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Essay on Positive Effects of Globalization - 800 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Positive Effects of Globalization in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 800 words.

Globalization has many negative meanings even after becoming the head of world trade. Many people believe that globalization is not only a threat to their career and income potential but also their lives. This U.S. Has become an abusive term, many heroes have refused to see the positive impact on globalization, not only to other countries but also to the U.S.A. We have also brought our homes and businesses in.

Probably, those who oppose globalization really do not understand all the positive benefits that can be made and created. Perhaps we can blame it on ignorance and people are in the dark about all the positive effects of globalization on our country. To correct this, we are going to list four positive effects of globalization. Probably, once they know how much globalization is beneficial, fewer people will be against it.

What is globalization?

It may be that people who oppose globalization do so because they do not know what it really is. It is difficult to define such a powerful process in the form of globalization, but the most accurate answer will be the process through which the governments and companies around the world will be interacted and integrated. It takes its direction from global trade and trade. However, there is more to globalization compared to one word for the integration of international trade. The standard of communication, business, economics, finance and living standards is also a part of it. Technology is the main driving force behind globalization and uniformly economic opportunities have improved for companies and consumers.

Money equality

Many opponents of globalization claim that they have spoiled their standard of living. Since American residents are accustomed to keeping clean drinking water, food on the table and a roof over our head, we have gradually approved these standards of life. We have forgotten about the rest of humanity who have to drink contaminated water, go without food, and call the bed of your house.

Globalization has helped countless people find work in developing countries. It has created an opportunity to invest in emerging markets and has discovered talent which was previously inactive, allowing people in developing countries to work and use this opportunity to start their own companies.

Has globalization prevented 2016 from trading in its 2016 model car for a new 2017 model? Perhaps, but globalization has made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people for millions of people to keep a better standard of living with clean drinking water and food on the table for people around the world.

Widespread competition

When there are many companies competing for the business of the consumer, it makes a beneficial opportunity for the consumer. This not only causes pricing competitions among various competing companies, it also means that the quality of goods and services increases. So, the prices fall, quality increases, what's wrong in it?

This has become possible because the business started entering international boundaries and introduced better standards in parts of the global market where consumers had previously limited options. With this increase in competition, manufacturers and suppliers have to find ways to continually market share. Therefore, better pricing and better product.

Increase in market efficiency

One advantage is that market efficiency has improved for every economy. Market demonstrates efficiency when buyers are willing to pay for goods or services that the seller is willing to offer. By outsourcing, manufacturers and companies can obtain the components and materials that maintain the quality but are bought at a lower cost, thereby increasing their services or products at a lower cost and the demand for their products or services. Even if prices remain the same, then companies can allocate additional profits in other areas, such as more investment, expansion, or increment.


It may seem far-reaching, but when both countries rely on each other for a stable economy, then the chances of conflict between the two begin to be greatly reduced. Globalization, perhaps indirectly, has helped prevent many conflicts at different points. Yes, worldwide violence is still happening and it is extremely unlikely that globalization or any other work will stop all conflicts, but it has helped.

The derogatory term "globalization" has created opportunities in those areas where there was no hope, helped people to maintain a better level of life and education, which helped countries to understand better cultural understanding of other countries, and for many countries There was a difference in foreign relations. How can people say that globalization is "bad", it seems that people were calling rock 'nine music "devil's music" decades ago. Maybe now we can do what globalization can do for the rest of the world and the rest of the world, its a small picture, few people will oppose it and consider it to be more negative and negatively stop watching it.

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