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Essay on Career as a Salesperson - 1100 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Career as a Salesperson in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1100 words.

The seller should be aware of his or her career and career. This is a career that needs improvement. Each career has its own merit and flaw. Selling is a respectable, challenging, rewarding and professional career. Today, more and more young people are going to sell as a career. The basic reasons for such attraction are fine. In the first place in sales careers, there are diversities of jobs or job opening.

They can give orders, sellers, area vendors, missionary sellers, sales engineers, tangible product vendors-intangible product vendors, political vendors, component vendors and anything else. In other places, the person has complete freedom. As a salesperson, he is his own master. Sales job potentially provides the greatest relative freedom of any career. He goes to himself with at least intervention by his master.

Third, this is a challenging one. Salesmen work with a great responsibility for the field capable of generating thousands and millions worth of revenue for their company, which is a big challenge and thrill. Fourth, due to the experience of successful vendor, there are many opportunities to go to top management positions. To achieve high positions in the organization, there is the credibility, knowledge and background of the salesman. It can start as a sales trainee and can move forward in the position of a marketing manager. Fifth and final, sales career is rewarding both financial and non-financial.

Financial awards are fully based on performance. Pay, commission, bonuses, travel allowances are normal forms. Non-financial rewards or psychological rewards are developing self-reliance, self-confidence, job satisfaction. A seller has these symptoms if he does justice. That is the biggest income that he has made, which is not subject to the tax deduction and reducing the returns in his credit.

7 major advantages of salesmanship

The advantages of selling can be well understood by the following discussions: -

1. Benefits of Producers

Generally the producer produces things in anticipation of demand. Many of them do mass production. Salesmesh helps producers in the following ways: -

(A) It enables the producers to push their products in the competitive market. Skilled sellers who are able to sell the producers who are able to sell them.

(B) It helps the growers to increase production.

(C) In the form of an increase in production and sales, manufacturing gets more profit.

(D) The efficiency of the industry increases.

(E) It also promotes the goodwill of the firm.

2. Benefits for consumers

Consumers receive maximum usefulness of sales. A good seller studies the needs of the customer and immediately satisfies them.

(A) Salesshipship helps customers select the right type of articles.

(B) It does not cheat by supplying duplicate items at high prices.

(C) This suggests; Notifies customers and guides them in buying articles.

In this way, consumers get actual goods at the cost due to the sale.

3. Benefits for the nation

Good sales are ultimately leading to a country's economic growth and general growth of progress and quality of life. When the sale is good, the industry, business and commerce are rich and the whole country gets the benefit. Good sale is very far in making a nation great.

4. Benefits for the Government

The government also gets maximum usefulness from salesmanship. Salesmanship helps producers to produce and sell more goods and services. Since the production and sales increase in the country, the government is capable of earning more revenue through various taxes, duties and levy such as taxes, income tax, excise duty, freight and transportation fees.

5. Benefits for society

Salesmanship contributes to the economic development of society. It enhances production and makes distribution easy. The level of life of people improves because their personality capacity increases. Salesmanship ignores ignorance and educates people about different types of products and their utilities.

6. Benefits for unemployed

Successful sales create many employment opportunities for unemployed by increasing business activity. This in turn increases the income and welfare of the whole country.

7. A benefit to the seller

Salesmen themselves are directly or indirectly benefited by sales or sales. The advantages are:

(A) Excellent income

Generally, a seller is paid monthly salary and commission, which is related to the sale. If the sales go up, the commission also increases. Since attractive bonus to many concerns as the basis of sales business and profit, apart from salary, it does not hesitate to provide different types of preconditions for the right type vendor. Top-grade salesmen of the world's famous concerns have earned spectacular returns.

(B) chance to learn

Salesmanship offers interesting and exciting opportunities for men, who like jobs by nature and training. Each customer can mean a new challenge for them. During his regular work, a seller receives the opportunity to learn the methods and practices of the seller. It presents itself to establish its own business in the future.

(C) Opportunities for comfort and enjoyment

Salesmanship offers great opportunities for traveling from the seller to see new places and some of these can be good from the health perspective. Salesmen would like to meet people in beautiful places or with a good environment. Although pushing sales will be the main task, there will be a lot of potential for comfort and enjoyment. Thus, good sales are useful for all producers, consumers, states and vendors.

5 major disadvantages of salesmanship

Modern sales skills are not free of faults. The main disadvantages are:

1. Lack of knowledgeable and skilled vendor

Salespeople with the necessary training and qualifications are rare. Salesmen who have adequate knowledge and skills, they want in many concerns at the counter and elsewhere; they are unable to do full justice for their work.

2. Poor employer

Many employers involving services of salesmen are dishonest. They violate or obstruct laws and strive to take advantage of their salesmen. Since good work is not appreciated and the payment is very low, many intelligent and entrepreneurial sellers feel frustrated and disgusting. They lose interest in working honestly and efficiently.

3. a little respect

Salesmanship as a profession offers little respect in many countries including India. Apart from this, salesmen are not recruited on the basis of exams or on the basis of any strict rules. It is easy to enter the profession, many disabled people only become vulnerable to the seller.

4. Fraud Treatment

Fraud and fraud practice is another shortage of sales. Various types of wrong behaviors and misconceptions cause great harm to the causes of the sale.

5. Hard work

Salesmanship is not easy for those who do not want insights or are mixing independently with others. Salesmanship requires frequent travel and can be harmful to the seller's health, besides being inconvenient for the seller and his family. The rude and coarse behavior of customers or retailers, and the steps given by employer.

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