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Essay on Youth Movement in India 700 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Youth Movement in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 700 words.

Old men's brain goes into fixed groove like a railway train; They can not change their mind into new channels of thought. The poet Tagore has called the youth to wake up these dead-dead men. Otherwise the result is unnecessary sacrifice of millions, and many of them, the flowers of the country, the best and the weakest ones. Out of these mistakes of old emerging, as the old Phoenix is ​​coming out of the ashes of old age, a movement in the whole world to organize youth's energy and idealism, which failed to attain the age.

In Germany, Wonder Vogels, the Sakol movement in Czechoslovakia, consolation in the former Soviet Union, the Kito movement in Japan and under the leadership of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the Ug League began in Bengal; And to listen to the thoughts and aspirations of young people on contemporary problems.

Each country has its own youth movement, but there are some generalities for some characteristics. These young people and women are socialist to a great extent in their ideology, in their view of the international, the Pacific in their goals, humanitarian in their program.

He has not contacted all the questions from a logical point of view, as did the Darijon of Young Bengal. They are far more motivated than old people to accept old methods and ideals and reject the prejudices of men with radical narrow minds. They honestly believe in ideals and try to work on these ideals.

Therefore, they are the leaders of progress. The Red Danny of Paris in 1967, the tie-in-man youth of Bezing in 1994, and the Indonesian youth of 1998 are such strengths. In India, there was a resurgence of youth in the last century. But politics is the most important factor here.

Young India has translated everything in the matter of politics. For this reason, most of his efforts were instructed to organize the attacks against the academic routine, which was for the engineering struggle directly or indirectly in the alliance with the British with the authorities. But this was certainly not a symptom of increasing humiliation and non-responsibility of the Indian youth. Have done a lot of good work in different youth organizations of the country and are doing it till then.

To organize social reform movements for organizing night school for infants and adults, to undertake village upliftment work- some of their common duties in their programs. In times of crisis, eg. During the famine or pestilence or flood or natural calamities, many of these organizations provide service to Yemen. It is to be acknowledged that the students' association is part of academic life. Today every college has its union, which is slowly becoming a force with the ever increasing share in directing young people's energy for creative channels of working.

It is one of the unique characteristics of age that the youth movement is more popular in socialist countries compared to the old democracies. This is possible because sensitive and attractive young men are easily transferred by idealism, and automatically respond to more new ideas. Peace, anti-militarism, socialism or economic justice, world reconstruction - they appeal to young minds and highlight burning excitement. It was during the Spanish Civil War.

We are living in a period of severe crisis. Now every young man and women should keep all the property of their idealism and energy in the service of their country. All political parties favor the opportunity of giving opportunity to young candidates and emerging politicians to shape the future of the country. Young fossil youth should get place They should stand for bigger ideals for all human and human vision for all problems. The youth have no ax to grind, there is no interest in serving. They are excited by the spirit of freedom and flexibility in response to the calling of a changing reality.

"The Trustees of a Nation's Youth Dynasty", the green plain of promise In fact, there is a seed of young life. Properly used, the country will cut a rich crop. Will depend on future expectations on youth. The first generation of us said to the youth. Their idealism, their integrity, their character are invaluable assets. Actually, the future is in their hands. So Lenin said: "Young people are growing and in spite of everything, they will get upper hand." The future is theirs. They will conquer the kingdom of heaven.

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