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Speech on Disaster Management in English in Very Simple Words and Easy Sentences

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Here we have long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. "Speech on Disaster Management" which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students.


1-Speech on Disaster Management

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for making this incident. Our NGO provides support and rehabilitation services during any natural disaster or disaster. We have organized this program because we feel the need to prepare each person to fight the disaster, which is commonly known as disaster management.

The disaster today is a widespread event affecting the human society. Disasters can be man made (like terrorism) or natural. The same has been experienced by people from ages. Although the nature of natural calamity varies, but it is a great challenge for the society despite caste, creed, culture, country, etc. According to the latest World Disaster Reports, the number of disasters is growing very rapidly and rapidly.

People are becoming more susceptible to all kinds of disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes, droughts, floods, accidents, cyclones, landslides, plane accidents, etc. With the advancement in technology, the impact of disasters has also changed. When a disaster arises, it crosses all the curiosity and preparedness of the society that examines the people. It is true in the case of developing and developed countries. Worldwide floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, cyclone etc. have so far taken the lives of many people.

Disaster management is important to deal with the dangers that occur before, during and after the disaster. Disaster Management is like taking medicine for treating a disease. Disasters can be epidemic diseases or industrial failures such as the Bhopal gas tragedy or the disaster of Fukushima nuclear power plant, all of which are highly dangerous for human life.

Thus, our team helps people in disaster management in both situations: precautionary measures before disaster and then management. We also receive donations from local authorities and several industrialists for this noble cause.

For the management of disasters in India, the Government of India also makes a separate fund called 'India's Contingent Fund'. Disaster not only causes people to materially harm, but it also provides emotional trauma to the people. Our team helps people overcome the emotional weakness and conflicts with disaster with more confidence.

During a catastrophe, we also appeal to the common people to help all kinds of physical, emotional and financial support. We train the common people to provide support to our friends, family members and neighbors.

In the event of disaster, appropriate preparation is necessary for the management of the situation. Helps in reducing the appropriate mechanism impact if not completely erased the effect. By removing the possibility of some kinds of calamities, this type of incident can help reduce the vulnerability of people and society. Our team helps in rehabilitation and disaster management and helps reduce the loss of life and property. This is because we have trained our professionals who not only provide physical and material support but also help in the emotional rehabilitation of the people. Our team acts pre-emptied to avoid disaster. We have trained our team on disaster management and thus can help preserve and preserve a trained professional environment.

However, by controlling your emotions, disaster can hurt you and by working wisely you can reduce the effect. Through this forum, we appeal to all to be alert and vigilant and help each other in the event of any natural calamity or disaster.



2-Speech on Disaster Management

A very good morning women and gentlemen!

As we know it is a very special day for us because our entire society is going to the eco-adventure camp. This camp has been specially organized to give people the opportunity to experience the experience of being in nature without technology. As a trainer in this camp, it is my responsibility to teach you all those activities which we are all going to do in this camp. The reason behind this camp is to make people aware of environmental problems and natural calamities.

As we are aware of all the environmental problems which are the cause of our selfishness. As the purpose of this camp is to train people to deal with natural disasters and thus it is very useful for all of us. Natural disasters are increasing rapidly and people need to be aware of safety measures. Before understanding about safety measures, we have to understand the causes of natural disasters. There are a lot of reasons for such disasters, such as excessive use of fuel like gasoline, waste and polluted water, heavy use of electricity etc. We must understand that these disasters are the cause of human unnatural growing needs and they are taking these requirements if not stopped till the end of the earth.

There are many places which are highly influenced by natural disasters. One of the biggest tragedies was Uttarakhand. The flood in Uttarakhand had ruined the whole place and as a result there was heavy loss of food, shelter and life. Flood was the reaction of environmental degradation. There are many such cases where there have been major tragedies before and if it is not controlled then it can happen in future also. Earthquake seems most common in various disasters, after which the drought in all the disasters, flood, drought etc. is the most terrible and deadly. Due to lack of water and lack of food. Two important elements of survival on earth are water and food. It is impossible to survive without both of these.

To control these tragedies due to natural calamities, we have to control our needs in life. We cut trees due to our need, we use petrol, diesel etc. due to our needs and our infinite desires or the so-called needs which cause the degradation of the environment. Deforestation is one of the main causes of drought, soil erosion, earthquake etc. and to prevent such disasters we have to plant more trees. The excessive use of fuel such as diesel, petrol etc. has increased the amount of CO2 in the air and hence the glaciers are melting due to increasing temperature.

This is a high time where we understand our responsibilities towards Mother Earth and move forward to take steps against disasters.

On this note, I would like to include my speech, and I would like to thank all the crew members and organizers for such a big support and special thanks to all of you for joining this camp and helping make this a success.

Thanks and I wish all the great days ahead!


3-Speech on Disaster Management

Respected Principal, teachers and dear students!

We humans have come a long way. We are really able to exploit, and in many cases, override, nature in many ways. We learned to build and fly airplanes and helicopters. We have learned to power our homes and cars and other modern facilities to remove energy from air, sun and even ancient dead things. It would actually seem that our last hold on nature is. But every time this misconception turns out to be confronted with the nature of nature as natural disasters.

Dominated by nature

At any time in the history of the world, we are not really capable of dealing with any natural calamity. We have learned how to live through it, to make ourselves against the worst, and to rebuild your life after it has passed. We have learned to predict that when a storm or storm will pass over us, and we can predict it to a certain extent when a volcano erupts. Earthquake, landslide, or tsunami, we still get totally caught up in astonishment. However, we have learned how to build buildings and other structures that are better suited to combat earthquake. We take refuge when storm arrives so that we can remove ourselves from security when the storm passes.

Building infrastructure

But even today, the best that we can do is to tie ourselves against the one who can be the worst. We can not do anything to prevent these natural disasters from happening. But there is no point in being able to save yourself and rebuild, and it calls for great infrastructure. Well developed nations face less damage than the storm than the earthquake or the bad nation, but they are better equipped to handle the consequences. In undeveloped countries like India and Bangladesh, the government is happy to issue alerts and ask them to evacuate people in front of the upcoming storm. You will find it difficult to find any state-made shelter, and getting assistance before or after the disaster will not be easy.

Human bondage

Nevertheless, a natural disaster is the true test of all humans and the underlying unity of humanity. When a disaster arises, all the countries around the world come forward to help despite the status of diplomatic relations. Those who have either escaped from disasters in some way or have not been too bad to wear, come forward to help their less fortunate neighbors, even personal losses. Al humanity comes to lend every human and animal simultaneously, with the rescue work done by the government and people and the NGOs of animals.

It is not possible for us to stop natural disasters, but we can definitely do a bit to reduce their effect on us. And this is not just by improving the disaster management infrastructure. Recent increase in global warming has greatly altered the climate, causing greater storms, cold and heat waves, and severe storms. We can certainly do a little bit to control such drastic changes and to make the world a safe place to live.

Thanx !

4-Speech on Disaster Management

All the people present here are going to express my views on 'Natural calamities'.

Petra Nemkova has said very wisely, "We can not stop natural disasters, but we can tie ourselves with knowledge: if many people are prepared for the disaster then many people will not have to go to their hands." Those who do not prepare themselves for their uncertainties. Many people lose their lives on some large scale natural disasters and atstrographs. This massive loss of property and human life can be prevented if appropriate preventive measures are taken. Usually only after the deadly attack of human tragedy becomes aware and active!


Disasters like floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and tornadoes can be dealt with and if proper warnings and safety measures are already cured, they can handle it in a fairly secure way. It has been observed that when these calamities surprised the victims, then these disasters have wreaked havoc. Wherever there was warnings and preparations, there was less destruction and loss.

With all the technical advances, it is now possible to predict natural disasters already. Meteorological satellites are revolving around the Earth, early warning systems established at major locations are already doing wonders to keep millions of people safe.

The need of the hour is the government and along with the prediction mechanism, people should work more actively to prepare for natural disasters. It is not a basic structure and it means that we have a deficit; We do not have the right attitude for the disasters. That's why we should keep our attitude right.



5-Speech on Disaster Management

Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Students!

Disaster is a calamity of sudden occurrence, which causes injury and death to a large number of people during very short period of time.

Disasters have occurred due to one or more primary causes or threats like earthquake, heavy rains, storms, chemical accidents, droughts, or armed conflict

Like some hazards At the time of earthquake and hurricane effect, many people kill and injure. Often, however, the largest toll on mankind is due to secondary influences such as floods, fire, famine and crowd of refugees.

In general, primary cases of disasters can not be stopped. Their secondary effects are however responsible for prevention, or at least mitigation.

Hospitals and the public health infrastructure of the area, including the health care system, should be organized and ready to work in large-scale emergency situations. And so, it should be discussed with the type of measures to be done in case of any disaster.

District Medical and Health Authority are the major institutions in planning and management of health services on a region-wide basis for disasters. Hospitals and health centers participate in local medical efforts.


6-Speech on Disaster Management

Respected Principal, teachers and dear students!

Today is International Day of Natural Disaster Reduction and we have gathered here to discuss disaster management. I am very obliged to give this opportunity to host the program and share some important points about disaster management.

Disasters can be any kind of man-made or natural. Due to global warming and various changes in the environment, natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake, storm, flood, etc. have become more frequent all over the world. Although disaster management is a branch of study which helps people to manage disaster, it is important that each of us is equally equipped with some normal senses that apply in the event of disaster. Disaster management assures people and strengthens communities when disaster arrives. A disaster can be natural or man-made. Disaster management is an authority which has been ideally developed to help society and communities. It helps people to understand the process of man-made or natural disasters, the process of dealing with such disasters and their consequences.

It has been seen mostly that children and women are more sensitive to disasters and therefore, today I am sharing the importance of disaster management through our speech:

Disaster management teams can help prevent disaster. The team can observe the possible causes of disaster and take appropriate steps to prevent or prevent disaster. For example, man-made disasters such as wildfire, or terrorist attacks, can be avoided through efficient planning and prevention action.

It is important that people do not panic and work wisely in case of any disaster. Good remedial measures should be taken by each person and children should work wisely to give them emotional support to their parents. The disaster management staff has the training to do rescue tasks efficiently. Trained professional building can save people successfully during collapse, flood or major fire.

It is important to cooperate with the Civil Disaster Management Team and to control your emotions. More often, people feel neglected by the Authority and respond to the Disaster Management Team. However, the team helps provide relief measures to the victims. They arrange food, medicines, relief camps, clothes and other essential items. If they get support from the people, then they will increase their morale because they work without stopping in such situations.

The Disaster Management Team also works in collaboration with the Local Authority and rehabilitation process in the affected areas. Construction of homes, schools and other infrastructure are some examples of rehabilitation procedures.

It is important to remember that they are equally affected by the disaster, the only difference which they are trained to help us, thus, it is our responsibility to show patience and appreciate their work. The disaster management team can help reduce stress and trauma before and after any kind of disaster. If a disaster is doubted, then the team can guide the people to deal with the disaster like flood, earthquake etc. Even after the disaster, the team can provide material support and financial support, which automatically helps people overcome the painful effect.

I hope this was an informative speech for all of you and in the end I would just say that always use your common sense and do not panic because the haste makes bigger loss than anything else.



7-Speech on Disaster Management

Good morning Honorable Principal Madam, Honorable teachers and my dear friends!

Today all of us have gathered here for an important assembly which has been said on a very serious note. As we know, the place where we live is suffering from natural disasters and thus it is the duty of educational institutions to make them aware of such problem, which helps in disseminating information from place to place. Could In the area we are living in, there have been many natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc. and due to lack of knowledge and awareness among people, there is a huge loss of life and goods. No one wants to pass through the painful situation repeatedly and in this way we have to be prepared and take some preventive measures.

Before starting with preventive measures, we must understand the reasons behind the occurrence of natural disasters. Periodically there are infinite reasons for natural disasters to grow and these are all directly or indirectly related to our lifestyle. Our approach to getting maximum comfort is the main cause of natural disasters. We want our life to be more flexible or looser and thus we use excessive electricity, fuel, water, which creates an ecological imbalance on the earth, resulting in natural disasters. I hope everyone is aware of the word "deforestation", which means cutting trees. Less trees mean less oxygen and more carbon dioxide on earth. Ozone layer is depleting as a result of excessive presence of carbon-dioxide, melting of glaciers, increasing temperature, respiratory problems are increasing etc. There is a huge change in the climate situation on Earth. Summer duration is increasing and the winter is decreasing. All these changes are taking you directly toward extreme natural disasters such as drought, flood, earthquake, tsunami, cyclones, tornadoes, soil erosion etc.

Before the situation worsens, we have to take some preventive measures to control it. The measures we should take are completely related to our lifestyle. We have to come out of our comfort zone. We should start planting plants in our homes to compensate for the losses due to the harvest of deforestation and plant trees wherever possible. It will help to increase oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We should reduce the use of water and electricity as much as possible. Less wastage of food will be very helpful as there will be less food intake during dry season. Reducing the use of fuel such as fuel, petrol, etc. through car pooling will help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are many other ways to control ecological imbalances and we just have to think about it.

On this note, I would like to include my words and special thanks to our Honorable Principal Mam for organizing this event to prevent this incident from disaster or loss and to co-operate and make all students successful in this Assembly and make it successful. I would like to give . I hope everybody standing here will remember the information given and will help spread awareness amongst other citizens so that the problem of the biggest problem can be overcome and expired.

Thanks and I wish all the great days ahead!


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