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Essay on an Unpleasant Neighbour - 550 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on an Unpleasant Neighbour in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 550 words.

When Lord Rama appointed Laxman to listen to some words of Sadhu Advice from a dying Ravan in the field of war, Ravana gave it as his own word of knowledge that anyone should be accompanied by his brother, physician and neighbor The relationship should never be spoiled. Advice of King Ravana is still good today. An honest and friendly neighbor is one of the greatest blessings of social life, and life becomes a living hell with a cunning and rude neighbor.

Blessed is he who has the fate of being a friendly neighbor, for a friend there really is a friend. He is very helpful and is part of the sorrows and sorrows of his neighbor. Their respect for their neighbors' likes and dislikes, and never tries to humiliate them. They have a sense of cooperation and housing and do not prove themselves 'sometimes unsuccessful friends' in sorrow and swelling.

No person can be more unfortunate than an unpleasant neighbor. He is far from being friendly. They have no respect for their neighbors' feelings and they refuse to share their happiness and sorrows. He is very selfish and despite the convenience or inconvenience of those people, pursues their pleasures mercilessly. He will switch his radio and keep it on the highest pitch to listen to some obscene songs, thus the helpless neighbors will have trouble, who will have to take a public examination the next morning, they will stand on top of their roof and go to their homes. Next door violates their privacy, thus their neighbors. Not only this, he would spread rumors about his neighbor and he could try to pull them down. He is jealous and understands the benefits and happiness of his neighbors. They get a malicious pleasure from their losses and pain. Of course, an unpleasant neighbor is the last person, a person would like to wish.

I should not say sick to my neighbor, though, that can be rude. But for this essay, I have to violate the boundaries of gentle manners and record my opinion about Mr. Ram Kumar, who does not want to call any neighbor, I think he is my neighbor.

Sri Ram Kumar is the embodiment of all the evils and vices that a man can imbibe. He is a prison bird and is on police record as a police criminal. His presence in our neighborhood is known by the disturbances that he makes or is involved in a drunken fights. We avoid disorder. So, when it's all around, we obstruct our doors and cut it as far as possible. He is the most dishonest and disciplined person who I have crossed. She is very selfish and does not completely lack the social life support and housing content. He does not care about the feelings of his neighbors; For others and caring for themselves. Occasionally, when it is in its elements, the entire neighborhood-hood is dropped into the sea of ​​endless suffering, anger and suffering.

In a word, Mr. Ram Kumar, our rude, even hostile neighbor, is the last person we want to keep as a neighbor. There will be a call for relief in the entire area when he transferred from our neighborhood and destroyed the lives of other people. 1 I have concluded my essay with the following Urdu afternoon, which resonates in my mind while thinking about Mr. Ram Kumar.

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