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Essay on Strikes and Lock-outs in India - 600 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Strikes and Lock-outs in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 600 words.

During the period of industrial unrest after World War I, strikes and lockouts were described as concluding the work. It has been said that if the 'strike is revolutionary, then lockout is reactive'. For the attacks, the wages are forcing upward, and thus the economic welfare and welfare of workers has improved; And the goal of lock-out is to combat this tendency to help the employer.

Due to the Industrial Revolution, the attack came into existence. With the invention of machinery for human labor, unemployment, reducing wages in the competitive market, supplying more labor than demand - became the order of the day. The literature of Mid-Victorian England is full of references to widespread distress due to the exploitation of the labor of the production equipment by the owners.

Tom Brown's school days have been depicted in the careless shades of careless people, where workers were forced to submit to the organizational exploitation by the capitalist classes. American workers in Chicago market in 1891 placed their organized demands to reduce the number of working hours in the factories before the employers, but congratulated the bullets.

Later, trade unions were counter-examined by trade unions, who demanded the investigation of unaware victims of sweaty labor. In this endeavor, the main weapon of the laborers was to call for strike, till the employers were not in their interest to give concessions in wages, the production was not stopped. In this struggle the employers were benefitted because they had a government; In parliamentary democracy, the capital always makes rule of roast.

There was a change after the end of World War I when the Labor Party in Britain succeeded in some election. The strike of workers, in 1926, after giving a proper notice, at the end of General Strike in England, after holding the ballot, and being recognized as a legal weapon. To combat labor attacks, the owners can declare 'lock-out' - forcing their mills or mines to close, and thus to collect workers.

Attacks want to get a better life situation for those workers who make a majority in the industrial community. An attempt to limit the profits of exploitation classes in the interest of the workers. Better wages, better home and healthier living conditions, better education - These are healthier objectives for getting workers to attack the resorts. Therefore, attacks can be described as contributing towards a revolutionary process in human progress in the direction of social order.

On the contrary, 'lock-out' are reactive with any measures; Because their object is to disappoint this progressive trend in human affairs. To reduce the minimum wages, while the laborers have to live in the huts, they are denied equal opportunities for the education of their children, and there is no savings for returning evil time, certainly not inappropriate , And it can be rightly called reactive.

In modern times, mediating phases are very important in relation to stress, but often they are used to break the movement of labor movements, and thus situations arise in which the government is responsible for these boards and tribunals. Can take the risk of separating the recommendations, if they favor the workers.

It is thus that if the attacks are to be tolerated in the form of progressive powers, lock-out can hardly be acceptable. If the welfare of the workers is the object of the pressure of the society on the employers of the workers, then contributing to the welfare, maintaining schools and health clinics, creating adequate housing, and providing social insurance for the benefit of workers, justified for these loops Should be considered as instrument. The attack of safeguarding these demands is the only legitimate way.

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