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Essay on Begging in India - 650 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Begging in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 650 words.

Begging is always a crime - begging for independence, begging for jobs or asking for money. Beggar is the person who has accepted defeat in the fight of existence in the hands of fate. She is a weak and scary. He is not entitled to kindness and contempt. Over time, we felt the meaninglessness of the attitude of begging and learned that alone struggle can get freedom.

To begged for the service, the employer has received contempt. We are made to realize that governments should be forced to resolve unemployment under active pressure. And when we treat beggars on the road in the spirit of contempt, then he will begging and treating the habit of full dependence on others.

Of course, this all refers to the capable beggar of the body, who seek the gift of religion or God's name. It was a bad day for the country when the begging meant religious rituals. No person has the right to know who is capable of earning his livelihood by sweating his livelihood.

But there is another section of beggar that stands on a different foot. They are disabled, deformed and diseased. Due to birth or crash, they pray for their life. But in many cases, they have to be forced to make a request on behalf of a band of the most cruel and heartless employers who make their capital unfortunately.

In England, there are poor law institutes created by the community. Those who are inappropriate for the work and there is no one to support them, they are usually removed from church charities like charitable institutions, and accuse the society. There is also vaginal law 6 who begged by a competent penal penal offense. The state takes care of them in maintained houses for purpose. In the socialist countries, there are pension guaranteed by the disabled state.

However, in our country, the problem is always in front of the public, demands immediate solutions. At every public intensity, at the stages of each restaurant, the doors of every temple are all in the crowd with beggars. Familiarity with diseased and abusive behavior has reduced our human sensitivity and paralyzed our conscience. We see them and pass a small piece of coin into a huge palm. We forget that the diseased people are often a social hazard and should be prevented by spreading symmetry surrounding them as disabilities and there is a distorted social crisis. This work should be done by municipalities and district panchayats and proper funds should be made for their maintenance. The rich who live a lot should help in their unfortunate brothers' huts and snails.

The problem of the beggar of the competent body, however, is annoying. Two of them are squares. In a class there are actual poor people who pray because they are not getting employment. Governments in the West can prevent them from begging because they accept partial responsibility for feeding them. But our governments here have no such responsibility and due to religious rules, the law against them is impossible.

But the class of religious jobs present a tactical problem. We rarely know how to deal with them. We should investigate how far it is possible to remove them under religious organizations, religious trusts managed by temples and mosques and churches. Let them collect money from those whose religious feelings hate the parasite (disgusting) and donations are distributed by them. But the abusive habit of begging by the door should not be encouraged.

And this reminds us of another class of jobs which once was led by Mahatma Gandhi, the beggar of Rajkumar. They demand hospitals for orphanages for charitable institutions. They roam the streets, they attack the tram, they salute you in your office with a donation office or collection box; They are everywhere, not with their mute appeal, but humanity. They fly social conscience. Let's open our hearts and our purse wires generously.

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