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Welcome Speech for Business Conference in English in Very Simple Words and Sentence

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Here we have provide long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. - Welcome Speech for Business Conference - which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 1st to 12+ class or IAS/IPS, Banking and other competitive exams students.


1-Welcome Speech for Business Conference

Dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you at our company's fourth annual business conference of ABC Pvt. Ltd. As you all know, our company is a startup and within only 4 years we have acquired a great place in the retail industry. When I started this venture, then I had only 4 people who believed in my dream and we started with only 1 store. Today, ABC has 5 stores in Delhi and Bangalore and successfully employed 500 employees. The entire credit goes to all my people who have worked day and night to make all our projects successful.

Like every year, you can expect some big changes in our organization and off course like every year; Even this year, we have good news for all of you. While some of you can expect promotion with some transfer; Some roles, responsibilities and conditions can expect change. We have also invented ways to reward you and maintain your employees.

Well, while not waste your time too much, I declare that ABC Pvt. Ltd. Metro City is going to open two more stores in Mumbai. While I am very happy to see that our company is growing steadily; I am also sad that we had to transfer some of you from Mumbai to this place from Mumbai. this is because; We want you to share your expertise with the new team. In Mumbai branches, there will be 10 employees at each store and 2 retail managers and 2 store managers to manage each store. All the senior level recruits for the Mumbai store will be made from in-house only because all of you have really proved themselves and I trust you and expect you to work with the same enthusiasm and new stores Help me set up

I think, many of you are from New Delhi or nearby places; While some of you may be interested in transferring yourself. I am going to give preference to those who willingly want to shift to Mumbai because everyone of you is equally capable. I also understand that tremendous shifting can not help us achieve organizational goals and therefore I want to be generous.

I would like to appeal to those who may be interested in shifting me to send a personalized e-mail on my office ID yesterday. The company will bear the transfer allowances along with the allowances and dearness allowance will increase. Hope that attracts you!

This business conference is very important for all of us because the next conference is expected to increase market share; Turnover and productivity with a large number of employees in our brand. I hope that you will continue to give your support to the organization, as you are doing so and in turn I promise to reward you as that worthy.

Well, I'd like to stay here because I do not want to wait for your snacks and drinks; This evening, I want you to enjoy and come tomorrow on all sets!



2-Welcome Speech for Business Conference

You all have a very good evening - ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, I want to respect every one of you to welcome the welcome to the third annual trade convention. This is a great event for all of us because we meet at the business conferences of our company, ABC Ltd, which discuss some important business decisions taken in the last one year. Being the CEO of the company, I am happy to say that last year our company was very successful because we had signed some historical trading deals with our competitors; Apart from this, we have got some licenses which we were waiting since we established this company, i.e. 5 years ago.

As you all know, ABC Ltd. was established with the view to serve consumers with healthy and prompt breakfast and eating options to work in processed food. Like every business, we have also seen our ups and downs in the beginning. We started at a very small level and we had only a few departmental stores, who used to sell our products. Soon our products started gaining popularity among families and we have become a brand today. We had a humble beginning and this has been made by every employee of ABC Ltd that we constantly reach the heights of success. After saying this, I would also like to add that we have so much to gain, friends!

Friends, it gives me great pleasure that our company is now online. well well Well…. While this news makes you very happy and excited; It puts too much pressure on people because you need to work harder than before. We have rented a new team which will manage the entire technical project. They will manage the online business of ABC Ltd; However, you will also need to learn the process so that you can be able to deal with all types of commercial constraints.

We have made some changes in the operation and found that some of you have good technical knowledge; Therefore, some of you will be transferred to the new technical process We have already decided the names that will be transferred to the new process. Your respective managers will tell you about the proposed changes. Although it may be a little difficult step for you to leave your process and go into a new world; I hope you will cooperate and help your company grow. ABC Ltd has always been proud of its team, its people and management and I am sure that together we will get another ladder of success and several more stairs.

However, this evening you have to eat, drink and enjoy for the people! We have also arranged for the DJ which will start anytime; If you join people to dance and enjoy with me then I will really appreciate it.

Thanks and have a wonderful time ahead!


3-Welcome Speech for Business Conference

The respected Chief Guest, the respected CFO, senior manager, manager and all staff members,

Welcome to a very good evening and the 7th annual business conference of our company, LMN Pvt. Ltd. Before I discuss the agenda of this business conference, I want to welcome Mr. B, Vice President of XYZ Bank, our Chief guest. I would like to thank Mr. B on behalf of the entire company and accept our gratitude for honoring us by becoming our chief guest.

While I like to talk about my heart this evening like every year; I choose to speak this night because many of you do not hear very good and bad news this night, are not you? I made the CEO of this company 3 years ago and trusted me, this is an organization that has given me opportunities with many challenges. When I joined, the company was struggling to get a license to start its manufacturing unit. While I am very proud to announce that we have finally got the license; I would like to thank every person including the previous team who have worked hard to get this license.

I think this news makes you very happy because we are now fully self-reliant; This means, we will build our own clothes and we will sell them in the markets of our choice. After saying this, I would also like to highlight that the increase in the business and expansion will also increase the responsibility for each of you and the management expects you to work harder and more determined than all of them.

I hope the new business venture opens many transfers to all of us, along with many opportunities along with many promotions. Friends, like I have always said that business expansion is good news provided you get ready for unexpected internal and external changes and challenges.

I have always believed in transparency and today I want to take the steps related to every new manufacturing unit of my company. After saying this, I would like to inform that we are not planning to cut any job; In fact we have many openings and we have already shared our human resources requirements with related departments.

This evening, when you have all been involved in eating, drinking and having fun, I will also share that some of you will be transferred to a new unit. The list will soon be shared with your respective managers. The team will be led by Mr. A, who is the senior most in our company. He will be involved as Head of Operations and we are hoping that he will work equally hard to establish our new venture and make it successful. Friends, give him a big hand.

Well, on that note, I give my speech here.

Today you are in the evening people, so enjoy because you have to work very hard from tomorrow!

Thanks and a great evening ahead!


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