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Speech on Climate Change in English in Very Simple Words and Easy Sentences

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Here we have long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. "Speech on Climate Change" which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students.


1-Speech on Climate Change

Good morning, respected principals, teachers and my dear friends,

It's a pleasure to see you all gathered here for this discussion session.

Is not it very hot today? Do you remember those days when the weather was hot or cold, but it was not cold or cold? My reason to ask all of you is to address the topic of climate change. Since the past years, the climate has been a very important topic affecting our and our maternal earth.

Climate is currently the weather condition in a region and occurs during the time period. When climate change occurs; The temperature increases dramatically and due to an increase in temperature there are many different changes on the Earth. These changes are such that they result in more floods, large-scale dry, intense rainfall, as well as more frequent and severe heat waves; As it is today Some parts of the population are affected due to excessive heat, such as heart problems, asthma, elderly and very young people especially suffer from vulnerable people. Excessive floods and droughts, storms can occur.

Due to harsh climate change oceans and glaciers have also experienced some serious changes: the oceans are getting warmer and becoming more acidic, the glaciers are melting at a higher rate, and sea level is rising. Since these changes occur frequently in the future, this is why they are the challenges ahead for our society and the environment.

There are some climate changes which are indispensable and nothing can be done about them. For example, carbon dioxide often lives in the atmosphere, so the earth continues to be hot and clear in the future today.

Climate can affect every person and adversely affect our health through adverse temperature rise. This kind of growth usually produces less extreme cold winds during the winter, during the summer, it gives birth to more intense heat waves. This is the reason why we have often seen people say that the winters come only for a few days and we can not even enjoy it.

Whenever someone talks about climate, climate change is the first thing that comes to our mind. It really has been a major setback in the world in the last century. It is unusually rapid growth or inflation in the average surface temperature of the Earth. In the last decades, the main reason for this is to release greenhouse gases because people burn fossil fuels and deliberately leave the waste in the wrong way. Global warming is due to an increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases, which is produced in the Earth's environment. When these gases are stored beyond the boundary, they have undesirable effects on the atmosphere.

I will request all of you to monitor your work and guide others to ensure better control of climate change. I think that we take the climate as a natural obstacle, but my dear, it is not so. Man-made activities affect natural trends in the most important ways. We should not allow climate change to control our activities and get worse.



2-Speech on Climate Change

Good Evening My Dear Friends and Collegates Thank you for completing this session with your presence.

We are here to discuss one of the most important natural factors necessary for all living things in particular; I.e. climate. Climate refers to the weather data of an area. It includes humidity, temperature, wind, rain etc. And, we all know that the sensitivity of the climate has changed unexpectedly over the past decades. In the winter months it does not seem like the cold was the first. Nowadays climate change is suddenly unpredictable. Extremely unbearable heat waves, not such a cold season, heavy rains during the unexpected months, and what not.

Climate change is due to the combination of natural factors and human factors. There are endless many variable factors in the causes of climate change, which should be taken into account to determine what is the reason for climate change. There are signs of climate change, rise in sea level, increase in temperature, etc. Due to global changes, climate change is now more prominent.

It is not a big deal for us that we travel in our own private vehicles, we burn fireworks on weddings and festivals, throw their garbage in rivers and streets, burn waste, cut trees, if not necessary Also leave their lights, especially our air conditioners remain closed all day during summer. right? Guys, just think that these small things add to the whole population or the country to do wrong. We all affect the climate; Our activities are combined and are involved in the construction of pollution or emissions of bad gases, thereby increasing the risk of pollutants and dangerous climate quality deteriorating.

We all should monitor our actions so that we can restrict ourselves to doing bad for the future of our environment and our future generation. Let us accept that climate change is happening, and agree with the facts and personal feelings that existing climate patterns are extremely unusual. We know that it is possible that climate change will evolve differently than the gradual changing scenarios of the first.

These adverse climatic conditions change, which can affect the country's water supply, agriculture, electricity and transport systems, natural environment and even our own health and safety. Climate change not only affects natural resources, but also produces psychological problems such as post-tromatal disorder, stress, anxiety and violence among communities.

We should make every effort to control such adverse climatic changes as responsible humans. We need to restrict our actions and monitor our operations. Although major effects on climate are of natural factors, but still human efforts can not be developed for this. I would like to conclude that we should consume lesser natural resources such as electricity, and the consumption of solar energy should be monitored on its own. We should pay attention to the use of resources in the most convenient and efficient way. By doing our small things, we can avoid the massive impact of such climate change.



3-Speech on Climate Change

Respected Professor Sir, respected teachers and dear fellow students,

Welcome to World Environment Day, I am here to host today's program and climate change is the most suitable topic, I would like to talk about it.

Climate change today is a global problem. The constant change in climate across the world is a threat to our environment and society and there is no clear measure. This is happening due to the constant increase in temperature, which is very harmful to mankind because it is directly affecting our health. A sudden increase in temperature leads to high heat waves during summer and less cold waves during winter. As a result of climate change, frequent drought, floods, landslides and storms etc.

Various recurring health issues are seen in people, such as asthma, heart problems, cancer etc., which are clearly due to climate change. In particular, children, women and the elderly are more sensitive to these issues. In various other reasons, factories releasing pollutants and waste products are major contributors to this destruction.

There are various consequences of changes in climate and the most terrible air and water pollution, which are the most essential requirements of life. Ultra-violet rays and high temperatures increase ground-level ozone, causing lung tissue damage, which can lead to serious lung diseases.

Another major problem that has been seen is the steady increase in sea levels at the global level due to the increase in sea temperature. Due to all these, small ice cubes and mountain glaciers along with Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting rapidly.

There is widespread impact of climate change, one of those greenhouse gases is growing, which is closed in the atmosphere in the summer. Gases like carbon dioxide are produced naturally, but these gases are produced in unusual quantities through human activity; Vehicles that carry harmful fumes, diesel and other harmful substances from burning fuel such as oil, coal, natural gas etc. also contribute to climate change.

Even though the officials are trying hard to reduce air pollution, the results are not very encouraging. We should also take personal responsibility to save our climate. Using public transport as much as possible, saving water and not excessive use of it, should not use waste materials or other waste to be thrown into rivers, avoiding plastic bags and clothes, using jute or paper bags; By following these simple methods, we can definitely help save some of our climate.

Dustbin should be used to throw waste materials and waste. People should be mind-boggling to differentiate between Blue and Green Dustbin and use them as specified.

The sad thing is that most of the countries are not pursuing environment-friendly development. If not paid attention to protecting the environment, it is ultimately going to harm our next generation.

Imagine life without water and breathing extremely poisonous air? We certainly do not want to give our children such a dangerous life, so this is a high time when we should be more cautious and responsible.



4-Speech on Climate Change

Good morning everybody!

I am very happy and grateful for the management staff of our school for organizing today's programs to discuss one of the most critical concerns of the present day, i.e. climate change. And, it is truly respected that in front of my esteemed school the opportunity to give a speech on climate change has been given.

Before starting, I would like to give special thanks to our Honorable Vice Chancellor and Honorable Principal for encouraging such programs for the mental development of our students. If we address such vivid issues to our students in terms of climate change, global warming, corruption, child labor, unemployment, etc., then they will gain awareness and not only in your country, but also at the world level. Be Responsible Citizens.

Now, we have all gathered here, it is an admission of the fact that the threat of climate change is assuming a significant proportion. If the present generation fails to make this threat boldly and quickly, then we will put our future generations at risk for an irreparable disaster. Let's accept this harsh reality and work towards preventing it!

Keep in mind, any nation, whether it be large or small, developed or under-developed, rich or poor, can avoid the consequences of climate change. The news that these days keep coming - they have destroyed the sea level in the coastal areas, powerful floods and hurricanes destroyed the continent, about the deserted islands and families, the climate of refugees In other areas are forced to move and flee. In addition, the recurring crop failure and drought conditions destroy human life and the race struggles in the areas.

Needless to say, the stability and security of our country and other countries, i.e. our health, prosperity and security are in constant danger. Therefore, the time has come when we should put responsible global citizens in collective efforts to reverse the tide. And of course, I believe we can change the situation.

John F. Kennedy said in a very appropriate manner, "Our problems are man-made, so they can be solved by humans." Although it is true that mankind is not eager to accept the reaction or the magnitude of climate change. But I am proud of the younger generation, which is already promoting environment-friendly habits. In addition, it is time to encourage the use of clean energy to reduce carbon pollutants from our atmosphere.

Now it is high time to recognize that unless we have climate protection, there will be no protection of water, food and energy. The government will work as its share, such as encouraging energy renewable projects, constructing solar panels, wind turbines etc., but as a responsible person and as part of this civil society, to make our planet safer and better The wheel of ongoing efforts should get the place to stay. And how can this be done? By controlling the carbon emissions in our environment, by controlling the consumption of energy at our locations, etc. By using public transport and less of our private vehicles. It is not difficult to do this, we have to be vigilant all the time and will have to ensure that no resource is being wasted. That's all I have to say.

Thanks !!


5-Speech on Climate Change

Respected Principal sir, Respected Teachers and Dear Fellow Students,

Climate change is a historical change in the pattern of average seasonal states. Generally, these changes are studied by dividing the history of the Earth into long periods. This change in the conditions of climate can be natural and also the result of human activities. The greenhouse effect and global heating are believed to be the result of human actions, which is the result of a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the industry, after the industrial revolution, in the atmosphere of gas.

Climate change refers to the widespread change in weather. This change is happening due to the rapid increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases. This is also called a green house effect. Green house effect is the process under which the environment of the Earth is absorbed by a portion of the energy it receives from the sun and it increases the temperature. Mainly coal, gasoline and natural gas are considered responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. All environments increase the amount of carbon dioxide.

Iimportant facts :

  • Scientists are constantly warning about the dangers of climate change.
  • The world has used its carbon space for up to two-thirds, consuming 35 percent of fossil fuel reserves and one third of global forests.
  • According to 'Keep the Climate, Change the Economy', since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution since the middle of the 18th century, using 35 percent of the 1,700 GtCO2e of conventional fossil fuel reserves and 60 million square km of global forests, Cutting the third, the world has already pulled 2,000 GtCO2e out of the atmosphere.
  • Since the year 1750, the developed countries have emitted about 65 percent of the historical emissions and their historical emissions are 1,200 tonnes per person, which is 40 times more than every Indian.
  • The result of this is that since the Industrial Revolution, the temperature has increased by 0.85 degree Celsius, which is already in the context of unusual weather, migration of various species and extinction, food and water safety and conflict in terms of people and environment. Prove is dangerous.
  • At the same time, the global temperature has increased by 0.6 degree Celsius since the beginning of the 19th century.
  • The Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) believes that by 2050 global temperatures will increase between 0.5 to 2.5 degree Celsius, while the estimated growth of 2100 will be between 1.4 to 5.8 degree Celsius.
  • Studies show that about 10 billion metric tons of carbon is being released in our atmosphere every year.
  • It is estimated that by the end of this century the global temperature will increase between 1.1 and 2.9 degree Celsius.


6-Speech on Climate Change

Respected Principal sir, Respected Teachers and Dear Fellow Students,

Today the world is facing a severe problem. The consequences of this problem are gradually coming in front of Dunia. The problem is climate change It is a matter of debate due to the global and regional impact of climate change at the present time. Due to its adverse consequences, many countries of the world will disappear from the map of the world. Therefore, it has taken on the form of a widespread problem and now all the world's nations have to face the problem of this climate change by being united.

The meaning of climate change is from time to time with any change in climate, whether it is because of natural deviation or as a result of human activities. Climate change is an important and lasting change in the distribution of statistical patterns in the form of weather during the decades of millions of years. Climate change can be restricted to a specific area or it may occur on entire earth.

Cause of climate change:

In detail, the causes of climate change can be divided into two categories: -

1. Natural causes
2. Man-human or human cause

1. Natural reasons

(A) Continental Separation: - The construction of the continents was created when millions of years ago a large part of the earth began to slowly separate. This separation was also influenced by the climate because it changed the earthly characteristics of the earth, its location and the condition of the waters. Earth's dismantling has also altered the flow of ocean currents and winds, which had the effect of climate. This isolation of continents continues to this day. The Himalayan range is increasing every year for about one millimeter.

(B) Volcano: - Volcanic eruption spills through a large amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2), water vapor, dirt and ash in the atmosphere. However, volcanic activity may take place for a few days, but heavy gases and ashes may affect climate patterns for many years.

(C) Ocean currents: Ocean is an important component of climate system. They are spread over 71 percent of the earth. As much as the Sun's radiation is absorbed by the surface of the atmosphere or the surface of the earth, it absorbs twice as much. Ocean currents transfer large amounts of heat from around the Earth, which is almost equal to the volume transferred by the atmosphere. Ocean currents have been known to change the direction of the wind or to slow down their motion. There is plenty of heat left out of the oceans in the form of water vapor, which is rich in greenhouse gas on earth.

(D) Dabby Methane Gas under the Arctic: - A team of NASA scientists, led by scientific Eric Kate, studied the arctic atmosphere at many levels and concluded that under the Arctic there is a huge reservoir of dangerous greenhouse gas methane It is melting ice which is frozen on the Arctic. With this gas the atmosphere is getting hot too. Methane water is coming in contact with air from cracks falling in the ice, which is increasing in the Arctic region as well as at the global level.

2. Anemogenic causes

According to the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), there are three main reasons for the increase in greenhouse gases in the past two centuries- fossil fuels, land use and agriculture.

Greenhouse effect: The greenhouse effect is an event by which the atmosphere of the Earth passes through solar radiation in the presence of gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane, not only inside it, but also in the heat. Which absorbs the surface of the earth and the lower atmosphere becomes more hot than usual. Water vapor (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are major in greenhouse gases. Methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) chloro-fluoro carbon (CFC) and other greenhouse gases are present in very small quantities, but due to its many times the heat absorption properties and the long-standing properties of the atmosphere, It is also quite high.

The concentration of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide concentration, has increased during the last several decades due to excessive use of coal in thermal power generation and excessive use of fossil fuels. Since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, its volume in the environment is constantly increasing. Which has increased to 390 ppm in the present time. The amount of methane gas is also increasing due to the production of cattle (Methane gas flows at the chewing of the cattle.), Rice yield, refrigerators and AC.

Due to the new techniques used in the field of agriculture, food production has increased rapidly during the last half-century. But due to these techniques greenhouse gases have increased significantly. Methane and nitrous oxide, in particular, have increased significantly. Greenhouse gases are increasing due to the cultivation of rice fields, cattle feeding and nitrogen free fertilizers. Methane gas is emitted during the cultivation of rice fields. Due to the longing for more yield, farmers use nitrogen fertilizers in their crops. But as a result of micro-biological activity in the soil, these chemicals emit nitrous oxide.

(C) Use of fossil fuels: - Due to excessive use of fossil fuels, the concentration of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, is increasing in the atmosphere. Currently, combustion of oil is responsible for the emission of carbon dioxide by 33% in air. Most emissions are due to the combustion of coal. Which is mainly used in thermodynamics.

Effects of Climate Change

The threat of climate change is a threat to the whole world and it threatens the existence of mankind. Human life has begun to be disorganized. This climate change will have the following effects on human life:

1. Increases in normal temperature: - During the climate change, the temperature of the earth is rising more than usual. Which has adverse effects on human life and physical environment. Due to the increase in temperatures over normal on the earth, ice in the mountains of the world has started melting constantly. Many countries have adverse effects on crops. There has been an imbalance in seasonal changes. Due to which human and animal birds are having a bad effect.

2. Continuous rise of sea level: - Glaciers are melting due to climate change. Whose water is reaching the sea through the rivers, thereby increasing the sea level. As the sea level increases, the coastal parts of the country will be submerged and the living organisms will have to go to another place. According to an estimate if the sea water level goes up by one meter, then 7.5 million people of India will become homeless and 35 percent of Bangladesh The terrain will be submerged.

3. Danger of natural calamities: - The increase in the incidence of extreme incidents due to climate change will also affect human beings most. Events such as cyclone, landslide etc. will affect human life.

The consequences of climate change

Due to climate change, there has been an increase in the number of different kinds of calamities on human life. Presently the effects of climate change can be seen clearly. The following side effects of climate change can be seen as:

1. Due to the submersion of submergence parts of the coastal areas due to the increased sea level, the coastal flood threat will increase, resulting in coastal areas to be evacuated.
2. Due to climate change the spread of desertification has become a major problem.
3. Already more problem is arising due to the decrease in the quantity of water in areas that are facing the problem of water shortage.
4. Due to low rainfall due to climate change, agricultural production has decreased. As a result food crops have decreased.
5. Due to lack of food crops and food items, people are becoming victims of starvation, malnutrition. Thereby increasing the number of dead.
6. Due to climate change, many species of animals and plants are becoming extinct.
7. Extra energy resources are being utilized due to excess temperatures, resulting in more gases being formed in the environment.
8. The landslide and avalanche incidents have become normal due to the melting of the glacier.


Global warming changes have a clear effect on the environment, glaciers have become narrow. The areas of plants and animals have been displaced and the flowers are growing very quickly in the trees. The forthcoming climate scenario implies that summer temperatures are expected to increase from 20 to 50 celsius and rainfall decreases by about 15 percent.

In the past, the United Nations-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that if carbon emissions are not stopped, the world will not survive. If the world is to be protected from dangerous climate changes, then the indiscriminate use of fossil fuel will be stopped soon. The IPCC has said that by 2050, most of the electricity in the world is required to produce low-carbon sources and this can be done. After this, fossil fuels of carbon capture and storage should be completely discontinued until 2100. United Nations Secretary-General said that science has given its point. There is no doubt in it. Now the leaders should take action. We do not have much time. He said that as you do on your child's fever, first we need to reduce the temperature. This requires immediate and massive action to be taken.

Therefore, it is clear from the above facts that the developed and developing countries of the world must work together to solve this problem. This is not the problem of either a country or a person. This is the problem of the entire world and the solution to this whole world too has to be done together.


7-Speech on Climate Change

Respected Principal sir, Respected Teachers and Dear Fellow Students,

Climate change is the long-term variability associated with Earth's marine climate system. In fact, the growth and degradation of past human civilizations and other species of plants and animals, as well as the preparation of future public policy about the elements elements of human life depends on the climate and its change.

Weather is atmospheric activity in a short period, such as cold winter picture or hot spellings, in which atmospheric conditions occur at a particular place and time, due to which there is heat or cold, sunlight, humidity, cloud cover, wind and rain. Climate is a long term average of weather events in one area, it is defined as the normal or average weather condition of a certain area, which includes temperature, precipitation and wind, thus, the climate is of long-term weather There is statistical expression. In billions of years of existence of the Earth, many times have been changed in response to natural causes such as sun spots, glaciers of ice age etc.

India is working in some ways to deal with the challenge of climate change. The National Action Plan is dependent on the development and utilization of new technologies, and through the implementation of the scheme, through the appropriate institutional mechanism suited for the effective delivery of each individual's goal. Focus on promoting understanding of climate change, adaptation and quenching, energy efficiency and natural resource conservation.

In the end, we have to try to stop and prevent global warming and other effects on climate change. If the Earth's temperature is increasing in the future, due to high temperature, living things on Earth will become extinct. If humans contribute to controlling climate change, then this world will become cool and presently our high temperature will decrease. If all stand as one and try to eliminate all the climate change that occur, it will be a safe place to live in the world.



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