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Essay on Vocational Education - 550 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Vocational Education in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 550 words.

To earn your livelihood everyone should have a business - a business, a business, or profession. There are institutes to provide special training for men to qualify for qualification. Experts are in demand everywhere, in offices and in factories, and even in educational institutions.

Schools for medical and engineering, accounting and computer science teaching. There are many types of institutions to provide vocational training because there are occupations. In one of these institutions, the trained person will get more scope for showing his abilities with a qualification. It is more than today when business is growing today, but hereditary has stopped and child labor is illegal.

In the modern world an uncontrolled person can also be responsible for the society or the burden. She is a quack; He knows only "how" of things; It does not have any idea of ​​its 'why'. So, if there is a problem anywhere - a breakdown in a machine, or a mistake in a laser, a matte-functioning of the gadget, it patches only inability, grams and problems, causing any other serious mistake. In these days of actual work, there is no reality for unchecked workers.

In all technologically advanced countries like England, America, Russia, Germany, Japan - only a few are encouraged to go for general education. Most young people have to attend an elementary school in their eighteenth year or so, and then have to join some business schools. It could be a technical school to learn the accountability of bookkeeping and accountancy or to handle computers. So now there is a craze for a particular degree. This should be some school that makes him an expert; Otherwise, he is found to be disabled in the struggle to lead himself a decent life.

In our country, business education has not yet been popular. Very few students enter the curriculum for professional stream in HS; Very important arrangement is made for this too. They are also expensive. In most cases, a lot of stress is put on theory. In a good system, principles and exercises should be combined. To ensure that, with the work of the classroom, there should be proper arrangements for ensuring practical training in the factory or firm. Trainee system, which connects a boy to a firm or factory, has some admirable features. In Russia, technical classes are connected to factories and agricultural farms, which provide excellent opportunities for workers to improve their knowledge and skills.

There is no doubt that professional training makes a man more capable for his work. As a rule, a trained teacher will be more efficient than an uncontrolled. A shop assistant or sales rep who has learned business organization or sales principles, would be better for his work. If a doctor keeps priceless hospital in hospital for many years, then he receives invaluable experience.

For all these reasons, we need a broad network of all kinds of business schools. Today, if anyone has to learn the high tech texts of wireless telegraphy, then it has to be revived; To learn agriculture, anyone has to go to Delhi, men, aeronautics, computer technology, Bangalore and so on. Comparison of the requirements is limited.

The best plan will be to engage training classes to various industrial organizations. Theoretical classes can be organized at school or college and can be complemented by practical training courses in these institutes.

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