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Essay on The Place of Women in India - 850 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Place of Women in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 850 words.

"The woman is the maker and molar of the destiny of a nation. However, as delicate and soft as Lily, she has heart, somewhere strong and courageous compared to the heart .... she is the supreme inspiration for the next march of man , An incarnation of love, compassion and compassion, he has no doubt, his commanding personality; however, given by the serious - Rabbalandam Tagore

"It is a very big part of our women to play in the progress of our country, because the mental and physical contact of women with life is more stable and comprehensive than men, nothing was said that 'the rocks which are handled The world governs. Revolutionary energy is hidden in the apron stars of the woman who can establish Paradise on this earth. '

Women are generally seen with humiliating contempt. All those types of hardships have been attacked, their status has been reduced to only one drama or slaves of their wishes, only a silly move. They are limited to neck and home. In India, the Orthodox male oriented society is still not able to adjust itself in the fresh wave of women's liberation. But today's time has changed, the Indian woman has removed her old shekels of surfdom and male domination. He has come on his own and has started scaling the steps of social advances with proud dignity.

In Vedic India, the woman enjoyed an envious state, she was considered to be a goddess, something like Greek Athena, the supreme source of human inspiration was called 'Ardhangini'. We listen to women sages and scholars in the Vedic age. But in the Brahmin era the situation of women decreased. In Muslim rule, women completely lost their glory; He had cut off from the mainstream of life, left in the background. They were devitalized and made of men folk. They were promoted to promote wicked and inhuman diseases in society; Among them, there is a permanent ban on the major 'Purata' system, 'Sati' system, child marriage, denial of education and widow rebirth. The British knew well the highest value of the mother in nation-building, so they were cleverly pushing 'Pandits' and 'Mullas' to spread the weakness of the woman. Women were reduced to only the weaknesses of the house; in a way, they used to live half-dead life.

With the onset of independence, especially our national leaders, Gandhiji, Nehruji and Dr. Rajendra Prasad started thinking seriously about the urgent need of women's liberation. He realized the fact that till the women of India were not uplifted and liberated and equality was provided in political, economic, domestic, educational-India in all areas of life- India could neither make progress nor Nor could it advance. Therefore, he provided complete equality for the women in the Constitution, Parliament enacted the Hindu Code Bill and Hindu Succession Act, in which women were given full power of light and divorce for personal property.

Now, Indian women have again captured their dignity, personality and respect. They have franchises, they are free to join any service or to follow any profession. Free India is in addition to its female Prime Minister (Late Smt. Indira Gandhi), Women's Ambassador, Women Cabinet Minister, Women MLAs, Women Governors, Women Scientists-Engineers-Doctors, Women-Generals, Women Government Officers and Magistrates. Mrs. Vijailakish Pandit became the President of the United Nations General Assembly and made a singular record.

With the use of the promotion of co-education, women have removed the age-old negation complex of age and today they are moving forward with male-folk in every part of life. Women are actually proving to be better educationally and socially more active. We come across the results of competitive examinations in All India Services, Civil and Police and Indian Universities and we are surprised to know that women catch most of the merit seats. They are aware of a rapidly changing social environment and they are continuously trying to measure the steps of social progress through the signs of enthusiasm and mobility. They are making important contributions towards the formation of modern India.

Despite significant changes in the situation of women in independent India, there is still a big difference between the constitutional status and the real reality of deprivation and decline. Whatever freedom has been flown in the Indian society, the cities have been breathed and enjoyed by the rich and upper-middle class women in the cities. Women belonging to lower income groups and rural areas are still completely left out of the winds of change. They are still living in selfish circumstances surrounded by poverty, ignorance, superstitions and slavery. Despite stringent laws against dowry and passing arts, the dowry monster is still flagging the lives of thousands of dismal women every year. My law can not free our many women. For this, we need a radical change in our mental make-up and our social structure. For this, we have to promote a social liberation spirit in our everyday life. The Orthodox male-intellectual approach will have to give way to liberalism.

All said and done, with a sense of pride and confidence that the future of women in India is very bright and our population will be safe in their hands. Napoleon was right when he declared that by educating women, we educate and uplift the whole country.

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