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Essay on Indian Farmer in English in Very Simple Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Indian Farmer - Importance - life - Role - Suicides in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Short Essay on Indian Farmer - 200 Words

Someone has said right, "India is a land of villages and farmers are the soul of the country." I also feel the same. Farmers are a very respected and farming is considered a great profession in our country. They are also called "Annadarata", which means "Anandaar". According to this argument, farmers in India should be prosperous and prosperous, but the irony is that the reality is the opposite.

This is the reason that the children of farmers do not want to move forward their parents' profession. According to an official figure, about two and a half thousand farmers leave farming and migrate to the cities in search of livelihood. If this continued, then there may come a time when no farmer will survive and our country will be replaced by "food surplus", which we are now doing for "lack of food".

I used to think that when the prices of goods rise, the farmer gets profit, but the reality is that most money is grabbed by the middle men. So the farmer is always defeated. When a bumper crop occurs, the price of the products falls and many times it has to sell its yield to the government at multiples, or intermediaries and when the drought or flood comes, then we all know what happens. Poor farmer

Farmers' condition is getting worse. If nothing is done immediately, then nothing will be left to save.


2 - Essay on the Importance of Indian Farmers -300 words


I think that the farmer plays the same role for our country as it plays the spinal cord for the human body. The problem is that the spine (our farmer) suffers from many problems. Sometimes, many of them can not even eat two square meals a day. Despite all the difficulties they face, they play an important role. Some of them have been discussed below.

Importance of Indian farmer

They are food producers of the country

Before the late 1970s, India was not able to produce enough food to meet its needs. In other words, India was not self-sufficient in terms of foodgrains. We used to import large amounts of food grains from abroad (mainly from the United States). It was good for some time but later USA started blackmailing us on business.

They also threatened to completely stop the supply of food grains. The then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri accepted the challenge and gave a slogan "Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan" and took some drastic measures, which resulted in the Green Revolution and because of this we became self-reliant in food grains and even so Started too. Produces surplus.

India has never looked back since then. Our farmers never disappointed us, even if they are facing many problems. They are capable of meeting the demand for increasing population.

One of the greatest contributors to the Indian economy

Farmers' contribution in the Indian economy is about 17%. Even then, they continued to live the life of poverty. There are many reasons for this. If we are able to overcome various obstacles, then there is a good chance that this percentage will improve.

All farmers are self-employers

Farmers are not dependent on any other source for employment. They are self-employed and also create jobs for others.


We have come a long way after Independence, but there is still a lot to be done. I am sure, if we work honestly, we will be able to overcome the problems we are facing today and God will be equally beautiful and prosperous to prepare our villages as much as Bollywood movies Are shown in


3 - Essay on life of an Indian Farmer - 400 Words

A person like me, who has lived in cities for the rest of his life, has very wrong thoughts about the life of the village. He believes that Bollywood films are shown. I was no different. I also thought that women in the villages revolve around their designer lihange. They go to the well to bring water and happily go here. I also believed that in the evening they dance together on film songs such as "Sun Mitwa" or "Land of my country".

Life of an Indian farmer

One day I told my dad, "How good is the life of the people of these villages ...". My father laughed loudly on this and suggested me to visit our native village which is in Lucknow. The last time I went to my village, I was 4 years old. I had missed too little details from my last visit or it was better to say that I had no idea how a village looked like.

I took a week's leave from the office and boarded the train with my father. I was really very excited. At the railway station, we congratulated our relative (my cousin) who came to receive us. I asked him, "how will we go home"? On this he showed his bullock cart. My response was, "What!" My dad said to me, "Son, this is the beginning ...".

At first home, I decided to answer my n call. So, I asked, "Where is the toilet"? I was taken to an open ground on this. I was told that the village does not have toilets and all the villagers, including women, have to go to the open ground. After that I decided to keep an eye on all around I found a broken house made of clay and bamboo with men and women in old and torn garments (of course not designer) who work very hard in the fields so that their ends can be completed.

A pair of used hull and a bull bull is a testimony to the hard life of those who live in every house. Most households did not have electricity connection and even the houses which had electricity connections were using oil lamps as the electricity was scarce. No one had gas connections, so food was cooked on firewood or coal fire which used to generate smoke and thereby caused various diseases of the lungs.

I got an old woman coughing I asked him, "Are you taking your medicines"? On this he gave an empty form and said, "Beta, I do not have the money to buy medicine or go to a private hospital." Other people told me that there is no official clinic nearby. Upon hearing this, I became really emotional. The plight of Indian farmers is unimaginable because they work tirelessly for the lack of basic needs throughout the year.

I decided to join my cousin who was working in the fields. When I reached there, I found him and some farmers debating with some men. I was told that they were bank officers and farmers had come to give a formal notice (not to pay EMI). My cousin told me that no body in the village was able to pay EMI this time because they had a bad crop this time.

I ate my food and went to sleep After some time, I got to drink water. I found Bantu (my cousin's son) studying in a candle light. I asked, "It's late, go to sleep." On this he replied, "Uncle, my tomorrow is a test". Upon hearing this I felt that everything has not lost and there is still a ray of hope.


Our villages and farmers are not the same as I thought, but I realize that one day it will become a village as it is shown in Bollywood movies.


4 - Essay on Role of an Indian Farmer - 500 Words

India has diverse culture. In India, about 22 major languages ​​and 720 bids are spoken. People of all major religions, like Hindu, Islam, Christian, Sikh, live here. People here are engaged in all kinds of occupations but agriculture is the main business here. That is why India is also known as the "agricultural country".

Role of an Indian farmer

This is the reason that a large percentage of our population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. It would not be wrong to say that farmers are the backbone of our nation and they are also behind the Indian economy. Yet all is not well with Indian farmers. They live the life of poverty and misery. Yet they play an important role in nation-building. Some important roles of farmers have been discussed below.

Food security is national security

As we all know that food is the basic necessity of life. This is the reason that in the old time, foodgrains were stored in large quantities in the forts, so that in the time of war, when the enemy stopped supply to the outside, even then there would be food to eat. The same argument is still valid. As we are "self-sufficient" in the matter of food grains, no country can blackmail or threaten us. This is possible due to the hard work of our farmers.

Indian Economy Driver

Farmers' contribution in the Indian economy is about 17%. Indian agricultural exports in the year 2016-17 was approximately US $ 33 billion

Everything is not right with Indian farmers

Due to the value of export, Indian farmers will be expected to prosper, but the reality is exactly the opposite. They are committing suicide, trying to quit profession, migrating to cities, and are unable to manage 2 square meals a day.

There are many things to be blamed but one thing is sure that if the problem continues, we can become a food importer country from the "food exporter country" which we are now.

The issue of peasant problems has been highlighted due to large scale agitation and farmer suicides, but "are we doing enough"? This is a million dollar question that we have to answer. When our "food drinker" is being forced to commit suicide, it is indeed a matter of concern.


In the last, I would just like to say that, its high time, we have to do something urgently otherwise the things will definitely get worse.


5 - Long Essay on Why Indian Farmer Suicides - 600 Words

This is a very sensitive topic that should be handled with great care, but are we handling it properly? This is a million dollar question. Since the problem is complex, so the solution is not straightforward, but if we really want to save our country from going into turmoil, then we have to solve this problem. We were not careful for warning signs that are coming for a long time. Now, when the problem has taken a monstrous ratios, we are looking for a quick solution. I firmly believe that there is no quick solution for it.

As time has come to increase the problem, it will take time to settle in the same way. So, this is a high time, instead of indulging in chest pain, we should begin to make some concrete instead.

Severity of problem

The seriousness of the problem can be estimated from the fact that about 3 lakh (government estimates, other sources say that it is 10 times more) farmers have committed suicide since 1995. The main reason for these suicides is the inability to repay the loans taken by the farmers. By him for various reasons The dubious distinction of being top in this list goes to Maharashtra.

According to another estimate (government data) about 50 percent of the farmers are in debt. Most are poor and many are forced to live below the poverty line. About 95% of farmers are forced to sell below the official MSP (minimum support price) and their average annual income is less than twenty one thousand rupees.

This is the reason that many farmers are leaving farming and trying to go to other businesses and this is the reason why no one wants to be a farmer.

Due to poor farming

Climate change due to global warming (flood and drought)

Due to global warming and some other causes, the climate of the Earth is changing. This is the reason that the frequency and severity of floods and droughts have increased, resulting in large scale crop damage.

Lack of irrigation facilities

Maximum farmers are dependent on rain because they do not have proper means of irrigation, such as diesel pump set, canal or dam water etc. This means that if it is a poor monsoon then its crop will be bad.

Small land holdings

In India, most farmers have small very small land holdings on which they cultivate. It makes cultivation unprofitable

Expensive seeds and fertilizers

Many farmers do not have the money to buy good quality seeds and fertilizers. Therefore, they use inferior quality seeds and this reduces production per acre.

Debt is not easily available

Farming, like any other business, requires investment, which poor farmers do not have. The status and paperwork of public sector banks is very high. Therefore, they have to go to private lenders, who take high interest rates and if for some reason the crop fails, it becomes very difficult to repay the loan.

Lack of awareness of new scientific methods

Most farmers' education is very low or they are illiterate. Therefore, they are not aware of new farming and scientific methods of farming. This is the reason that the government has started tollfree helpline number on which farmers can ask their problems.

Corruption at different levels

The implementation of various schemes and schemes is affected due to corruption at different levels and hence the benefit does not reach the farmers.

Measures to improve the condition of farmers

Fair insurance

Since the crop may be bad for many reasons, the proper insurance facilities will be very beneficial to the farmers. It would be better that partial or full premium payment can be made by the government because many farmers are poor and they can not pay premiums.


From time to time, the government provides compensations to farmers in the event of crop failure. I think this is a temporary measure and not a permanent solution.

Easy loan availability

This is one of the important factors. If farmers are provided easy loans, their condition will definitely improve because they will be able to buy good quality seeds from the market.

Reducing corruption

If we are capable of controlling corruption then the benefits of various schemes will reach the farmers and their condition will improve.


I agree that there is no easy solution to this problem, but if we start working with good understanding then there is a chance that our Indian farmers will become as rich as the American farmers now Are.


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