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Speech on Education in English in Very Easy Sentences and Simple Words

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Here we have long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. "Speech on Education" which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1-Speech on Education

Good morning to the Excellencies, distinguished guests, my respected teachers, and my dear friends. The topic of my speech is education.

I am presenting my speech on the importance of education. I hope the audience will find this useful.

Education is the process through which a person receives knowledge or learns new skills. Children are educated in schools. They rely on school teachers for their education.

Education provides literary skills. A literate person is able to read and write. He can understand written material. He can read his emails and draft his letter and email.

Education brings great respect for individuals and the nation. An educated person is respected in society. A nation that has educated people like doctors, engineers and scientists is considered an advanced nation. Students can opt for higher education after school. He can join colleges and universities. Some students join institutions that specialize in specific areas. For example, some students join medical colleges to become doctors, while some are involved in engineering colleges to become engineers. They are capable of serving the nation in great ways.

Educated people are more likely to succeed in life. They are introduced to the vast opportunities that modern economies provide. They can opt to join a company as a paid employee, or alternatively they can venture into business.

In the era of modernization, business and technical training is also in vogue. Professional education and training (VET) is important because it trains and helps a person develop specific skills. Such skilled people work in specific industries of his expertise.

Education is a fundamental right. A child who is deprived of elementary education, is actually deprived of basic human rights. The lack of education is the root cause of social issues such as poverty, child marriage, discrimination, child labor, etc.

Education is important because it develops a person's thinking faculty. An educated person can reasonably think and make better decisions.

Education opens the door to the vast knowledge that is stored in both physical and online books. He can use these information for his benefit or for the good of society in his life.

In this way, we find that being educated is an important factor in achieving success, building character and living a glorious and happy life.



2-Speech on Education

Best wishes to your Majesty, special guest, my respected teacher and my dear friend. The topic of my speech is education. Through my speech, I will tell you about the value of education and its contribution in our lives. Education is the tool that helps us overcome all our doubts and is afraid of all the challenges and happiness that come in our life. This is the tool that keeps us happy and calm as well as makes us human society a better one. Our teachers are like God for us, who help all of us in getting good quality education from institutions. They do our best to learn everything and shape the challenges of the future. Our teachers come to our lives, remove all darkness, remove all fears, overcome all doubts, and help us find a beautiful career in this big world.

Education is not about learning only, although it means learning how to be happy, learning ways to keep others happy, learning how to live in society, learning how to deal with challenges, how to help others Learning, learning how to take care of the old ones, and learning how to behave with others. My dear friends, education is like a healthy meal that nourishes us both internally and externally. It makes us stronger internally and creates our personality and gives us the knowledge. Good education is the only way to overcome bad habits, poverty, inequality, gender discrimination and many social issues.

Thank you.


3-Speech on Education

Good morning to my respected teachers and my dear friends. Today, on this great occasion, I would like to give a speech about education and values ​​in our lives. Education means a lot to us, without education we are nothing. When we start school, we are inspired by our parents and teachers from education as a child. If someone is getting proper education from childhood, then he makes the best investment in his life. Education is not just a medium of reading, writing or learning, it is a way of living positively and living life happily. It benefits everyone related to the individual, family, neighbors, society, community and country. This is the best way to overcome poverty and inequality from society. It provides all the important skills and technical know-how to better serve their life, family, society and the country.

Education for future economic development provides better opportunities. It helps us to keep ourselves and our connected people happy and healthy. Proper education protects us from many diseases as well as helps fight against infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, infection etc. It helps in making the future bright in all aspects. It provides us with the right understanding to deal with many problems through life. Through proper education, people discover the value of value and unity, which ultimately reduces the struggle between people, society and people in the country. Good education is the best way for any nation to move forward, grow and develop among other strong countries. The educated people of any country are the most valuable assets of that country. Education is a way of reducing maternal and child mortality by improving their health.

Education helps fight transparency, stability, good governance, along with corruption and corruption. Nevertheless, education does not mean anything in many backward areas. They are so poor that they spend their whole day in earning only two times of food. They think that instead of wasting money in education, it is good to earn money from childhood. Education is really an amazing tool that increases income, improves health, promotes gender equality, reduces climate change, reduces poverty, and many more. It helps in creating a peaceful environment at home or office. Education provides intellectual freedom and keeps us happy physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. It promotes the habit of sharing ideas and experiences among people, as well as motivates them for ethics, ethics and community responsibilities.

Education gives us a wide range of knowledge like art, history, sports, mathematics, literature and fields. Education is the basic building block of success, bright career and better quality of life.

Thank you


4-Speech on Education

Good morning to my respected teachers and my dear friends. My dear friends, education is the tool that removes all the differences between us and enables us to move forward together. It makes it very easy to lead our challenging paths of life. Getting quality education is like yoga and meditation because it requires concentration, patience and dedication. Without education there is no difference between humans and animals. Education is a powerful tool that is capable of solving all social, personal and family problems. It is like a medicine that has the potential to treat almost all the diseases. Getting education means not only to get a good job, it means to make a good personality, to stay healthy and fit, to maintain cleanliness, to be happy all the time, to behave with others, deal with all the challenges of life and many more. .

Education is the most important of all for living a happy life. The education system in India was so poor and undisciplined. The children of the rich people were allowed to read, but the children of poor people were not allowed to study in the same school or college. The poor were forced to labor only in the fields, which was the main reason for many social issues due to discrimination, inequality, gender inequality, and lack of good education among the people in society. Low-level education for poor people made them vulnerable to economic and political exploitation in their country. In order to remove the inequality and to ensure equal participation of people of all levels, adequate provisions have been made for the poor people in the Indian Constitution.

Right to proper education is the birthright of all, preventing one from attaining proper education is a crime. Education helps us to understand between good or evil, right or wrong and helps us to make decisions in favor of the right people. It helps us in a wide range of problems. We can solve the mysteries of this universe. Education is like magic that helps us learn all the magic to live happily on this planet. It keeps us free of all doubts, superstitious beliefs and also removes all social evils which affect society. Better educated people can secure their family and nation in a more secure and easy way.

Thank you


5-Speech on Education

Good morning my respected teachers and my colleagues As we have gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I would like to give a speech on education. It is very difficult to imagine the world without schools and colleges. I think this is impossible for everyone. Every one of us has a problem getting up early in the morning or studying overnight during the monthly tests and examinations. However, we all know very well about the value and importance of education in our life. It is not true that if someone does not receive proper education, then he fails in life. However, education always provides better opportunities to move forward in life and the easiest way to get success in life. Education is very important for all of us as it provides confidence and dares many problems.

Educated people are able to fulfill their dreams compared to the uneducated people. Education is very important for a person to overcome all the ancient superstitions which affect our lives negatively even after being baseless and useless. The illiterate and uneducated people suffer from superstitions very easily because they do not have any clue about the truth. Education improves our awareness of the reality of superstition and transforms all negative beliefs with the appropriate causes and logics. In a constantly changing world of high technologies, it needs to be careful and up-to-date at all times, which is not possible without education. Without education it is not possible to accept and adapt all the changes in the modern world.

A well-educated person becomes more aware of the latest technologies and keeps itself updated for all the changes happening around the world. In this advance world of the Internet, everyone goes to the internet and searches for the information needed to get online and quick knowledge. The education system in the modern world has become so easy and comfortable due to the internet compared to ancient times. Everyone knows how the internet can be illiterate but can not know all the benefits of the Internet, but the educated person understands the Internet as a gift and in order to create a better and happier career in his personal and professional life Uses.

Education is better in life to make it happy and healthy. The illiterate people are very ignorant of their health, family, society and the country. Such ignorance can prove to be very dangerous in their life and personal and national development and development. Educated people know better how to keep themselves happy and healthy, and how to avoid many diseases. The educated person knows about the symptoms of any disease and does not avoid taking medical help, unless the symptoms are completely uneducated, because of the lack of knowledge and poverty due to poverty. It makes us more confident, more affable and more responsive to our life.

Thank you


6-Speech on Education

Good morning to the Excellencies, distinguished guests, my respected teachers, and my dear friends. The topic of my speech is education.

Education is not literacy only. In other words, a literate person can not be educated. The point is that education is about being a goal - the goal of a person to face life well.

There is no academic knowledge about prescribed subjects for learning only. Instead, it should be the goal of a student's overall development - cultural, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical.

One hallmark of good education is that it has helped a person to make practical use of the knowledge he has received. Without this practical knowledge, education is a failure.

Another area where education should play an important role is in the area of ​​civil liability. Have you not seen educated people throwing banana peel on the road while traveling in the car? If a person can not see the loss to the public by his thoughtless and selfish act, then what good education is there?

Unfortunately, today education has become a business in many areas. It connects the spirit of competition in the market. On the other hand, the purpose of education is to establish ethical values ​​among the students.

In order to conclude, I should say that teachers and education should be able to see and see, think, talk and talk about the well-being of a person by working with a person. Without the development of honesty and character, without learning to respect others; Education can not be marked. But when education ignites the mind and inspires the heart, then in reality the light shines in the darkness!

Thank you.


7-Speech on Education

Hi guys, Let me quickly say a few words on education.

Education teaches us manners, techniques, skills and culture. We learn ways to deal with difficulties, enable us to progress towards a better life and to stay with others in society. Most importantly, we are capable of doing jobs and earning money. Education gives us the ability to stand upright and to face bravely enemies or competitors.

Without education we can be like animals. In India, there are many poor people in small villages, who are not
Educated They get cheated by cheating players.

Education tells us to take care of our health and future needs. Education and experience allow us to increase our children in a better way. The right use of people's intelligence is by educating themselves; Otherwise it remains raw and unused.

In the end I say that we should use our education for the common good, and should earn money and fame in the society.

I thank all of you, eventually giving me this opportunity and listening to me carefully.


8-Speech on Education

Good morning to the Excellencies, distinguished guests, my respected teachers, and my dear friends. The topic of my speech is education.

It is generally believed that education is basic for all development. According to John Dewey, life is development and development and development is life. If we translate this approach into the field of education, then we can say that education is considered for the all round development of a person's personality. Education in India is considered as self-education, which means making man, life-saving education by which the pupil becomes a character, the power of the mind increases and this education helps the person to stand on his feet, the power And gives courage during times of unfavorable life.

This is nothing but the all-round development of the person's personality. Just as human beings become human from education Education is a process of human creation. Nothing is necessary to help in the feeling of a person who is inherent in it. Therefore education is essential for all.

India is a democratic country. Education and democracy are closely related. Ideal of justice, equality, freedom and fraternity is four times the ideal democracy. Ideal of equality. Independence and fraternity are four times as ideal for democracy. The ideal of equality means that everybody should get an opportunity to develop their own personal resources.

In fact, education has to be employed as a very capable weapon to preserve democracy and promote its high ideals. Democracy believes in the essential dignity of all individuals. Man should be educated due to his human nature. Therefore education becomes a democratic hardcore. Therefore education is considered necessary for the success of democracy, for improving productivity and for making desirable changes for social and national development.

Summary of education:

According to the Kothari Commission report, "India's destiny is being shaped in its classrooms." Education covers civil and social responsibility. India is a country of diversity and to bring unity, education is an agent of emotional integration. We can not do without any kind of education Education is an indispensable factor for human development, h brings sophistication to human beings. The advancement of civilization is greatly influenced by the development of education.

It has now been felt that the world of peace, justice, freedom and equality for all can be achieved through education. In this way, it can be said that education is very essential for all. Without education, no good life is conceivable.

The above philosophical description comes to the conclusion that education is a basic human necessity. It promotes human intelligence, develops its skills, makes it harder and ensures its progress. Education also guides underdeveloped capabilities, outlook, interest, insistence and needs of the individual in desirable channels. The person can change and change his environment with the help of education as per his requirement.

Humans have two sides - biological and social The social aspect of human beings is maintained and disseminated through education. Education not only protects and transmits the social elements from generations to generation, but also helps in the promotion of culture. Education is a social requirement. This enables the person to play an effective role in society, so that it can become more prosperous, better and attractive.

Problems and Prospects:

In a democratic country, education is essential for all its citizens. Until and all the citizens are not educated, the democratic machinery can not work properly. Understanding the importance of education in a democratic system, the Indian Constitution was declared in Article 45, "The State will endeavor to provide free and compulsory education to all children within a period of ten years from the commencement of this Constitution, That they are not complete, fourteen years of age. "

The efforts made by the government have been made since independence to achieve the goal. The Constitution of India writes for the provision of educational opportunities for all the people of the country. Since education is one of the most important tools for development, it is through education that a person can aspire to achieve high status, status and abandonment. Therefore, every person should have equal opportunities to get education.

The person has the ability to learn, so opportunities are equally available. It should be and should not be the same. In the "Learning to Bee" (P.72) book, the authors have said that "Equal access to education is not only a necessary condition for justice-justice. Equal access is not equal opportunity. It should have similar opportunities for success. "Therefore, we can emphasize that the problem of equality of educational opportunities in Indian conditions is very grim.

Our education system is on cross-road. The Indian Constitution has determined that universalization of primary education should be universal. In the direction of the Constitution, it was said that Universal Compulsory Education should be provided for all children within the age of 10 years i.e., 1960, upto the age of 14 years.

But this directive has not been completed till date, although we have completed six decades of independence from foreign domination. It is currently expected that this instruction be issued in 2010 A.D. Can be completed by. In the context of a country like India, 60 years is not big time. A small survey of making primary education universal can end in terms of population growth and rapid development of collective illiteracy.

Emphasizing the emergence of public literacy and the nation's world power, the importance of 'education for all' has been clearly shown in the present world set-up. Today, it is marked that in countries where the literacy percentage is low in the world, they are financially backward. Now, these backward states are feeling the importance of education for everyone in their plans of development through massive literacy. Therefore, in this context, efforts of literacy of a nation like India should be examined.

India is one of the least developed countries. It was at the very lowest level of development till now because its education of the people is concerned. In the realization of large-scale literacy in India, we are struggling with a two-fold problem.

1. One problem is of adult education.

2. The second is that the universalization of primary education.

India is a densely populated country. His rate of population growth is tremendous. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve India's goals for educational expansion. Any neglect of population control can be pathetic for the country. Population growth will ruin the economy and will make all progress efforts fail.

In 60 years, literacy has increased from 16 to 50 percent. Therefore, this speed will take more than 50 years to achieve the goal of universalization of primary education. According to SS Mathur (P. 306), "All other reforms and progress in other areas will definitely happen if adult literacy has been a universal and not only universal but constant and continuous force, but a motivating force to create excitement and enthusiasm. Go and people for social reforms. "

Presently, the World Bank has prepared a report in collaboration with the Human Resource Development Ministry, Research Institutions and some eminent educationists in India, it has been reported that more enrollment has taken place at the primary level, i.e. approximately 6.7 million Therefore, India's position after China is second in the world. And the other 3.32 crore primary school children are yet to be in primary stage.

Therefore, the country is unable to achieve the goal of universalization of primary education, as a result of which the economic growth rate of our country is very poor. It is always unbalanced. However, it is hoped that large scale literacy programs can attract more people of our country if they insist on their economic well-being with near and far goals.

Universal Education of Elementary Education (UEE) has been adopted as a national target and ation Education For All 'has been recognized as an international goal to promote national well-being, personal excellence and efficient democratization.

We have described above that mass literacy is one of the important needs of the country. It is expected that through the proper education, the backward people of the country will get personal refinement, social progress and economic prosperity. But at the national level there are many problems in achieving the universalization of primary education and the goal of 'education for everyone' at the international level.

Major problems are finance. Due to illiteracy, community inequalities about rural imbalance, education of women, economic status of backward communities and equipment, absence of personnel and waste in adult literacy etc.

The National Policy on Education, 1986 recommends that it will give top priority to solving the problems of children leaving school and adopt an array of strategically prepared strategies on the basis of micro planning and apply at ground level across the country. Will be done. To ensure the retention of children in school, This effort will be fully coordinated with the network of non-formal education.

Strategies and efforts at national and international level:

Education can not be stable in a developing society. It can not normally be isolated from life. Without changes in education and growth, economic and social development can not be done. Therefore, the provision of universal primary education has been accepted as a national goal. It is very important to spread extensive literacy which is a basic requirement for economic development and modernization.

Universal Elementary Education has prepared the project "Education for Everyone". Article 45 of the Indian Constitution is a great resolution for the integration of primary education. Great efforts have been made to reach the goal of providing elementary education to every child in the country through universal provision, universal enrollment and universal banquet.

Our constitution provides free and compulsory education, education for minorities to establish educational institutions and administration, education for the weaker sections, secular education, education of women, education in mother tongue at the primary level, protection of national heritage, education. Union Territories etc. These Constitutional provisions are nothing more than achieving the goal of "Project for All" project.

During these 60 years of independence, we have focused on the expansion of elementary education. Our focus is on the universalization of provision, enrollment and retention. Now it's time to think about quality as well as quality. Therefore, there is a need to provide good education for every child.

The report of the International Commission on Education under the heading "Learning to Be" is an excellent performance of current educational challenges. It also gives primary education top priority. The National Policy on Education, 1986 also recommended the construction of the project "Education for All". According to the policy, "In our national perception, education is essentially for everyone. This is fundamental to our all round development; Material and spiritual "

It is very much appreciated that the government has come forward to tackle the work of "education for all" through the project providing education to millions of adults. The National Policy on Education, 1986, resolved to eradicate illiteracy, especially in the 15-35 age group.


Education brings refinement to human beings. True education always manages the person. The more educated the person is, the less prejudice, the more open it is, the more the person stands guilty of being guilty. In this frame of reference, "Education for All" has become an international goal for both developed and developing countries.

Nowadays life is very fast, if we are to be actively involved in the present life, then we have to impart education to all citizens of the nation who will contribute to the achievement of global commitment, i.e. "education for all"


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