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Essay on Atomic Energy - 450, 500 and 900 words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Atomic Energy in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 450, 500 and 900 words.

Essay on Atomic Energy - 450 Words

Until World War II, the world was only familiar with the electrical forms of mechanical, chemical, acoustic, thermal, optic, magnetic and energy. But in 1945 when an unfortunate day when the United States blasted a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, the world came to know about nuclear energy.

What is the energy from atom? For atoms, as we know, is the smallest part of the substance? Each atom has a central center called the nucleus, around which the electrons roam. The nucleus is composed of two types of very small particles called protons and neutrons. Electron has a negative electrical charge, the proton has an equal positive charge and neutron is not charged.

The nucleus of radium atom is dissociated in the continuous removal of alpha particles which are the nucleus of helium atoms. This phenomenon is called radioactivity. Uranium is another radioactive element. In 1938 Han and Straussman attacked uranium with neutrons and found barium marks in the material.

It led to the discovery that some uranium atoms capture a bombardment neutron and divide into two equal parts. This division is called nuclear fission. At the same time two or three neutrons are released in response. They go on to divide other uranium atoms and release neutrons. This is called chain reaction and due to this, heavy amounts of heat and gamma rays have X-rays of very low wavelength and great curved power is released.

This knowledge was used in the preparation of atomic bomb. Given the growing supremacy of German and Japanese in World War, such a weapon became mandatory. Three years of intensive work after completing the atom bomb. Now it is history that two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and rejected the striking power of the enemies and brought the war at high speed. Both cities were completely destroyed with loss of life. The atomic bomb was a destructive power. The required energy was taken from nuclear fission.

The bomb showed that nuclear fission has provided a new and powerful source of energy and it can also be kept in peaceful uses. In agriculture, research is used in the size of the radioactive tracer in order to find the best types of fertilizers for plants. In medicine, iodine's radiosotope is used to diagnose brain tumor. Other radioactive isotopes are used to treat human diseases in the treatment of cancer, radio-gold, radio-iodine and radio-cobalt. In the industry, radio isotope is used to measure thickness of paper, rubber, cloth and metal sheet, to detect thickness in casting, to separate thickness, flow and fluid.

Atomic energy is widely used in the development of nuclear energy. When the supply of coal and oil is decreasing, the development of nuclear energy is a welcome achievement. Nuclear power provides a new source of cheap fuel for power generation, especially in spots for power generation. The first step in the production of atomic energy is the establishment of nuclear reactors.

Essay on Atomic Energy - 500 Words

'Nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so' - in this way a very meaningful story goes. The same principle can apply to the use of nuclear energy. It is the use on which this energy is put, makes it good or bad, useful or harmful.

This energy was used by the United States in Japan in the form of a nuclear bomb, and it killed a large number of men, women and children, beyond death, or people were damaged or disabled for life. Had been abandoned or had even been left to die a terrible death. Even his descendants had this effect.

It was the most inhuman use of destructive and nuclear energy.

But if proper use is done, then the same energy can work to transform human life into peace and prosperity; research in the use of this energy for the welfare of mankind can massively add to the knowledge and welfare of mankind.

The most important use of this energy is to replace the use in the present form of current electricity. The source of nuclear power can provide that can be made available anywhere and everywhere - in the farthest corners of this world; In the desert or on the snowy mountains.

Presently the sources of energy - oil and coal - are gradually decreasing and one can come when these sources can be completely exhausted. How wonderful the nuclear power can be in such a situation. The world needs the power of nuclear power badly. The United States and Russia have already installed power stations for power supply.

Nuclear radiation and radioactive substances can provide better production and precise control of industries, which can provide cheaper products through this process. Even in agriculture, this radiation may be of great use, which leads to a remote possibility of crop failure.

This radiation and the use of this nuclear energy can help in the production of the rich properties of fresh vegetables and can benefit from weak parts of the world. Gamma rays can help protect against insects and crops can be resistant to disease. Many such benefits of human effort and human life can be obtained with proper, productive and protective uses of atomic energy.

If nuclear power is used properly, the day will not be far when trains, cars and other such vehicles can be run by this energy. Explosion of the H-bomb can help in the search of oil deposits in punchy rocks Scientists have found how sea gallons of oil can produce more energy than hydrogen compared to gallons of petrol.

The United States launched a spacecraft called Planet-10, the Jupiter Planet, which would take ten to twelve years to reach Jupiter's atmosphere. It was a difficult task to maintain this long journey and four atom generators were provided to keep the electricity running.

These are the experiments on which nuclear energy can be kept and scientists should work on these lines to create this huge energy to serve humanity. Okay it can be said - 'We have a huge power but we use it as God.'

Essay on Atomic Energy - 900 Words

Energy is an essential input for economic development and improving the quality of life. Nuclear is one of the important sources of incredible energy. This energy should be applied to meet the peaceful objectives of life. If it is canalized wisely, then this energy source can prove to be a wonderful gift of science to mankind. Nuclear power has tremendous potential to produce creative forces which can bring a pleasant change in society. Indeed, atomic energy can make life easier and easier on this earth when new sophisticated machines are powered and operated by nuclear energy and make our way to work and stay revolutionary.

Powerful atom is one of the three breeders of unlimited and incredible energy. It is a wonderful gift to God for mankind, the other two are sun and wind. The scientific community felt the various peaceful uses of nuclear energy. On August 8, 1955, the United Nations organized a big convention to discuss the future use of nuclear energy. Speaking on this occasion, the President of the prestigious Indian scientist and Conference Dr. Homi ji Bhabha said that in the nuclear era, "the war should eventually become impossible and the area of ​​peaceful existence should eventually cover this world." The peaceful uses of nuclear power further said, "I predict that in the next two decades, there will be a method to regulate fusion energy in a controlled manner.

When this happens then the energy problems of the world will be solved forever, because fuel will be rich in hydrogen in the oceans. "The then American President Mr. Eisenhower said that nuclear sciences" can be the most promising, to improve human life and to overcome illness, ignorance, economic stagnation and other diseases, which make the disorders and war. "

This possibility of atomic energy is visible to bring desired results. It has been successfully used in the rocky areas to cut the routes for flow of water, remove river courses, run ships and submarines and act as electricity fuel in many different ways. It includes the ability to meet the growing demands of expanding the economy and provides the best option of coal, petroleum and other power sources. If used peacefully, then nuclear power can promise humankind the age of prosperity and progress, in which there will be no lack of food, living standards and inadequacy of essential things.

The biggest advantage of the peaceful uses of atomic energy is that it can replace the traditional sources of energy, i.e. coal, petroleum, natural gas, which is likely to be completely extinguished during the next hundred years. In addition, there is tremendous potential in it, which is used peacefully to eradicate the planet from various diseases, thus ensuring the life of peace and rest for mankind. Its peaceful use ensures great benefits for humanity, and access to difficult areas which lie deeply in the burdens of rivers, lakes and oceans and discover the hidden treasures of nature-minerals in them. If used correctly, nuclear energy can eradicate poverty and be suffering from the world and can ensure a prestigious life for mankind.

In the field of interdisciplinary communication, there are tremendous possibilities to use the power of the powerful atom, which alone can be useful for scientifically and atomic ways for mankind. It has huge potential to detect remote heavenly bodies. Apart from this, radioactive particles are being seen as new hopes for humankind because the particles have the ability to free the deadly diseases such as cancer, leukemia, etc.
There is tremendous use of nuclear energy in the field of agriculture.

Its increasing success in the field of crime detection in nurses. Recently, the infinitimental marks of gunpowder residues taken from people who have gunned make radioactive by scientific process, during which various elements are formed.

These elements have been later converted to radio isotope, each of which has the feature of "finger print" or emitted gamma radiation. Gamma Ray reveals the personal "fingerprint" of spectrometry antimony. In the end, electronic counting and sorting techniques are used to obtain quantitative measurement of trace element. This crime is an important use of nuclear energy in identity which is incompatible and it can not be challenged in court.

Today, we have many electronic and mechanical devices, including clocks, watches, typewriters and computing machines; They credit their speed, accuracy, and efficiency for nuclear energy. It indicates the increasing success of nuclear energy in day-to-day life. It appears that nuclear power is going to dominate the technical development in the future. It has the ability to create many miracles of science that can change mankind.

Thus, it can be said that the determination of the future of mankind depends largely on the operation of nuclear energy. If it is used and wisely employed, it can prove to be a huge source of happiness and comfort to humanity; Otherwise its powerful powder contains the potential that can ruin the planet. Today's fast-moving competitive world in which self-interest is the main factor, it is a matter of concern that each atom should be directed to take the road, which leads to the promise of peace, prosperity and happiness to the land.

In this way, our future depends largely on the new generation of scientists, which have vast potential in disposal. Apart from this, policy makers and politicians are, to a lesser extent, responsible for ensuring their peaceful uses by determining their policies and guidelines for the great benefits of mankind, which ensure that it is not being used destructively . Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @

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