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Essay on What Can India Do For The World - 1050 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on What Can India Do For The World  in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 1050 words.

India has been honored with great aesthetics and spiritual teacher for ages, who is spreading the message of peace and love for this nectar for the rebellious nations of the thirsty world. A host of Western thinkers were attracted to India by the fundamental concepts of 'karma' and 'reincarnation' in the Vedas and Vedanta. In the West thousands of men and women have seen Vedanta's philosophy as the only philosophy that fulfills their spiritual thirst. Among the Westerners, there are major George Russell, Eleanor Glynn, Max Muller, H. P. Blvatsky, HS Olkot, Mrs. Annie Bjant and OW Leadbeater.

When India was part of the British Empire, it was tagged in England and did not have any foreign policy. His message of peace and love and coexistence remained silent and silent. But independent and Renaissance India hopes to play a key role in world affairs - today, the world is divided into two blocks engaged in the continuing 'Cold War'. Two great power blocks are looking for an opportunity for the last shutdown and the tension at this time can tear any time in the deadly struggle of the weapon, it is in this grave situation, which is linked to all the possibilities of the real war. Independent India has captured a certain position. India can play an important role of 'Third Force' and can express the pleasant and happy message of Nehru's Punch-Shil or Smt. Regarding Indira Gandhi's "fair, determined and friendly" human race.

In international politics, of course, the voice of India can not be very strong yet because it is still very far from having 'Great Power' strategically. But his traditional message of peace and harmony, revived and reinforced by the Father of the Nation, Gautam Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, definitely puts a serious impact on the struggle of interests and ideologies. India has always been the messenger of peace and goodwill. Gandhiji brought this message to the forefront of politics. They also took this message in four corners of the world, even if India was not free. Indeed, under his guidance, for the first time, politics was spiritual. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Smt. Indira Gandhi, and now Rajiv Gandhi- In the states where the country's destiny is lying from time to time, trained and trusted lieutenants of Gandhiji and their deserving descendants have been trained. Therefore, it is no surprise that India is now bringing Gandhian message to rely on the affairs of the suffering world. Everyone wants peace and therefore the world must listen and pay attention to the message of India for a long time.

Over the years, India is definitely growing in strength and stature as a roll. For the start, his policy was not very appreciated, but now the peaceful role of India has earned a lot of praise. So far, India has the potential to stay away from the most important single factor power blocks and to create an independent foreign policy. India is making 'neutral' without aligning itself with power blocks. This has helped in the creation of a Third World - in which 110 countries ('Group of 77') are members of the Non-Coalition Movement (NAM) - it does not take sides in disputes. India, the leading country in NAM is actively active with a positive foreign policy. He judges issues on merit and gives a decision that can not satisfy this party, but it always keeps in mind the fundamental policy of justice and fairness of peace and harmony, and in this way, Impact on the policies of great powers

India has repeatedly stressed that ways to achieve peace should be peaceful. The desire to fight and crush the opponent should be abandoned. The nature of the modern war has changed so radically - today it is nuclear, chemical and remote-controlled - that there will be no practical practical difference between the victor and the defeated. Clearly, the military approach to international problems is meaningless and suicidal. Therefore, the only option suggested by India is the message of peace and tolerance and mutual understanding.

By not aligning ourselves with any power block, we are taking an independent and unbiased stand on international questions. As a result, India's decision on international questions is now respected. India has now played a special role of peace maker in UNO and other international conferences. India has made significant contributions to Korea's solution, Joe-China, Egypt, Congoloz, Afghanistan and other conflicts, and all this has been accepted.

The importance of India has been enhanced by the championship of suppressing nationalities. India's support for the independence movements of the colonial people all over the world has won its friends and camp-followers. North and South African countries have been severely torn apart from problems and conflicts for independence. India strongly advocates for their cause and condemns the racial and pretoria area. Some practical results of India's continued efforts to attack the insistence and independence of India and Africa are in the US. O The Asian-African Group is coming into existence and acceptance of peace, understanding and co-existence as a motto.

True, India is not powerful enough to make a decisive impact on the policies of big powers in any major way, but whichever is its weight, it has always thrown it in favor of world peace and understanding. If India has to draw its weight in world affairs, then it should be both economically and industrially and militarily strong. It is only a strong nation which can hear its voice. If India can be self-sufficient in production, its exports can go out physically-its import weight, and if it can claim its desire by reducing the "real" strong army and the latest deadly weapons of war Only then will his message of peace be heard and attention will be given by countries of the world.

India has fought its way for independence and is a friend of those who love freedom and the countries of the world. He is a champion of under-dogs and pressing nationalities. They have a cultural heritage from which they are legally proud. He has a message of peace, love, understanding and coexistence, which is acting as a pleasant balm for the injuries and wounds of a fascinating world. But he will be able to use only the decisive influence in world affairs if his material prosperity is in line with .............

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