon fast for the welfare of their husbands. Punjabi women get up early and eat before the sun rises. Usually they eat syrup which contains fonia. Uttar Pradesh Women's Fenia accounts with the festival of festivals, with milk and sugar. This will help them stay in the water the next day. Women apply Henna and cosmetics that day and do not do any domestic work. In some places exchange of pottery with gifts is customary. Parents send gifts to their married daughters and their children. In the evening, only female celebrations are organized. An elderly woman or priest tells stories of Karva Chauth.

Essay On Karva Chauth In English (950 Words)

Currently Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is an occasion which has been inspirational Indian women for years and has been an emotional nucleus for many marriages. At present, the concept and form of this festival has made a big difference.

When this ritual began to celebrate Karva Chauth, the wife was relied on husband and it was a way of showing love and expressing gratitude. But today, in most cases, the wife is working and is no longer financially dependent on her husband. Explaining the above, I still want to believe in the feelings behind fasting and feel that although this festival has still changed the wife's unwanted love tradition for her husband. With modern society and high tech lifestyle, we are losing the small moments of happiness in relationships. This festival is a way of bringing two romantic hearts together and reminding each other that marriage is done in heaven but the heart is defeated on the earth.

So all you busy husband and wife, please get time to wish each other's 'Happy Karwa Chauth' and celebrate the beautiful bond created by God. Feel the desired of your partner and get away from the myth that Karva Chauth is only for women.

Karva Chauth Day

It is happy to know that Hindus have always believed in worshiping God's men and women's aspect and Shri Rama was a strictly dedicated husband. Not only this, one is called Sita Ram and Radha Krishna, and as someone can see that the name of the female gets priority.

Karwa Chauth Day falls every year on the fourth day of the month of Kartik. On this day fasting of the wife all day is traditional. He does not drink water either. He portrays his hands and legs with chickens, usually dresses in red garments and on his hair he blends vermillion powder. All the bride above is 'make up'.

A woman named Veeravati broke her fast and her husband died. She protected her husband's body and she came back to the life of the next Karva Chauth. It is believed that a fast-moving woman has the power to face the God of death, Yama. This Karwa Chauth is done by a fasting wife, so that the husband can enjoy long and prosperous life.

The story of Karva is well known. Her husband was caught by the crocodile. Karva tied the crocodile with cotton yarn. Then he asked Yama to send the crocodile to hell. Yama refused Karwa threatened to curse Yama. Yama, afraid of being cursed by a devout wife, sent crocodiles to hell. Karva and her husband enjoyed many years of married pleasure. The fact is that Yama was afraid of cursing a devoted wife, it shows that power is a good loyal woman!

Perhaps you have listened to Savitri's story. The latter followed Yama, who took her dead husband. Yama said that she could ask for any other blessing except her husband's life. Savitri asked that he would get blessings from children. Yum agree, being a divorced wife, Savitri will never be the other person, become the father of your children. There was no alternative to Yama to restore Savitri's husband to life.

In the olden days, a woman was dependent on a man. Whether it was her father, brother, husband or guru Without a man, it was considered incomplete. It can not happen today. But it is still refreshing to see a lovely wife or a lovely husband.

Change in trend

On Karwa Chauth Day, which is celebrated in North India, millions of women fast for the welfare and long life of their husbands, neither take food or water. Only after seeing the moon, women break their fast during the evening / night. Generally women get out of their homes and to see if the moon is still or not. Even 'I, Me, the MILF' generation celebrates the 'my family' spirit, in which the Karwa Chauth has become a good fit among the adolescents. 17-year-old Ultra-Hip sees a Karwa Chauth fast, what if it is traditionally a North Indian custom where married women keep away food and water for the long life of their husbands. This is a tendency for some of these youths, it is pure devotion for others, and still there are people for whom this is just fun, which is giving company to their mother who sees fasting.

Karva Chauth: Tradition and Ritual

In India and Nepal, Hindu married women fast on the Krishna Chaturthi of Kartik (October-November) for the welfare of their health and long life. This traditional fasting also provides the happiness and welfare of the children. In some places, Shiv and Parvati are worshiped on this day. The only purpose of this fasting is to save the husband from untimely death and for a long married life.

After the uplift and other daily needs, and before sunrise, after bathing early in the morning, women should take an oath for the welfare of husbands, sons and grandchildren. Shiva, Parvati, Kartikeya, Ganesh and Moon (moon) are worshiped. After worship, rice, black gram pulse auspicious articles such as comb, mirror, vermilion, bangles, ribbon, are placed on copper plates or on a plate of soil, and fasting remains ready until the fasting breaks goes. After seeing the moon, fasting is broken.

Fasting is harsh because wife does not drink water on this day too. In the evening, all married women, who are worn in beautiful wedding clothes and ornaments, worship. As soon as the moon rises, they bend at the feet of their husbands and give the fruit and other material to the decorated plate to their mother-in-law. This festival deepens the connection between the wife, husband and mother-in-law.

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