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Essay on Knowledge is Power - 800 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Knowledge is Power in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 800 words.

Bacon said that knowledge is power only. In fact, knowledge is not a rich and unique right that can not be robbed or robbed by thieves, nor does it decrease by giving it. Knowledge is also defined as the record of the recorded experience and history, in which logic and belief, less than the action and passion, are the necessary components.

Our knowledge is the collective thoughts and experiences of countless humans. Those with extensive knowledge, with experience, qualify themselves for higher seats of power and influence. Right to knowledge gives a distinct advantage over those who are either ignorant or semi-educated or whose knowledge is limited to their limited area of ​​activity.

It is said that half of the knowledge is worse than ignorance. It is said that ignorance is "the curse of God, whereas wisdom is the wing with which we fly to heaven".

The desire to acquire knowledge is common, except those people who are abnormal humans. Actually, Samuel Johnson expressed the idea that every person whose mind is not rejected, will be willing to give him everything he needs to acquire knowledge.

Those who have knowledge, they rule the world; The right knowledge of men and human cases enables the owner to order others. But the power arising from knowledge should not be used arbitrarily, nor should it make people proud or arrogant. In fact, the wise and knowledgeable person is humble; Regardless of the power gained, humility comes with knowledge.

But unfortunately, power becomes disappointing and humiliating. Unlimited power spoils the owner; On the other hand, unlimited knowledge works in the opposite direction. There is no limit to knowledge; The more you learn, the more you know about the lack of limitations and the lack of knowledge. Lust of power is an inclination obsession, along with it leads to the collapse of mighty ones.

However, it does not always happen that the power of knowledge ensures. There have been many cases in history where ignorant people have dissolved the power, which, according to their extensive knowledge and experience, is worthy of using the right. But where ignorance exercises rest on the rest of society, their rule proves to be short-lived; Fall by their own follies On the other hand, wherever the people possessing knowledge fall into the seats of power, their rule is stable.

It is the learned people who can be expected to be skilled, more honest and more honest than others, and those who can distribute the knowledge develops human faculty, and fully developed faculty sound judgment, fair play and Ensure the same treatment as everyone else.

Such people are right for reasoning while living in power; They are unlikely to abuse the judiciary or other branches of administration. Knowledge leads to excellence of mind; This facilitates the creation of an important, constructive approach; Looking for all the happiness and happiness of completeness where available. They are usually ready to adjust themselves in varying situations while using power. People with knowledge of the world wide world arc can only become politicians. Ignorance creates politics: impossible.

It is true that intellectuals generally prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of politics and they prefer staying in ivory towers far away from the mainstream of public life. Nature is reluctant to join the struggle, although they have the ability to debate and discuss.

Apart from this, full-time education and comprehensive knowledge are desirable for democracy, because ignorance never emerges or helps in the democratic system. In fact, an ignorant person does not even know what democracy is and what it means. Of all the manifestations of power, abstinence affects most, and with patience, tolerance, understanding as well as the ability to manage state affairs, comes with knowledge.

Yet another aspect of knowledge and its combination power should be examined. Modern knowledge is not only in the realm but also in the wider range. In many parts of the world, thousands of investigators work continuously at work, day and night, gain more knowledge and enrich human brains. The mountain of knowledge is getting higher and higher as a result. It's only a fool who thinks he knows everything.

But it would be good to remember that sometimes a huge increase in knowledge in the world does not make us a better person. This is a fair use of knowledge which ensures the acquisition of power. As Nehru said, "We should know where we have to go before moving forward in our powerful car." This means that some people can gain knowledge in some subjects, and yet they can be entrusted with power and can be given to the authority to manage state affairs. Some people have knowledge but they have a closed mind. An abusive use of power humiliates those who use it, and of course those who suffer from such abuse.

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