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Essay on Technical Education in India - 800 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Technical Education in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 800 words.

Education in one college falls in one of the two categories around the world. In a liberal education, training in fine arts, humanities, cultural patterns and behaviors is meant, and its purpose is to develop human personality. On the other hand, technical education primarily prepares a man for work to work in a practical sense of being suitable for the job.

Originally Liberal education is older than technical education. Therefore, it is more popular than technical education. With the progress of industrialization, the people of the West realized the importance of technical education. The Industrial Revolution brought a major change in the attitude of men with regard to education. Increasing use of machinery has forced us to feel the need for technical education. All the countries of the world, without any exception, have started giving special training to their youth.

Prior to the advent of industrialization, education was the privilege of upper class. Technical education has given a new dignity and status to the labor class and lower class. New technical education is considered as important and prestigious in the form of liberal education. The old myth that mental work is better than physical work has exploded. Technical education enables a person to dive deeper into the realities of life and presents a real picture of life in front of him. Generally educated people are good negotiators, debaters and dreamers. They can never work with unity and solidarity. Manual workers often show more union, organization and solidarity.

There are countless benefits of technical education. It enables a man to solve the problem of bread and butter. A technically educated person can never be a victim of unemployment and suffering. Graduates are watching here and without going there, but a technician is rarely found without a business.

Apart from this, it trains him in a special branch of knowledge. In India, especially where technicians and scientists are in dire need, technical education can be more useful than vocational education, which prevents a person from reading for a job. Technical education thus covers a wide range of areas of business.

Our educational institutions have become centers of discipline and lawlessness because they provide the kind of education to those students who rarely prove useful to students in later life. As a result, students feel frustrated while receiving education and there is no constructive interest in the lesson taught in the classroom room. A reasonable person can not deny the fact that India is abusive in technical education. This is the most prominent cause of the low standard of our standard of living. India is less than doctors, engineers and skilled workers to serve society and run our factories professionally. Our big projects sometimes fail due to technical hands. The present system of Indian education was established by the British with the aim of creating clerk and white collar 'Babu' which could be helpful in administering administration. So this system is fundamentally flawed and it requires full re-orientation to face the challenges of changing India.

Almost all academics are assured that, for a country, with more than ten percent of literacy, the purely technical form of education is not very helpful. The need to cry is literacy. Technical education is only likely to be successful when a large part of the country has become literate enough. Training the son of a carpenter in the latest development of his business is an excellent thing, but it is ridiculous that he hopes to become the first power electrician unless he has a primary course in liberal education. Therefore, it is not wise to pour liberal and technical education in water coaches. Stressing liberal education in the initial stage would be a good policy, say matriculation, and then start with the main course of technical education based on the student's choice of student research on qualification and inclination.

We should be careful not to go very well. Emphasizing the importance of technical education, we should always keep in mind that the best education, education which is the highest in the direction of civilization and culture development, is still liberal. All educational institutions should keep in mind that all round men; The objective of all types of education is to give an opportunity to round the nature of one person, to polish it and to complete it. Technical education should always be aware of the high end; And as long as it keeps this in mind, it is bound to be of great help in building the future of our country.

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