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Essay on The Value of Discipline - 550 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Value of Discipline in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 550 words.

Discipline means training of mind so that it can be voluntarily accepted to control the rules or commands. In essence, it is a simple lesson for better authority. This is an important lesson for learning. The great nations of the world have achieved greatness by subjecting themselves to the most harsh discipline.

Along with the ancient Hindus, the ancient Spartan stressed the need for a life of restraint despite self-denial. They knew that without the strict control, the energy of man often goes into waste in unsuited efforts.

In the first place, discipline is necessary for someone's moral life. Self-indulgence is a natural temptation for all men. Our senses easily find satisfaction. But if we give way to this craze, then we will not think anything over time. This is an easy way to live the life of a rose like a rose; But in the end it leads to misery.

Therefore, we must keep our passion in check. We can do it in two ways, first of all, we have to accept a great ideal. Man is bigger than all animals because man is ready for the sacrifice of life for a great reason. Secondly, we have to accept the guidance of our respected leaders. There is no shame to submit the orders of this leader. In school we have to submit to the teacher's order; At the captain's playground, at our senior's home. We should remember, "he can order alone, who knows how to follow".

Discipline is equally important in our intellectual life. If this is to do some real work, then this intelligence should work under strict control. For example, if a person is unable to focus on any subject, then he will not be able to learn anything. But the person who accepts discipline in intellectual activities is sure to receive "some work of great note".

Discipline is essential in our spiritual life. Spiritual activity should be guided according to a system. This is religion. Discipline in military life is of paramount importance. The commanding officer must obey the order, come what may be. For soldiers coming to the battlefield, the motto "Their reason is not to answer them, but to do them and to die." For the young person who responds to the call of the country, there is a great need to respect the leader's own impulses and desires. After all, to accept discipline, there must always be on the road to success. It develops our high qualities of high nature. Self-control, obedience, single-minded devotion for duty, the ability of self-sacrifice - these qualities are inspired by the spirit of discipline. Can any of these be too much?

Discipline is not slavery. This may appear severely painful for the first time, but will soon use it. But obedience can be rationalized on rare occasions and should not be overlooked by ignoring the conscience of anybody. There is a high object in it. Das shows dark subjection to Master's wishes. True discipline lies in a conscious and subtle subdivision of self for achievement of some higher purpose.

Therefore, discipline should not be mechanical; There is no machine for man. This can not mean the rejection of independent judgment. There is no meaning very pleasant to accept discipline. It means surrender of personality which is strange. If we only put more than 'self' in front of us, then discipline will be accepted voluntarily willingly. It has an uplift effect on character.

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