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Essay on The Potential Secret of Success - 400 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Potential Secret of Success in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 400 words.

"Why do all people try and who succeed?" Browning asks. Every man wants to achieve success in life, but some are capable of achieving it. Those who fail, in unfortunate circumstances, blame the enemies for their enemies, leaving their own faults and weaknesses and blaming them for their failure. However, if we study our lives fairly, we have to admit that our failure is mostly due to our personal faults and external circumstances. The age group theory is that if we can know our abilities and defects then we should be able to correct our flaws.

Emersion said, "Self-confidence" is essential for success, "the first secret of success" is essential. We must have faith in our ability to overcome all obstacles. Intimacy and nervousness cause hesitation.

Another quality in hand with confidence is the right to a strong will and determination. If we have a desire, then we will find a way to do something. We should call all our powers, physical and mental, and bear them on the performance of a work. This is the only mental devotion, success is going to come.

Of course, success can come in those areas of life in which someone's height gets sufficient scope and any ambition is related to someone's strengths and parts. Therefore, we should know how to choose our business according to our tastes and nature, our capacity. We should be happy in our work. Failure often in life comes through the wrong choice of business of life. If we are able to choose our career according to our natural inclination, then the chances of success are very bright.

Another important quality is that when it comes in our way, know and seize opportunities. If we give a chance, then the second year can not come.

Man is the architect of his destiny. A study of the life of the great men is a bear that it is the bear. Those who talk about fate and stare, only allow external forces to be improved. The fact is often that most of us do not have sufficient determination; The life of most of us is full of hours spent in turmoil, opportunities are wasted. Therefore, if we want to succeed in life, then fight against all our powers against the principles which make us, lose confidence and destroy our initiative.

There is no use to try it for impossible. 'No one should touch a wagon for a wire.' Impractical is undesirable. Everything in the world is worth the effort, if it is beyond the reach of a man.

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