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Essay on The Evils of Poverty - 450 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Evils of Poverty in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 450 words.

Poverty is praised by poets, recommended by the saints, and welcomed by the philosophers. Over and over, we have heard that the poor are blessed, for them the kingdom of God is convinced. The poor live clearly but their brains are full of great ideas. When a person starts to sing intelligent people on all the blessings of poverty, then one begins to think that these people know what poverty really means and causes it.

Dr. Johnson, when the experience was aware of what was really poverty, there was nothing for the demand of fashion philosophers, naked, unconnected desire. This means that the growing family wants food, wants clothes in cold weather, seek shelter against the boom of hostile weather, seek medical help in the disease, seek the means of furthering anybody's study. Who is a crap or a fool who says that the life of desire is a blessing? Poverty is a long test for all kinds of crimes. The records of the prison show that people have committed crimes under the pressure of poverty, even because of strict desire, they have sold their bodies.

It is said that the poor person, who is free from the discrimination of money, is capable of dedicating himself to higher thoughts. Poverty is a curse - if there is no mistake about it and satisfaction with poverty is not sin, there will be a crime.

The society which thinks silently about poverty has lost its power to realize it. When people think of the glorious glory of the rich house, they come to obtain a kind of disorderly contempt for the scary misdeclaration of the poor man's cottage. This is the reason that poor labor almost as inclined to push themselves into the care of their lucky brothers. Yet it is poverty, which inspires another to fight against adverse conditions without compromising dignity.

The person who is relatively poor, is not expected to be so poor; It gives enthusiasm for action, enthusiasm for action. But in reality the poor man is in a miserable situation. Social situations are against him. It loses human dignity and self esteem.

Poverty is the curse of a capitalist society where there is very little financial justice, where the willing are, do not work. Therefore, every thoughtful person today gives a syllabus to this system of capitalism which gives birth to poverty and makes the rich rich and poor poor.

In a welfare state government, missionary organizations and liberal private individuals talk about reducing poverty. The universal method of eliminating poverty is to ensure the fair distribution of money and opportunities. If the amount of different countries less than a small percentage of each year on war and defense, then poverty will not be there. Poverty will be a thing of the past if national income can increase by six percent and money is widely distributed.

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