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Essay on Superstition - 650 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Superstition in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 650 words.

Superstition is a child of ignorance and needlessness. We are called superstition when we subject ourselves to imaginable causes for events that seem incomparable, when we believe in darkness that natural phenomena can be due to supernatural powers. Under this supposition, we put our trust in those works which are essentially irrational.

For example, an ignorant person can not understand why eclipse happens. He invented a hypothetical explanation that it is due to the destruction of some monstrous powers, and gives credit for some moral lapse in the part of men. Then he passes through the ritual of puri-ficatory bathing, wants to use the evil spirit through various rituals.

Similarly, when men did not know the real causes of pandemics such as cholera or small pox, they invented monsters which had to be propagated by 'knee worship and praise'. Similarly, when something unexpected happened, it was held responsible for machination of indiscriminate stars. Generally the priest class was the beneficiaries of these rituals. Therefore, not only did they invent them, but in the minds of people with superstition did everything to keep these creatures.

Today we know better. We have learned the scientific explanations of the incident which were frightened as mysterious. There still remains a mental habit of blind faith. We look at simple physical things such as mischief-filled Omnes. If we stumble, or sneeze, or shout, if someone calls us from the back, then we become disturbed by fear. We lose our confidence, because we see the effect of some invisible natural power in it. We are scared of fear and panic. Even some reputable scientists were also suffering from such darkness or obstruction.

The result is that superstition has become a bad habit, a moral effect in life. It shakes our confidence. Even when we are correctly enlightened, our brains may not operate independently. Our rational faculty are paralyzed under the influence of unknown fear. When we go abroad, we consult with Almanac. When we do an important thing, we look for priest Benedictine; We wear the talismanic and full mantras to overcome the bad effect. We do not intentionally do it; Often we do against our cause. A magic is up to us, and we can not get rid of it.

There is no doubt that superstition is a serious obstacle in modern life; Often its effects are disastrous. We are suffering from pimples of smallpox because the ignorant people believe in the worship of Goddess Sital for the curse, ignore vaccination.

Europe has removed chickenpox by accepting vaccination as a scientific deterrent. When we are aware of the real causes of things, such a habit of ridiculousness is ridiculous, the remnants of dark ages. The only treatment for superstitions is education, the development of logic power and the development of the scientific mind. Even some scientists are often found superstition. They hold certain beliefs, which have come down from the middle ages of religious supremacy. Japanese are an advanced people. Yet many of them are at the core of their brain bias and superstitions. An enlightened European does not often sit on the thirteenth table or gives light to its cigarette from the other end. Thus, superstition is often a color of the brain and infects others.

Shakespeare says, in 'Hamlet', Shakespeare says, "There are more things in heaven, and the earth is from dreaming in your sight." After all, the world is about four hundred years old in Shakespeare's day, and thousands of years old, compared to our sage and sages, we have gathered enough data to assure one thing that material phenomena have no non-physical origins May be. If we believe in it, then we can get rid of the superstition of the mind, even though they die. , Superstition is the religion of only small minds, as has been pronounced by Burke.

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