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Essay on Commerce as a Profession - 500 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Commerce as a Profession in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 500 words.

Well this age can be called the age of commerce. Separate country production does not continue to meet national requirements completely. Today the country of any country's deficiency is provided by another country. Each country shares its surplus with others, with multinationals. Exchange of goods and barter is now done internationally. The intermediary serves the distribution and earns profit from it. The banker acts as an expert arbitrator. Therefore, the possibilities are unlimited for those who have surplus production and want to expand regional and national markets. The whole world is lying in front of them - enticing, challenging, whose intelligence, imagination and initiative are needed, there is a lot of potential. With the extraordinary improvement of the means of communication, it is quite possible

Under capitalism, national production is generally left for the individual enterprise. But there is something else besides that too. The degree of character and special knowledge is mandatory. A commercial line is essential for being successful in honesty. It is good if a businessman also has the ability to create confidence in both his clients and customers, as well as his colleagues. She should be proper, motivator and high brain. He should subordinate completely selfish thoughts to human qualities. Therefore a modern business needs background. Robinson Crusoe's author Daniel Dipo said, "A true bread merchant is the best gentleman in the country." Investments in anticipation of increasing production are done. It comes naturally to those who have special training in studying market situations based on national and international factors. He is a bad businessman whose excessive desire for profit makes him gamble with opportunity. At the top, it should be endurance. One should know how to stand and wait; Impatient has ruined many promising career.

Modern business is extremely complex cases. It has a wide machinery with wheels inside the wheels. Therefore a good businessman should know these and exclusions of this complex organization. They have the ability to finance, organization's eye, knowledge of accountancy, control and direction. In essence, he must fully learn the art of business management.

The intelligent young person who has a hard work in the field of commerce and business is very good. No banking or insurance can take. Anybody can dedicate their capital and industry to the production of the factory for the production of goods. Any beneficial export and import can enter the market. There is no way to see a retailer's shop, although the business of the wholesaler is sometimes the gateway to increase the business enterprise. The choice is to be done according to nature, attitude and opportunities. Hereditary factors are often decisive elements. For the young person of character and training, the scope is very high.

The immediate end of business, of course, is a completely selfish end to making money. But if this was the sole purpose of business, then it would keep the dealer at the same level with a negligent gambler. Commerce is always a great civilization force. "We exchange ideas when we exchange clothes". When we persuade buyers and sell our belongings, we make friends. We open the doors of the International Union, and this means that we call business and trade for peace and goodwill.

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