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Essay on Obedience - 600 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Obedience in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 600 words.

Men live together in society in each other. There are many types of men who want to live in peace. This means that everyone should leave something for others and for the normal good.

One of the things that we should leave, we wish, as we want, that is, according to the sweet will. We have to follow somebody. This is a lesson of civilization. Denial of obedience is the path of chaos and vandalism, which adheres to the jungle laws. In the rare mood of the rebellion, poet Nazarul said, "I am a bedouin (nomad), I am Chengis, and I do not salute anyone except myself". But such an approach of nonconformity will not lead anyone anywhere.

In the Society of Nature, Humans gradually realized the importance of obedience. Therefore, he made one of those kings who would all obey him indiscriminately. There is a test of worship for obedience. The obedient heaven is the supreme law. The first man (Adam) disobeyed God and lost the heaven.

Obedience is a spiritual discipline. This is training for the brain. This creates character. It teaches self-restraint. It is the guardian of harmony and peace. Therefore, it has been said that he who does not know how to follow, he does not know how to order. Often the question is raised - whom should we obey? Our first duty, of course, is to follow our parents. In their case, obedience is worship.

After this, we must follow the rules of any organization that we include. When we adhere to our captain on the playground. Are we a member of the club? Let's follow the rules of the club. Have we joined a school? Let's follow the discipline of the school and follow the teachers present for our good. In a state, we are compelled to obey laws for fear of punishment. But a lot of value for our spiritual life is that it is voluntary obedience to men and institutions by the feeling of love, respect or duty. Our obedience here should not be inherent and intuitive and strong. Militants and outflows like Virpons of Karnataka can walk a little longer by loyalty to anyone. But they are destined to disappear like the sea bubbles soon.

There are many qualities of obedience. The person who performs dutifully is worthy of being a commander. Therefore, it should be a universal rule for the recruitment of tomorrow's captains to the soldiers of today. The question arises here- should we always follow the valid authority without opposition? The answer is - but your opposition should be duly, firmly and politely.

Obedience often becomes very unpleasant because we may have to comply with our wishes. Modern philosophers consider humans as a means of social desire; Humans have to subordinate their individual self-interest to discipline the social order. That is why we have to learn to do our desires in order to excel in command.

After all, we should say something about the highest obedience-that of someone's conscience. From our early days, we must teach ourselves to listen to the soft voice of conscience within us. To do this, should be free from passion and self-love; So discrimination is unchecked guide.

In complying with our discretion, it may be necessary to disobey the authority often, which can also be vested. The path of greatness is to follow -

What is directed to discretion?

Or does not warn me;

There is no strength to strengthen our conscience in any power, and for any right we do not want to abandon our conscience for any idea.

Refusing to present foreign domination, refusing to be in accordance with customs, revolt against the domination of the procession is a step in the right direction. Otherwise, obedience will be damaged in slavery and consensus.

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