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Essay on Life in a Village - 900 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Life in a Village in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 900 words.

The village is very far; And the streams running through the soft green valleys are in the form of small sea knowledge, because there are three years of childhood storm and the hood of human beings. The surrounding country is greasy and green, full of inadequacies, and is bound for pleasant cities and villages in every direction on the streets of the country. On these roads bark is heard continuously in the summer, nests are in abundance of hedges and dry dhichs, and the hair bush smiles on the edge of the grass. On these roads you can walk for a year and are not much more remarkable than the country's carts, the jungles are fought with the children of the children, Primeros, and, at a long interval, one out of some remote hamlet Black funeral, and this lust resigns people with respect to their hat and stands on one side,

Everything around the one is cool, calm, aloe is grown, and systematic. The weather comes in the track of the season and one year rarely can be isolated from the other. There is an old house here, now surrounded by pigeons and parrots, and is said to be haunted by ghosts. There is a tradition attached to it. Several hundred years ago a great great ride from the house, shot by a man who was injured by a man was shot.

The houses are old, and remote dates can be removed on the top of the door; Apple trees are mousse and ancient; Countless generations of birds have created in punched terraces, and have snatched their lives there. Men are born in every room of the place, the man has died. The village has fallen in the centuries, and no other marks have been left than the previous winter ice flakes.

After all, despite all the logic, the city's life is still fast and nervous, and the life of the village is lonely and peaceful. We should pay attention to the opposite. Each city has its peaceful, troubled people, and every village has its roaming goons and Nile-Do-well. Even then, there are more compassionate men in the village compared to the city, more men in depth than their eyes and softness in their speech. This is not a romantic illusion. This is true throughout the world.

City life reduces man; Of course he laughs and cries, but this villager does not have the same laugh and tears. There is a quality that comes to a man after a long and persistent contact with the soil. Humans have a deep desire that attracts them in the dust so that it rises and for which he will finally go. Therefore, in a desperate but natural effort to pursue life, by adding seeds of vegetable seeds and fruits seeds and flowers, the earth's Christie combines food from pieces. And outside the country, he is near the Earth which determines his daily existence so much. That season can see its slow, sometimes unsuccessful pageant, year after year, in the same recurring pattern; In short, spring, summer, monsoon, short autumn, winter. The weather is a rhythm. And in this ancient and ever changing speed, the best artistic impulses in humans do not get born; It is actually one of the main sources of poetry, "There is something in the autumn that is native to my blood."

We do not need a university diploma to be able to appreciate the best things in life, because it says, "The best things in life are still free." But still some minor payments have to be made. There should be an ordinary soil reflecting in our hearts. Takes a simple heart and gives it out with the same case. And outside of the country it is in its element; To learn a lot in the simple organism movement, a lot has been seen and felt and absorbed. No person feels anything more than this contact with everyday nature. A glance in the sky at night, walking with incredible stars, filled with mystery and a useless fear, can create a deep religious humility. And spring, beautiful spring when worn in bright color after world color for two months or less, the spring can awaken the innate appreciation of God.

You can not go against the nature of humans without serious consequences. Every day the city pays for its stupidity, in useless men, diseased men, warped men. And in less than a mile, there is a green and pleasant land that invites us to fill our lungs with heavy air of God with heavy lungs! There is no such person whose blood does not respond to this simple and original call. There is no such person who does not come out, and drinks in the clean air of the village life and lies on green grass and says; "Strange, this is what I was searching for for my whole life and I never knew that it was always close to me ... It is strange that I should have been dark for so long. But now I want to go to this green and pleasant pasture I would lie in, and humiliate all bitterness, and at the time a pox cried and cried a pox on the city. I have got my legacy, nothing matters. "

This is our life in the village, there is a paradise on earth.

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