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Speech on Wedding Anniversary for Parents in English in Very Simple Words and Sentences

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Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. - Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


Marriage Anniversary Speech for Parents - 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

Dear mom and dad

There is no way to measure how much I love you. I really do not know what is in my heart for both of you, how to express it. Both of you are those two who have sacrificed a lot for me, who have taught me how to become a better person and who have made me unconditionally love. In these 25 years, you have done many things, but still you have not left each other alone during difficult times. 25 years is a long time for a single person to remain committed to your whole heart and soul, but you have proved that what really is to love someone. You are the reason I want to marry, this is the reason why I want someone to look at me, the way Dad looks at your mom. Despite all the responsibilities, workload, health problems and other difficulties, both of you raised me and _____ so well that we can not thank you enough.

I believe that dad; God had fixed your marriage with my mother. Years have come and gone, you are always with each other through those high and low moments. The greatest gift you have given us is the love that you rain on us when we are sad and sad. When I look in your eyes, I find that it is the purest form of love that I can find on this earth.

Now all of you have got a glimpse of the strong bond between my parents, I have to tell you people that I have learned a lot from them and have collected a wealth of knowledge from them for their present and future life. They are true examples of true love.

Thank you, Mother and Dad for giving me life and working day and night to nurture us with your unconditional love and care. Without you, I could not understand the meaning and importance of love and family. You have taught me so many things, for whom I can never thank you and have helped me to shape whatever is today. When you failed, then you accepted me and supported me all along. You used to love me, it did not matter and both of you were there when I needed you most. The big things that you have done for me, it is something I am most appreciated in this world.

Both of you have done a lot for me, which can not be returned in any form. But I can just say that I love you with heart. You both are my world. I thank you for everything and happily for the 25th anniversary of Mama Papa. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary and so many to come. Both of you deserve the happiness and love of this world.


Marriage Anniversary Speech for Parents (Mom and Dad) by Daughter and Son

Best wishes to my parents and all the people to make my parents and our parents' anniversary extra special!

First of all, I want to congratulate my parents on their wedding anniversary! Even though you have been married many years, but it seems that you have just married. Who knew that those two college friends would have shared their whole life together? Although I have seen you as a witness for some years, but I can say with great pride that your love is actually an inspiration for everyone. I say it very gladly that I feel that I am the luckiest daughter on this earth, despite having done many mistakes, you never felt bad about yourself, but taught me the right things at every step of my life. . I can not thank you enough to give this precious life and teach me to become better every day.

Thank you very much for being a mother, the most patient and positive person. Thank you for providing me with a moral value and to make me realize the difference between right and wrong. You work so hard for us and our family every single day that it is really huge. You are handling your professional and family life with so much skill that I am setting my goals for you by taking inspiration from you. You are the best parents of both worlds. Your strengths and love for each other, which I feel that keeps my world alive every day. Thank you for all your throats, kisses and good wishes to put a note in our school lunch box and to bear all our mischief pleasurefully.

Dad, thanks for being so protective, caring and funny. You have never brought your professional stress in our family life and most importantly, thank you always for keeping Mom in your priority because you made me realize that I am worthy of caring for someone and you are my mother's They are just amazing! I would always want my man to be like my father. You are the most humble, down to earth and successful person I have ever seen. Along with that, you have really stopped our family with your constant love and care. Nobody could make you better than mother and father.

Whatever I have achieved today, whatever I have achieved till now and whatever I will achieve in the future, my whole success will be devoted to both of you. It was not possible without your support and love. I can thank you and again for both of you to give you so much love and to be one of those people constantly, whom I see.

There are many things that you both do for me but those things have gone without recognition. I can not even be able to appreciate both of you with a simple thank you, but today I thank you for all the small things that made the whole family to live together and always be happy. On this auspicious day, I thank all of you for all these loving moments, all the values ​​that you have gifted to us and when we were most needed to stay there always. I pray to God that your love will flourish and you both share the joy of a conjugated life.

Once again, the anniversary of the wedding anniversary mother and father!


Marriage Anniversary Speech for Parents - 50th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

On the anniversary of my mother and father's wedding anniversary is a warm welcome to all the people present here!

Thanks for joining us to chew on a beautiful love story which started 50 years ago. I like to see that all of you have made a long distance to join us to make this day memorable. I can see how blessed my mother and father are for these constant relationships and friendship. I can see a lot of love in this room for mom papa.

Now for those people who are not familiar with me or when I was very young, I have not seen my name ____. I will not take you much time tonight but there are some important things that I would like to say. First of all, a big congratulations for you mom and dad! Your 50 year long journey is full of love and inspiration for us. You are the most loved, caring, and the person I have ever seen. I am sure that some of you can remember how mother and father had started their journey and how they were at the beginning, how they were watching on their wedding day. Come through those memories, who have brought them today, are still writing more pages to remember.

Thank you very much for the love and care of all of you mother, who are showering you on the whole family. Your beauty and grace clearly show that it was easy for Dad to fall in love with you. You still look so beautiful You gave us life and kept the whole family happy with the constant shower of love and care. The nature of our mother-daughter relationship has changed a lot as I grew up. Now, you have become my best friend with whom I can share anything and I am grateful for this.

And Dad, your affection and care for mother, your kindness and patience for your children makes you the best husband and father in the world and we consider you lucky in your life. You have always been my support, my spine, my confidence and you always inspire me. You are my ideal to learn from me.

You are the symbol of love that taught us that marriage is not about happiness only, but also about the sacrifices you make for one another. This is an ideal balance between two people, two best friends. Despite all the difficulties in life, your love has many lessons to learn from us. You are the only reason I believe in marriage because you have shown me how beautiful it is to marry. All this is due to your love and encouragement that helped me achieve my dreams. I would like to wish luck for your coming years. There is a lot to share and thank you for, but as I said I did not take much time for you. I hope you will realize how grateful I am to both of you as my parents.

So, a very happy anniversary mother and father!


Marriage Anniversary Speech for Parents - 10th Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

Due to no public speaking experience, I am here today, in front of you all is the anniversary of my mother and father's 10th wedding anniversary. My parents always feel the same for me. I am thankful to you and both of you have given each other a complete goal. You have experienced so much in these years that it is not possible to put them in words. Your anniversary is much more than diamonds and sapphires, cars and trips. All these years of your marriage are wonderful. On your every anniversary, you have to create new memories and save the moments you will save later.

Life after marriage is changed for both individuals because they have to make some adjustments and compromises to do their wedding work. I have seen both of you doing the same effort every day and have seen you dealing with every problem coming in your way. Today, when I see the cassettes on your wedding day, today you have the same charm among people, as was the case before. You have honestly and voluntarily taken the responsibility to marry each other not only on the anniversary of their wedding anniversary but also making every first day of their life to be their first priority. So you should do something unique on every anniversary to make it memorable, but today, I will have an opportunity to make this day unforgettable for you. All your close and dear ones have made this wonder party. They are swept away in the oceans and jungles to give their best wishes on this auspicious occasion. I and every one of us are present here, loves you very much, because you expect us all to make a special relationship.

Looking at both of you today, I have been reminded of a famous quote "Everybody becomes a poet in the touch of love." Looking at all these years, I can not possibly deny that both of you have become incredibly good poet and your life story is the long poem you have written together. It is a gift that is born with a pure love that you have for one another. You are not only a lover, but a friend, companion and patron. You are the pillars of strength and in me also have the values ​​of honesty, love and companionship saved successfully. I am happy that I am part of tonight and this festival.

I had thought of not saying too much but I have already spoken a lot because I have seen you stepping together every day and undoubtedly you are the best couple seen in my life. I wish you all the best for your life and for the night, as you do in your next journey of life, we raise our glasses for the most consistent and dear couple in all the halls.

Happy ten decades, mother and father!


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