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Essay on Patriotism - 550 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Patriotism in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 550 words.

Patriotism is a great virtue. The Sanskrit policy says that your mother and your motherland are more than paradise. Walter Scott, English poet, sung -

Man with soul so breathes the dead

Never said to himself, -

"This is mine, my native land"

Whose heart is burnt within it

His move at home has changed that,

From roaming on a foreign land

In the crisis or danger of our country we should be ready to stand for him, to work for him, if necessary, spend his life for him. Does he not like us a true mother? Do not love any country, there is gratitude and even betrayal of the first order. Our country's past acts as an inspiration; His future is our encouragement

But we should not blind this fact that patriotism is not enough. Attitude - "My country, the right to do wrong" can prove to be dangerous for a long time. A narrow minded patriotism is a positive evil, which is more criminal than the cry of English poet (Scott). H. G. Wells said, "has become patriotism", "national confidence only." This patriotism brand is ultra nationalism that Rabindranath condemns his lectures on 'Humans of Religion'.

A fundamentalist patriotic war is a continuous cause. And whenever there is war, this patriotism increases. World War II began with Hitler's arrogant and aggressive patriotism. All wars are born from similar feelings. George Washington once wrote to a friend, "This principle alone (patriotism) can not be supported by a great and lasting war." Bernard Shaw said, "Unless you reject this patriotism from the human race, you will never be a peaceful world."

Patriotism often makes us unreasonable and insulting in the estimation of other people. Every country has something to do in every race, every race. It is unjust to dub a nation as the best of others. In every country there is something special to contribute to the cultural heritage of the world. However, humiliating a nation is silly. There was a time when our leaders talked about the peace of India and the message of mission to make the world spiritual. The properties of any country do not have monopoly. Patriotism should sleep with due respect for the culture and ability of other people.

Patriotism is good, but it should not reduce the feeling of universal love for all humanity. This should not be indifferent to the growing concept of a world. In the past, in the name of patriotism, (this is nothing but national bias); Has become the cause of countless loss and mischief. This is like the 'last resort of scandal' which ruins a country in the name of patriotism.

The fact is that we often combine patriotism with national Wanglori. A true patriot lives for his country, works for it, attempts for it, and dies when it is necessary. One of his goals in life is to enrich his country and to protect his freedom.

True patriots respect other countries because they respect themselves, they should be ready to learn from them, to help them, to cooperate with them. Then gradually patriotism will be removed from the cult of universal brotherhood or global connection of internationalism.

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