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Essay on Chivalry - 400 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Chivalry in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 400 words.

The "cleverness" as the ideal of conduct includes thoughts of courtesy, courage, greatness and respect. Clever behavior is a kind of conduct that we expect from a true gentleman.

As one writer said: "The only rivalry that is to give respect to the old, protect the weaker ones, and to serve women-type despite the age, rank or color is the most beloved." This is an ideal model of character and conduct, which should be kept in front of everyone.

Because every person should be brave and kind, humble, even the least, and respectful and truthful, in all things, should scare all meanings, abusive or cruel acts for everyone.

There is an interesting history of the word "Shivalri". This is exactly the same as "mounted"; Both horses mean a Latin word. Cavalry, of course, means horse soldiers, or cavalry men.

In Europe in the Middle Ages, the armies of the horsemen were made of knights (men of great birth); Fight for the common people on the foot. The entire company of the knights of a country was called its "rivalry". For example, the French's cleverness meant the whole body of the French Knights.

From this, the word's rivalry became the meaning of the character and conduct of the ideal knight. The battle was the main occupation of the Queen and the gentlemen in the Middle Ages. So grew up in that class - the ideal of the perfect soldier - Knight, and a certain code of respect for controlling his conduct.

To be a knight, he had the honor that a man of the great family did the most prestigious; As a rule, any man can be made knight unless he has done some brave work in war. On becoming a knight, to be loyal to his God and his King, to protect the weak and help the oppressed people, to be loyal to a chosen woman, to respect all women, to show kindness For a falling enemy, be humble for everyone, and use your sword only in a respectable cause.

The ideal night was like Knight in Canterbury Tales of Backgammon, "who loved rivalry, truth and respect, freedom and courtesy; ... a very decent, right knight." Of course there were many bad knights, but this truth Knighthood was the ideal. It was a typical Christian ideal; And Knight never crossed the cross with his cross-handle sword in Christian symbols.

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