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Essay on The Value of Science in Everyday Life

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Value of Science in Everyday Life in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 800 and 1400 words.

Science has changed a lot of our daily lives. Science has increased the speed of life; It has widened the boundaries of our businesses, which increases the boundaries of our curiosity, it has increased the way we use our leisure; It has reduced our comfort and facilities by our ancestors. Yet science is now a privileged slave of some people who can buy the service.

Regarding our food, science has given us the correct ideas of the nutritional and calorific value of food that we eat. It has analyzed and classified various components of our diet according to vitamin content, calorific value, mineral base etc. It has explained to us the factors that make a balanced diet. With the help of all these knowledge, the state can provide school children with cheaper but nutritious food to create future generations. This shows how science can contribute to the improvement of national welfare. Science has started producing synthetic food in the laboratory to supplement our food deficit.

The next item of our requirement is our dress. Modern science has taught us the utility of light dress in the tropical country. Our knowledge of science has helped to make the dress material more comfortable, more lasting and accommodate in a longer and more economical and current environment. Today we are wearing better clothes than ever before.

Apart from this, science has shown us how we can increase the amount of work in less time and with less physical stress and sweat. It has placed innumerable labor-saving equipment in our disposal, so that lives can be far less difficult.

Electric lights and fans have made home-life more comfortable today. Typewriters, computers, washing machines, telephones, motor cars, refrigerators, all these and many others show how much work we can do with minimal labor. They save us to work hard to save manually and thus we are able to work more with more production than our ancestors. Also, the scientific process creates a lot of holidays, which we can devote to cultural activities. Thus the modern man is capable of living a full and many sided lives.

In our sickness, we feel more than ever before the benefits of science. Doctors and Surgeons today are very much sure to diagnose diseases through diagnostic testing, brain scanning and supersonic devices. Doctors now have more confidence in the ability to heal or control them.

Microscope, X-ray, radium, ultra sonography - all come in the form of real blessing for humanity. With the development of chemical and bacteriological sciences, the treatment of diseases has been very sophisticated and yet simplified. Stunning drugs such as penicillin and streptomycin and other anti-biotics have proven specific medicines for the treatment of diseases, which were previously chaotic.

Cooperation in this regard is a contribution that science has made to our ideas of cleanliness and hygiene. Due to better hygiene and sewerage system, infectious diseases have either been completely eliminated or brought under control. Cholera, smallpox, Tiffod, AIDS and epidemic diseases have been tamed extensively.

Diseases of other killings, such as TB, cancer, coronary attacks, are also very low, due to the amazing progress in medical research. Dissenteries, typhoid etc. have been closed in countries which believe in science and make full use of it. Epidemic malaria has decreased greatly. As a result of all these, the average expectation of human life has almost doubled in the last hundred years.

The services of science are equally great in providing cheap and innocent entertainment. Radio, television movies have helped to calm our extremely tense nerves with music and refreshments and entertainment tools. Gramophone and cassette are just as enjoyable as players. Outside the house, we can go into the cinemas and survive for a time with life's concerns. Even theater is infinitely better than things happening in the days of travel. With the help of scientific instruments of the light-focusing and rotating phase, it is capable of simulating the realities of life, more firmly.

This has been the biggest help in our daily life science and we have been benefited in various ways. It is difficult to say how much credit we give to science in our daily life affairs. From morning to midnight we are given tireless service by science and scientific equipment.

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