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Essay Life in a Crowded City - 950 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay Life in a Crowded City in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 950 words.

Essentially different from the fact story. The reality of fact and story is the dream of life. The facts sometimes make us unhappy and the story gives us happiness. In order to judge human life in perspective on time, one should try to know the facts of life. In India, life in a big city is not worth living. Perhaps life in hell will be better than life in a big city.

India is mainly the land of the villages. Real India can be seen in villages, not in cities, very few in big cities Two or three decades ago, life in a big city like Delhi, Allahabad, Bombay or Calcutta was a happy one and people living in villages were always eager for city life. But now the conditions of living in cities or big cities have declined so much that any ordinary village would like to go if she had some income and only one job. The reason for this decline is the rising cost of items of daily life. During the last one or two decades, the villagers have moved from their village homes to the cities and settled there. As a result, the population of the cities has multiplied and they are susceptible. The problem of housing in cities has become serious.

Life in a big city has some advantages. In a big city, there is every kind of facility for education. Any kind of education is in the reach of people living in big cities or commercial or technical big cities. A simple person living in a big city can afford for his children that education can not afford a rich man easily in a village. Good and well-equipped educational institutions are permanent properties of big cities. A boy or girl living in a big city has a better general sense than a boy or girl in the village and is well-informed about the affairs of the world. Thus, the child born in the city is brought more enlightened and brought to the rural environment than the child born.

Life in a large city is free of diseases and diseases because there is adequate medical facilities available. Hospitals, which are equipped with the latest medical equipment, are the source of medical relief for every reason living in the big city. Apart from government hospitals, we find well-qualified and highly capable private medical practitioners in large cities. Such facilities are not available in the village.

Life in a big city is not slack and stink because there are countless ways of entertainment. Picture halls, cinemas, beautifully published markets, well-equipped and well-maintained hotels and restaurants, attractive parks and gardens and new-style buildings, and the attractive and heart-friendly cities, all in the big city. It is very happy. From time to time, exhibition conferences, work, seminars, seminars, sports meetings and test matches are organized in big cities, which lead to color and diversity in city life.

Life is safer in a big city because there are plenty of jobs. People in a village depend on agriculture for livelihood, but in a big city, one can get employment in factories, mills, private shops, government offices and educational institutions. If a person has behavior and push, then a big city is full of employment for him.

Life in a big city also has many disadvantages and especially in modern India. Comment of the English poet Cowpen, "God made the country and man made city" is very suitable. Life in a big city is artificial and refined because man is divorced from nature. He lives in the lap of artificial agents and machines, grows and dies. He did not know how the water dance, how the river flows smoothly, how the cow-herd runs his catches, and how nature nourishes its countless children through various agencies. In a big city, man has cut nature's nursing, educative and creative aspects.

Life in a big city is very unhealthy. Here men live like pigeons in the hole. Dirt and dirty atmosphere of dirt, smoke and trains are rooted in life. The smoke emitted by the chimney pollutes the natural purity of the environment day and night. Fresh air, golden sunlight and clear water are rare in a big city. Men here live on tinned food, refrigerated water and air-conditioned air, resulting in their body and soul being hollow from within and they are polluted from childhood.

In recent times, life in a big city has worsened from bad to worse. Here, the useless American wheat is for eating, to deal with dirty fumes for breathing, contaminated water for drinking, absorbing clothing and dealing with fraudsters. Confirmation of vulgarity on artificiality, sophistication, obscenity - these are hall points of life in the big city. Increasing prices have created many problems for a middle class man in a big city. Now it is a question of existence for him. In addition to rising prices, everyone in the big city is shouting under wheat and sex. There is a majority in a big city, people have empty pockets and wasted shows. Therefore, they do not enjoy the true peace of mind. There is a lot of bounce in life here. By the evening, a person needs to work as a machine in the morning. Due to this crowd of life, heart attacks and panic exhaustion in cities have become very common.

Despite the physical benefits of city life, I would prefer a small, clean and sophisticated village for a small town. Man is always happy in the lap of nature under the artificial shade of modern facilities. Wordsworth was the biggest loss of a quiet life in the country, Shelley hated the disgusting hatred of the city's life, "hell is a city like London, populated and blurry city."

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