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Essay on Careers for Women in India - 850 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Careers for Women in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 850 words.

After independence, there has been a radical change in the position and power of the woman. According to our constitution, men and women have the fundamental rights as well. He is allowed to join a profession. Today, we have women-legislators, women ministers, women's ambassadors, women-governors and even female Prime Minister in Mrs. Indira Gandhi. There are women-lawyers, doctors, teachers, clerks and even female civilians and military officers - some of them are also occupying top positions. With the encouragement of co-education in the country, our modern sisters and daughters have all given their oil to their old leaky complex and today they are moving forward with their brothers in every part of life. One of the oldest politicians of our country, Smt. Vijayalakshmi Pandit, made the singular record as the President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Indian women have distinguished themselves in various fields of life as politicians, scholars, politicians, interpreters, parliament members, lawyers, doctors, judges, diplomats and ambassadors. Now it is a well-established fact that women are more intelligent, hard-working, skilled and painful than men in every part of life. In spite of the above situation, women are not generally suitable for every profession. There are some businesses and careers that women should choose because they are more suitable for these businesses, mentally, physically and culturally.

The best careers for women in India is of the teacher. Women are academically better and more socially active. We find the results of major courses in Indian universities and surprisingly our young women catch most of the merit seats. At the primary level, a female teacher is more capable than a male teacher. In the primary stage of education, women can prove themselves best teachers on the basis of gift of sympathy, love, sweet smile, affection and honey. They can better understand men better than the tender psychology of the child and can turn their energy into proper and useful directions. The kindergarten and Montessori system of education is being implemented by most women in India,

Second occupation or career for which women are appropriate in a doctor or nurse. As doctors and nurses, women can serve the country more efficiently than men. It has been found that women are better nurses due to their tender heart and due to their delicate and soft hands they are better surgeons. There is a grain of truth in saying, "The voice of a woman is a cure and touch a balm." Florence Nightingale, a woman with lamps made history and showed abortion methods how they can reduce the number of victims of humanity in warfare and epidemics.

Women have proved to be better lawyers and judges than men. Women of them enable them to understand reality and to dive deep into human objectives and psychology and to fulfill facts and arguments, and judge things as judges.

There is another area of ​​life where women can serve the country and prove themselves most beneficial-family planning. Educated and enlightened women can enter this department of Indian life and the village can provide women with confidence in providing commendable service to explain the importance of family planning and can guide them in various ways of birth control practically . It's time needed. If all educated women accept the challenge of time and prepare their mind to serve the country to examine the development of the population, then they will make their counterparts as patriots excellent. Every woman judge, you can not become a teacher and administrator, but every woman can become a nurse, a teacher and a social worker. The best careers for women in modern India are teachers, doctors or nurses and family planning workers.

Apart from these businesses, women have worked remarkably well in the form of receptionist and airhostesses. By and, they are monopoly of jobs. Generally, women have different abilities, arc typists, stenographers, assistants, bus drivers, telephone operators, musicians, radio singers, TVs in India. News and other events are working in announcers, needle-women, painters and sales women. Today we also have female engineers and technocrats. And the most attractive career is to act in films, TV movies and serials and stage plays. We have several most talented and successful women on small scale entrepreneurs who are doing commendable work through their excellent business management. Some have been awarded national awards.

Women are no longer physically unsuitable for military and police departments. What is the width of the entire length of India, he has not read or heard Indian Police officer Kiran Bedi with iron hands and bleeding heart? Women should be encouraged to join these departments. There is no shortage of women in India, they should be admitted to the police and the military. BSF, CSR and Delhi, Bombay and UP Police have lifted women battalions. With the lead taken by Miss Ahluwalia, we will soon be skilled lady pilots to go into the field of the atmosphere. In fact, women are naturally less selfish and more qualified than men. India's future is truly bright with participation in women's reconstruction and national reconstruction.

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