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Essay on Ideal of Indian Womanhood - 750 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Ideal of Indian Womanhood in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 750 words.

If India is proud of anything, then it is of the fact that the ideal of women's personality expressed by her poets and saints is very generous and can not be improved. What is that ideal? In the first place, the female is the home and the center of summer.

The house is home because of the housewife. She returns home, silently making rides that affect her for the good of the house, on which she works like a queen.

Second, a woman is a husband of her husband in life and is a businessman with all her happiness and sorrow, companion and counselor. Their duties are as much as their religion, and therefore they have been called their second self.

Third, the jewel of a woman is her purity; This is the emphasis on sanctity, which is a special feature of the Indian woman, unlike any other woman of the country. It is the importance that is associated with purity which has made him a marriage value. Therefore, he deserves all the ideas and all the opportunities that men are generally allowed to do.

However, it should be acknowledged that in actual practice we see a wide departure from these high ideals that are evaluated. Due to man's selfishness, and being economically influential, the man has been able to limit the woman to her house and she has denied the opportunities of independence and development which Shastri commands.

Slogan for the average Indian woman - "back to the kitchen". A man lives his life in the outer world, while the woman pursues honestly on her household duties and the solitary phase of domestic affairs. The system has been selfishly convenient for humans. He has imparted this limited life to the woman by influencing the greatness and glory of Indian idol. In other words, there is only a cunning dodge to keep the so-called 'ideal' woman tied to the house, which is for the tent of the mighty person.

The fact is that the norms are never unstable or eternal. According to the changes in external circumstances and circumstances, the ideal changes and develops.

In ancient India, women mixed independently with men and took part in the whole life of the country. In ancient texts and literature, countless cases have been recorded in which women were excellent in the form of poets and philosophers and scientists participated in the debate competition and proved their metal as warriors and politicians too. He was honored by everyone and on many occasions his lawyer was sought. But since India passed away from the Muslim era, the emphasis was laid.

In the Muslim period of our history, women accepted the purdah in India, and the restrictions of rigid orgthodoxy retired to separate them for the interior of the house and all the way of free mixing between the two religious communities was closed. In this way we came to give more importance to the domestic type of woman and our ideal became narrow.

Then the British period in our history. Most women remained domestic retired, but the women of the new aristocracy, who owned the position for their property and English protection, made themselves artificial imitation or model of women of the West.

Of course, with the pressures of the development of freedom and economic conditions in our political life, the ideals are bound to be adaptable further. We can imagine women of our future as a true helpmate of men, not only in the domestic sector but in every sphere of life.

We can imagine educated people among them as their own independent life, pursuing their own incarnations and developing their special abilities. In accordance with modern opinion, our constitution has given equal rights to our women with men. They can compete for the highest positions in the services.

He is no longer a mere teacher, he is a lawyer, doctor, engineer and even officer, parliament member, minister and pilot, high court judge and governor. Now we are getting more and more women, journalists, legislators, politicians. Therefore, a bill is going forward to reserve one-third of seats in the parliament for women's members. And we will get enough support for this freedom and equality as an Indian ideal in our ancient scriptures.

For women as well as the only true ideal for men, to be able to develop their personality, and yet to be an integral part of the social system should be true to themselves. Men and women do not live by competition; They live in cooperation.

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