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Essay on The Chinese Black Market - 1850 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Chinese Black Market in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 1850 words.

With a population of approximately 1,203,0 9, 7268 people, China, which has the world's largest population, also has the world's fastest growing black market and crime problem. In China, crime rate is climbing an estimated 10 percent annually in the early 1980s. China is a country that is currently experiencing both political and economic instability. The economic reforms made by the government have only increased income gap, making the middle class money and lower class of new poor. Along with the relative ease of earning money through this growing income distribution and the sale of black market, it is no surprise that more and more Chinese are generally turning into a life of acceptable and beneficial crime. .

Thomas Jefferson once said, "Whoever receives an idea from me, receives instructions without lowering me, because who brings mine, he receives light without darkness." Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson lived in a different time. He lived in such times when the pirate was not clear and intellectual property was not so worth it. In China, the biggest crime at present is intellectual theft. Unlike the old pirate who plundered merchant ships and ports of the old China Sea Sea, modern day pirates are more interested in illegal replication of intellectual rights. From the compact discs to computer software to novels best selling movies, the Chinese black market is the virtual warehouse of "booty stuff".

It has been speculated that there are at least thirty illegal high-tech factories in China which can remove more than 20,000 optical discs in a day. Microsoft in the US estimates that out of 100 of its 100 software programs in China, 98 are illegal copies. Due to these figures, and because it is equivalent to a small amount of estimated pirate in China, the Chinese government has lobbying to make programmers around the world, strict governmental authority on the distribution and sale of illegal intellectual rights and more restrictions. are doing. In July 1996, Microsoft's investigators led Chinese officers at a plant near Guilin in Guanese province, where they found 5700 bootgate windows CD. The plant had four production lines. Three of them were operating around the clock. It was speculated that this particular plant had churned 20,000 illegal copies of Microsoft programs one day.

A trade report from the business office to Congress cited China as the worst violator in the United States - copyright intellectual property. The report, that a few days after the joint attack on the Guilin plant by Microsoft and Chinese investigators, China destroyed China due to failure to honor the agreement of February 1995 for the production of police in its replica plants and software identification Flagged software with source. In a statement, Microsoft characterized the raids as a matter of tampering, not enforcement: "There were no copyright monitors in the factory, nor were the necessary source identifiers marks under Chinese law."

In June 1996, the United States government had planned to impose punitive tariffs against Chinese textile and electronics imports. If the Chinese government did not immediately follow the American-Chinese pirate agreement then these tariffs were being imposed. However, at the press time, China said that they would vengeance with duties on US agricultural and automotive products. China insisted that they were trying to improve the situation, and never went to penal tariffs. The United States currently has a trade deficit of $ 34 billion with China. If this amount involves illegal US $ 2 billion of pirate goods, then it matters a lot. Although the Chinese government has said that they are trying to stop the theft, they still have restrictions that only encourage it. For example, China allows to distribute only 10 new foreign films within its borders each year. Although China says it is to protect its domestic film industry, American filmmakers estimate that they lose $ 150 million annually because of the theft of films which would otherwise be unavailable to the Chinese public.

China may be the worst pirate criminal, but it is not alone. According to the data published by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) on 9th May, 1996, one of the five recordings of music is now a pirated copy. It has been speculated that due to this the music industry lost 5% or 2.1 billion dollars of its revenues. What do the officers worry about China, it is estimated that they generate 150 million boutique copies of the annual music CDs. However, it has been speculated that China consumes only 40 million CDs a year. It is clear from these numbers that more than 100 million bootleged CDs are being exported from China every year. Where the United States only accounts for 13% of pirate CDs, other developing and financially or politically volatile countries, such as Russia or Mexico, are also taking a large chunk of illegal goods from China.

Being China, 54 million bootleg copies of music CDs were made in 1994, and it has been estimated that they produce 150 million today, a new problem of export arises. What if the China U.S Break into the market, which consumes 30% of all recorded music? If not kept in control, the results can be crippled for the music industry around the world.

An increasing black market problem in China, which is getting international spotlights due to its human rights injustices, kidnapping and sale of women and children. In 1988, a Chinese-language newspaper in Shanghai reported the rings of people trading in women; The most expensive little mentally slow, because they worked hard but without complaining what they were told without trying to run away. A man in Hebei province was imprisoned for business in women, but his connection with the authorities was done to release early and only his former business was reinstated. The sale of women in six types of very serious and widespread crimes, targeted for suppression of autumn from 1989, was accepted. This shows that before, abuse of power in the form of deliberate negligence against serious crime became a major problem between the police and other officers. In a Beijing Newspaper interview, Li Tieing, a CPP (Chinese Communist Party) political bureau, said, "At present, party committees and governments at all levels are fully aware of the importance of cracking on the criminal first There should be activities of the abduction and sale of prostitution and prostitution along with women and children. They should also know that this ramp It is an important struggle to get rid of these foolish social events and to eliminate individual social interests, to maintain social stability and to simplify the current social practices. We should take a serious approach in this regard and the party , Should be responsible for the state, people, nationality and history. We must do this work with a strong sense of responsibility and Of urgency. "Lee Tying's statement expresses how the Chinese government sees this problem as the importance of time.

The problem of another black market, which is growing in China, is illegal dogs. There were things to show between new rich Chinese, cameras or refrigerators that you had reached. Now, to be connected to the "yuppy" class, there is a pedaling lap dog and there is a thing to show. Now, where it can be crazy all over the world, it is not in China. In many China dogs are illegal and are usually destroyed. This is due to the fact that they spread rabies, which is responsible for thousands of deaths in China in a year. A genealogy dog ​​can go for $ 4500 on the black market in China, and it is becoming increasingly common to find "dogs - pushers" in the rear lanes and shadowy parts of Beijing.

The Deputy Chief of Public Order Department of Dongcheng District of Beijing has been established to help the owners of dog squad illegal dog track and destroy their pets near Lee Wayneu. One of the districts of Beijing, in Dongcheng, Mr. Lee said it is not unusual to find and destroy about 500 dogs a week.

State run newspapers rage against dog lovers who lavish food and money on their pets On January 26th, 1994, The Legal Daily reported angrily that at one hospital doctors turned away from a human patient because they were time at a dog's treatment. He had paid his way and had a life too, the doctors said in defense. The pampered pekinese, shihtzus, and shapis with ribbons in their fur, whose doting owners buy them spray for their halitosis and additives for their food to make their droppings are sweet, are usually sheltered from street life Most are kept indoors, away from the prying eyes of those dogs squads. "You do not need to take your pet outside," says one owner. "It does not grow too big, so you can just keep it in a box."

Even though in some areas of China, such as Xiamen and Shanghai, it is legal to own a dog, dogs may still wind up getting "cooked"; It is becoming increasingly popular delicacy in China to eat fried, stewed or baked dog What used to be popular only in the Cantonese region, and dogs were increasingly be found on the menu of Beijing restaurants

A major cause of the ever increasing black market problem in China is corrupt politicians. Organized crime looks, for the most part, It is the common suspect in China that the police and customs officers are involved in the smuggling and other illicit practices. For example, Fangcheng, a small port in Guangxi province, suddenly became one of the most popular harbors in China. The reason was that the local customs officers were involved in small sideline broker companies that offered to handle all the paper work for importing goods. These broker companies set up offices on a street near the port, and the importer simply handed shipping documents to the company, which then filled all necessary customs forms, import licenses, and customs through the goods ushered.

For this the officials took a fat commission, but the buyer was not affected at all. The customs officers never assessed the true substantial duties on goods, so importers saved large sums on duty Of the money saved, the brokers could scum nice percentages for themselves. The central government realized something was up for the cargo on all parts of China. There were huge delays for ships, and hardly any duty was paid. After an investigation, the port at Guangxi was shut down by the central government in 1993.

Although piracy and the black market are increasingly growing in China, the country may not be fully shipped in a cloak of crime. A visitor to the United States in the 19th century may have easily been overwhelmed at the great injustices which occurred here Crime, crooked politicians, and even a basic anarchy were seen in many countries of our country. At that time, we were in a period of rapid economic growth. China has a similar period of economic expansion, today. If any similarities can be drawn, China will pull through.

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