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Essay on The Facts of Homosexuality

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Facts of Homosexuality in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 800 and 1400 words.

Why can you say, those who think that what is the real reason, well, in the arms, some say nature and others have said nourishment! what is this ? Well how do you see it all. Nature is the way God created you and is the way to nurture. Most people from the readings say in nature, quoting gay men, he said, "From that time when I remember that I always feel the same sex more attractive", therefore it is difficult to judge because they also said "as I grew up playing a young child and a tough boy game played by my elder brother, I could not work hard and could not play physically physically, The family is also known for a tough boy image, so it can have some impact on my thoughts as youth. "So when the table changes, there are many lives in life where they see such things. Which could have been a factor, but in fact I believe from the beginning of their birth.

The definition for gay reads "happy and loving", now why is it that if these people are called love and happiness, then why is it so difficult for the society to accept it and why the lesbians and lesbians have to hide from everyone ! Steve said, "It was the hardest thing I ever had to do" and when he had to tell his parents. Yes, he could not say to his parents and kept it a big secret, but this is the reason that today the gay and lesbian communities are so underground and this is because parents, family, friends are difficult and this People who do make-up our society and if the individual family can not accept it then the community will have a hard time. Steve also said, "When the family refuses to talk to you, it likes to take your life directly from your hands", and it is the toughest thing that he has ever done with his family. But its naturalness said that when they hear that news, they think what we have done and I remember that Steve told me to his parents that he says, "Chris, I do not think that It's a little bit "I did not understand until he told me that his parents would not accept it and he would not talk to any of his children around, they thought he was bad. Today, Steve is now speaking to his mother and father, and his sister and his brother, Steve, said, "Now the family knows that I do not care what they say or how they say and this is my life It has become so much more enjoyable, because there are some things to hide and not !!! " The mental aspect of gays and lesbian is the pressure of "coming out of the closet". It's like putting all your cards on the table as you have the chance to lose everything (your friends and family). is it worth it? Do you think that a gay person has got an opportunity to change it again in a headlider! It is said that you are born with one thing or this is what the gays and lesbians say. I believe that you can change some body back because the way I see it, it is all like a cult because when it is said that if you have uncertainty about sexuality, then pressurize your sexual relationship it's easy. I believe that this is also a brain washing system, because if you look at the methods of the 1900s and even the 1950s, then any suck in the form of gay and lesbian communities It was not because this is all very well hidden or it can be a new thing. What is it? Steve said, "I know people who have married for 20 years and are coming out now" Do not see what these people think that homosexuals and lesbians have won, they think that this Funny and free, it's just like me and we live in your life Steve said, you wake up and go to work, then come home and then everything goes to bed. So it is for my knowledge that all this is an experimental thing in the brain because Steve's landlord was once gay and now he said that he lives life in the form of bi-sexual, there is a woman who only likes women He likes that guy. So how does he do it, I think that this is also a self esteem case because I believe that when it was a child or in the teenage years it had to do this and there was a bad relationship with the girl and does not always go out "good Looking "girls so what do we say about it.

Lesbian and lesbian communities always like to be public, what is everything. Now that they have gay pride days and want to be with all these things and for them it is not paying rent for the heterosexual community because there is no pride for them. Do you think that gay pride is a good thing for the community, like KKK has a cross which is planning to take out the embarrassed or intimidated people to come out in the open. I believe that if people want to do things then let them get out and do it on their own schedule. The public does not want to be included in the days of gay pride because it is not with them, they want them to keep them themselves.

Surely this is the same sex and has feelings for them, but whatever you think and this is not to deal with the hole community. The brain is made up of a lot of ideas and it is easy for someone to wash the brain and it is not difficult to wash the brain and in my essay it is shown in my essay that it reads that Stave's friend was once a lesbian and now There are men's dates and sometimes goes with one gender, making them bi-sexual. Lesbian and lesbian people are no different from you and I want to put the media out to make sure that it does not look good, but it feels best for them and if they please them what is good for them.

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