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Essay on Food Problem in India

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Food Problem in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 600 words.

Although man is not alone with bread, even without bread, a man can not live at all. Earning your bread has always been the main business of man. He can earn it by the sweat of his pain, or by employing his brain, or by living on the labor of others, or by adopting patriarchal property, but he should earn it all.

In the past, when men were horrific tribes, not to live in any place from one place to another, they hunted animals for food. But when they settled for agriculture and developed communal life, they started farming of soil and the earth got food for their livelihood.

However, he relied more on the willing cooperation of nature, and he relied on fate, religious rituals to bring this cooperation. When the soil proved fertile, and the supply of water was sufficient and the rains remained stable, their problems were not very good. But sometimes they were insufficient; The supply of water failed, and the result was crops, and starvation failure.

Then he patiently presented his misfortune and tried to please God in an angry and waited for better days. Knowledge, knowledge of science and technology, confidence in man's strength and nature will increase? Yet there was a belief that humans were bound by certain laws.

Malthusian theory, that- "Population grew faster than food" - A basic concept in the political economy became. These were seen as biological requirements; To preserve life, life must be destroyed.

Then came another period: - developed; Science-developed men have learned to bring food from other countries for deficiencies. He also learned to improve agriculture through scientific processes. The events of the famine were controlled.

The flood was both a curse and a blessing - when it came, care had taken place, but there was a blessing when he had left the soil rich before it was earlier. But now there were two other forces that could still create trouble. First of all, was a bourgeoisie; It will justify food crops, it will accumulate in many days, to sell it at a higher price at the time of crisis. The burden of high prices suppressed the poor. It will increase poverty and want it.

Second, the war was over. War catches import of cereals; Separate workers from agriculture to factories; For the benefit of the armed forces, there is a great demand for agricultural population. When the needs of the beneficial and the military combined were bound to arise. There was a bitter experience during this last war of Bengal that resulted in the death of 3.5 million people in 1943.

If the lack of food is being logged in India, then nothing has happened. But it happened on a broad scale. Russia has managed to live and live quite well. They wanted to eat but there was no famine.

"Grow more food" in our country became an empty slogan; While the war was underway, the land should be examined, classified and plotted; Fertilizers should be distributed; Labor should be organized and organized by machinery and complemented; Where possible, the sustainable source of water supply should be protected against the occurrence of drought. Science, not chance, should regulate agriculture. Need a completely drive. This is an implication that adheres to the "Increase the Meal" policy.

Multi-purpose river valley schemes are in the right direction. They have reduced flood incidents and have ensured the storage of water in artificial jacks. Nationalization of land and production equipment has a double impact. In the first place, it spreads with the fragmentation of land, which is financially unhealthy. Large fertilizer factories are now working on full blast.

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