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Essay on Social Media Has Affected Today’s Society - 1000 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Social Media Has Affected Today’s Society in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 1000 words.

I sometimes wonder how life will be without social media. 24 hours a day, the average teenager spends 9 hours a day on social media according to CNN. I have started to realize how much social media plays in today's society, it is about the way you wear, watch and eat. Social media sensibilities are constantly establishing new trends, which the teenagers feel is to see them in a certain way and prepare a certain way to meet the standards.

I have seen that whenever I am with a group of friends, they first talk that they take their phone and see the latest news on Instagram. They do it for about 30 minutes without talking to each other! I know those people who have spent so much time on their phones that they have become social and ignorant for the real world, they often live on their phones rather than hanging with friends or family. Sara J of USA Today said that "With the rise of websites like Facebook, social networking can be on the verge of changing the traditional personal conversation for the next generation" Even I think that social media has given my life Affected and just like any other teenager, I spend time on social media and many people have influenced me in the same way, but now I know that I Find loss, I try to be limited to one hour a day to go, because I think that experience is important to see that on your phone than real things. I also know that it is okay to be yourself and there is no one else that others think you should be.

Some people hungry themselves to look like girls on Instagram these days with many followers. Some are self-conscious and insecure themselves where they feel that they can go out of public without any makeup! That's because they are continuously comparing people who think about social media.

Cyber ​​bullying with many teenagers with social media accounts has a negative effect. Cyber ​​bullying does not seem like a big problem when not seen near, but it can ruin many friendships, relationships and someone's overall profile. Anyone can sit behind the screen and can say terrible things or deliberately post anyone's embarrassing pictures and the worst thing about it is that the person can do it very easily and secretly in an unknown way. . I know it from personal experience, someone once made an account where they deliberately hated the people of my school, they would post shameful pictures about them and tell them the terrible secrets about them. People thought that my friends had created this account and since they were my friends because everyone started hating me and started threatening us when we did not even make it. The worst thing is that you can not prove anything to them to believe that they have not done this because it can basically sit in front of the screen due to this reason anonymously. I still did not know who it was. From this experience I know how cyber bullying can be so terrible and I do not know that it is never to be done.

It seems that parents are constantly trying to get their children out and interact with people socially these days, but they all know that they have phones and entertainment. Teens spend more time sleeping on their phones and instead of spending time with school or with their parents, it needs to be changed. Parents do not need to persuade their children to play, it should come naturally because in the form of a child you have lots of energy and they want to find active and all the fun things. I feel like teenagers and children, that these days, youth should not feel as they should learn how to make fun, to paint pictures with friends in looking for butterflies, to be creative to make fun, I remember as a child I was always out, whether it was playing to play, whether the principle of flying from our playhouse or Even teach stupid things like our cats to become princess.

My cousin, who is 8 years old, has his own iPod and knows how to navigate through it, and although he does not spend too much time on it, he plays out barely and only when other friends Get affected and play with it. She will sit inside watching TV which I feel is very sad. I think that social media and phones have made the youth of today so fast. My cousin is 8 and already knows about gay people, gangster, and already telling myself that she is fat. It makes me very sad to hear this for 8 years and I know that it is from TV and social media. This is the reason why so many teen drug addicts add addictive and stimulating clothes, they have learned it from an early age and feel that it is fine.

Social media has blinded the absenteeism by affecting today's society. We see in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are fat, we only eat those foods that they ask us to think, that makes us feel better and looks better, we only use those products They say that our mouths will get rid of and our lips will grow bigger.

There are many other negative effects of social media, but I want to focus this essay on youth because we have a future. If our generation continues to think like this, then I can only imagine how bad the future can be. Think about your life and how it has affected you and your peers. Do you wear clothes based on the opinions of others? Do you think you can get as many comments? Limiting yourself up to an hour in the day, or perhaps trying to see how long you can go on the phone, it is a good idea and you will see how much you have missed while staying on your phone, you Will start making decisions based on what you do not like yourself. Press your phone and live life through your eyes.

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