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Speech on Plastic Pollution in English in Very Simple Sentences

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Here we have long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. "Speech on Plastic Pollution" which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ Classs or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1-Speech on Plastic Pollution

Congratulations to everyone! Please, first of all, our Honorable Chief Guest Mr. ............ Let's warmly welcome the famous spiritual guru, who is currently an active part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. But we also request from our great guru to facilitate our clean city, Green City campaign, in which our main purpose is to urge the people to leave the use of plastic and environmentally friendly carry bags made of paper and jute Switch on.

We are constantly seeing how plastic is affecting our environment in many ways by accumulating in water bodies like oceans, rivers, lakes and canals. Also, we can see them dumping along the roadside while dancing looks really dirty. Rather than sharpening their use, people's dependency is increasing. Whether we go shopping or buy a small item from the store, we take everything in plastic bags, which are extremely disappointing. Needless to say, its use is growing on a large scale throughout the world.

Plastic is made of synthetic polymer, which contains many organic as well as inorganic compounds and usually derives from petrochemicals such as oleafin. Plastic materials are classified mainly as thermoplastic (polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene) and thermosetting polymers (polystyrene). Apart from these, they can also be classified in engineering, biodegradable and elastomeric plastics. Although the plastics are quite useful in many ways and are largely an integral part of the polymer industry, their construction and disposal create a massive threat to all living forms on our planet Earth.

It is not known exactly how the plastic disintegrates; Although it is believed that it requires hundreds and thousands of years. It is not only the manufacture of plastic which affects our environment, but the poison and fragments emitted at photo-decomposition seriously pollute both our water channels and the quality of the soil.

There are still some forms of plastic that quickly break down like we have oxo-degrades. But when they become less conceivable, they still hover in the environment. For example, in the ocean environment, pieces of plastic are consumed by filter-feeding organisms. When small Plankton swallows the plastic, the animal in the food chain can actually store large amounts. Floating wastes in the form of plastics which can remain present in water for thousands of years, which act as transport of aggressive species, which harbor the development of habitats.

Due to the release of toxic chemicals (such as Bisphenol A, Stylin Trimmer, etc.) through the water in the plastic bodies, the quality of drinking water is rapidly deteriorating. These substances affect the quality of water which makes it ineligible to drink and when consumed it proves to be dangerous for life forms.

That is why it is high time that we say 'no' for the use of plastic bags and not only preserve life forms on our planet, but also our very natural living environment which makes our existence worth it.

Thank you so much everyone!


2-Speech on Plastic Pollution

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, respected teacher and my dear friend - Wishing me all the best wishes!

I am standing for addressing a very important subject in front of everyone, standard-XII (C), Sarthak Sharma, who is making many reports these days, i.e. adverse effects of plastic pollution. In the past decade, plastic is badly affecting our life and health. There have been some incidents that attracted the attention of the whole world and created a lot of stir about the use of plastic in our day-to-day life.

So friends, through my speech, I would like to draw your attention again to this serious concern so that we start taking our environment seriously and try our best to preserve it. Plastic is no doubt that there is a surprising material that is being used daily for a lot of things, but it also pollutes our environment very much. Needless to say, the plastic is the most poisonous garbage damped by marine organisms and marines in the sea. Plastic is toxic for nature because it refuses to break. Plastic material, which is thrown along the side of the road or water bodies, sees the sight as dishonest and filthy.

Throwing plastic from carelessness can lead to adverse consequences. Even though a plastic bag looks like a charming jellyfish for an indiscriminate feeder like sea turtle, but as we all know, the plastic is not indigestible. It can spit, cause obstruction in the intestines, or even spread infection in those animals who have food on it.

Then a plastic bag can choke the cooling system of an outboard engine. The missed or lost monofilament fishing line pollutants may pollute less engine units, destroy the oil seal or reduce it to the web entangled for sea fish, fish as well as marine mammals. can go. These days, the most common type of plastic pollution is polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C.). When blood or any food material is preserved in the above mentioned plastic containers, slowly and slowly soluble chemicals lead to death due to cancer and also causes other diseases of the skin.

It is also said that polyvinyl chloride destroys the respiratory system of animals, including their reproductive capacity. When mixed with water, it can cause paralysis, irritation of the skin and damage to the bones.

Plastic is not used because they are readily available and are affordable, which can last for long. Unfortunately, these very special features of plastic make us very dependent on them and cause a major pollution problem. Since the plastic is cheap, it is used more often and is dumped repeatedly, whose perseverance causes great harm to our environment. Even urbanization in big cities has increased in the form of plastic pollution.

Lastly, I want to say that plastic is not a problem, but excessive use of it can cause a major problem and therefore we should stop ourselves, as well as encourage others to control their use And it should not be negligently thrown here. .

All this is from my side and with this I end my speech. Thanks to all of you!


3-Speech on Plastic Pollution

Dear society members and all loving children - Wish you all the best wishes!

First of all, welcome to the Society Club House and thank you very much for making it here in such a short time. The reason behind calling this Society meeting is to inform you in our society about the visit of municipal officials who carefully supervised our environment. Officials are likely to pay such a surprise tour in other neighboring societies too. Essentially, they are urging people to maintain their surroundings and keep them clean and green. There is also a strong cry for banning the use of plastic completely because plastic pollution is yet another worse form of pollution which seriously affects our environment.

In fact, this year's theme for "World Environment Day" is "Beat Plastic Pollution". It calls for action from each of us and deliberately presents us to handle this serious environmental challenge which is presented to us. Our country was host to World Environment Day this year and this topic was chosen by us so that everyone can be given a strong message about how to remove the excessive burden of plastic pollution in our daily lives. From our surroundings, natural sites, our wildlife and our own daily activities.

I do not deny the usefulness of plastic, but we have become very dependent on the use of plastic, which in fact has some serious consequences to follow. Globally, almost one million bottles of plastic are purchased every minute and five trillion disposable plastic bags are used every year. If we look at it overall, then about 50 percent of the plastic that is in vogue, offers only one time use.

About one-third of the packaging in plastic goes to avoid the collection system, which means that it chokes the streets of our city, which pollutes our natural environment. It has been observed that about 13 million tons of plastic is thrown into the oceans every year where it catches the coral reefs and becomes a serious threat to weak aquatic wildlife. The plastic found in the oceans can cover our earth 4 times in one year and it can last for almost 1,000 years before it breaks completely.

Plastic also spoils our water supply and thus our water bodies. This causes serious damage because plastic is made of various chemicals, many of which are toxic and inhibit hormonal balance. Plastic also acts as a magnet for other contaminants like metals, dioxins and pesticides.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to completely stop the use of plastic and to protect our environment from pollution. In addition, to switch on environment-friendly products, encourage others, especially your children and the people around you, and say 'no' to the plastic exactly.

All this is to say to me, thank you!


4-Speech on Plastic Pollution

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher and my dear friends - Good morning to all of you!

I will be your host for the Class XII (C) aspiration, today's Clean Delhi, Green Delhi program. As you all know, our school has taken the responsibility of becoming part of this Sanitation campaign and trying to increase the consciousness of the people so that all of us can come forward for this campaign and make it a huge success. However, this is not enough because I think that there is still a major source of pollution around us and unless we end it, our mission will be overwhelming. And, that's plastic pollution!

For more than 50 years, both plastic construction and consumption have been growing globally, even though our government has banned their use as the world population is increasingly growing; The amount of waste is also increasing. Regardless of our day-to-day life, we use disposable products such as water bottles and soda cans; With the creation of such products, plastic pollution has increased in the entire planet. Plastic is made of severe toxic pollutants and it can harm our environment in many ways, such as water, air and land pollution.

Simply put, plastic pollution occurs when it is thrown into streets, alleys, rivers, etc. Spread over places. This then negatively impacts people living around us and damages our wildlife, plants and even so much. human population. Plastic is undoubtedly very useful material, but we must not forget that it is composed of toxic compounds which are not biodegradable in nature and propagate the disease in our environment that cause an irreversible damage to the living beings.

Therefore, I sincerely request everyone to stop the use of plastic bags and also go to the paper or clothes bags while shopping. Also, please avoid bringing plastic bags at home and encouraging everyone to do this, as well as avoiding products that come with so many packaging. Even such efforts will favor our environment by keeping an eye on plastic pollution, which is done once, can not be undone, meaning that its harmful effects are irreversible.

Since the plastic is non-biodegradable in nature, it is not possible to break it into fine particles. Even burning of plastic can be very toxic by causing deadly atmospheric conditions, which can even lead to death. Worse, if the plastic is dumped in the landfill, then it will continue toxic substances in that particular area.

Let's come together and pledge to protect our natural environment at all costs because if we do not, then nobody will be there and our next generation will have to bear its brunt. In the case of faster and better use of plastic; There should not be any further movement.

It's all from me, everyone. Thanks!


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