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Essay on Health Education in English in Very Simple Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Health Education in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams.


1 - Essay on Health Education - 200 Words

In a person's tenure, health education has been defined as a program that teaches about how to improve health conditions by providing health literacy to a person or community. Health education covers various aspects, ranging from social health, mental health to sexual and reproductive health.

Every year, millions of people die of life due to infectious diseases, and there are other causes due to lack of health education and general public awareness. The situation is more serious in developing countries where high rates of infant mortality are present due to lack of basic health facilities and less public awareness. Diarrhea in India, leading causes of infant mortality in diseases like lower respiratory tract infections and other communicable diseases. health education; Therefore, a need becomes necessary for the cleanliness of health and self, as well as increase the literacy level of people in the areas of community.

However, average life expectancy has increased from 49-75 in India to 69.1 in 2018 in 1970-75, which is due to the government's efforts to promote health education through a well-trained and well-equipped staff. is. At the same time, infant mortality rates have gone up to about 34 per 1000 births since the last 1000 years.


2 - Essay on Health Education - 300 Words

"Health Education" refers to educating an individual or community to adopt a position of better, healthy and clean living. The goal of health education is to increase awareness of individuals and communities on various aspects of health such as physical health, mental health, psychological health, prevention of diseases, sexual and reproductive health etc. Health education is a broad subject and can include topics such as health issues such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco and environmental health.

Who are health advertisers

With proper knowledge of health and hygiene and relevant knowledge on health issues, anyone can provide health education through interaction with a person or community. However, some people are specially trained for this purpose and are certified health experts who are also known as health teachers.

Government of India has launched several programs to promote health care, prevent communicable-non communicable diseases and other relevant causes. There are a dedicated team of trained professionals who work as health teachers and medical supervisors in the programs. Health teachers interact with villagers in far-flung areas, educate them on the issues of general health and diseases.

Teachers in schools can also work as health teachers by educating children about maintaining proper health and hygiene. They can educate children about various communicable and non-communicable diseases and how to prevent them by adopting health related habits and hygiene.


In the developing world, health education is a complete requirement, in which health-related literacy can be increased and mortality can be reduced due to various diseases and other health issues. Mandatory health education is also needed in schools by making necessary policy changes in this regard. Officials should also ensure that the program is supported by a trained staff, who specialize in talking and educating children and teachers. Additionally, teachers can be trained as health teachers to spread awareness amongst students and the community.


3 - Essay on Health Education - 400 Words

Health education is meant to educate individuals, groups or communities in the areas of health. Its purpose is to educate people about maintaining personal health. However, in broad aspects, the purpose of health education is to improve the overall health of a community. It also includes various areas of health - physical health, mental health, psychological health, emotional health, sexual health and reproductive health.

Health education state in India

The need for public health education in India was felt at the beginning of 1940, when a committee under the chairmanship of Sir Joseph Bhore (Indian Civil Service) had emphasized inadequate education on public health in the graduate training programs for medical students.

Today, there has been considerable improvement in health education in India, supported by various institutes and the number of trained workers including doctors, nursing paramedics etc., which are experts in the fields of public health.

At present, there are two types of public health professionals in India - one who is trained in main public health or specializing in a specific public health sector; Second, who gets a medical degree or diploma before getting specialization in public health.

However, due to various governmental initiatives for improving and increasing trained workforce, the state of health education is continuously improving; Still, there is a lack of trained professionals and their numbers and skills need to be enhanced.

Role of Health Teacher / Teacher in Health Education

By educating people in different areas of health education, diseases and after-deaths can be prevented most. Here is the role and need of a health teacher. A health teacher is a professional trained person who specializes in public health areas. She is well equipped with resources and strategies to educate individuals, groups or communities to maintain proper health and hygiene. School teachers are also trained in public health sectors under various programs to increase the workforce and reach as many people as possible.


In spite of all the institutions offering professional courses on public health, there is a shortage of trained public health work force in India. To fill the gap, more institutions and professionals need to be involved in other areas. Also, the number of students opting for public health is significantly less in relation to other business degree or diploma courses. Thus, in order to improve public health, we need to build institutions that provide public health professionals, to create employment opportunities for those professionals and to create a career path for them.


4 - Essay on Health Education - 500 Words

Health education constitutes guided academic programs to improve health and hygiene status among individuals and communities. Health education provides information about factors that affect the health and hygiene of a person or community.

The strength of health education in India

One of the main powers of health education in India is the presence of adequate multi-level infrastructure in both government and non-government sectors. The Central Health Education Bureau works with the state health education bureau to work at the block level.

Another strength of health education in India is a skilledly trained work force. Most health teachers in India are either graduates or masters.

Another strength of health education in India, despite linguistic diversity, lies in the successful distribution of information across the states. India has 15 official languages ​​and many local dialects; Even then the health education program is capable of delivering messages successfully.

The weaknesses of health education in India

The vulnerabilities of health education in India include high reliance on print media, research of teachers and lack of traditional training methods, inability to reach all remote villages and no way of professional development for health teachers.

Most of the campaigns on health education depend on print media for public or non-government sector publicity; Through newspapers, posters and pamphlets. About 40% Indians are unable to read or write, which defeats the purpose because the promotion fails to reach uneducated at the grassroots level.

Another weakness of health education in India is the absence of better way of development for the office bearers. Due to not being properly organized, this business is non-attractive to the youth, who select other more promising professional courses.

Also, the method of training and education in the public health is traditional and there is a dire need to integrate modern technologies along with better performance for the professionals.

Methods of improving health education in India

One of the best ways to improve the state of public health education in India is to provide people with trained trained staff in remote areas. On the occasions of public festivals - more emphasis should be given to interact with villagers - rent, market etc. Apart from this, methods like plays, folk programs should be used to express the message, rather than print media.

People going to hospitals and clinics are more aware about health issues and therefore efforts should be made to educate them. They are naturally more receptive and benefit from programs.

Schools can also play an important role in the spread of health education. School is the best place to interact with children belonging to different sections of society. Educators can be adequately trained to provide health education to children. On the other hand, children can share their knowledge with their parents, relatives and friends.

Apart from this, it is mandatory for any medical professional to serve a certain term in a remote village, where s / he is responsible for educating people about health and hygiene while addressing their illnesses. Is contained.


Health standards for India can never be seen before. For which it was also necessary to target sections of marginalized Indian society; This is for those who are deprived of basic health facilities and are unaware of many health concerns. There is a need to open new pathways of health education as well as strengthen the infrastructure related to health education.


5 - Essay on Health Education - 600 Words

The aim of "health education" is to provide knowledge about the measures taken by a person or community to improve their overall health. India is a developing nation, but various communicable and non communicable diseases still claim thousands of lives annually. Apart from this, statistics show different infant mortality in states from states - this is 6 per 1000 births in Kerala and in Uttar Pradesh it is 64 per 1000 births.

The main reason of high infant mortality is the absence of trained medical professionals and people's ignorance about health conditions. In such cases, it is mandatory for India to have a basic framework supported by the equally effective work force to meet the medical requirements of people and to effectively increase the level of health education and literacy.

Importance of health education

Health education improves the overall health of a person and the community, ultimately resulting from better overall health of the nation. Health education is directly related to the economic growth of the nation, because higher health expectancy and quality of life increase as a result of better health education.

Who offers health education

Health education is provided by trained professionals - known as health teachers. They are certified experts who hold certificates in public health or on a specific health issue. The work force of public health education constitutes doctors, paramedics and nursing staff. They are trained in the areas of health and hygiene and are also equipped with necessary resources to reach and educate people. Many professionals from various fields are also volunteers to provide health education to the common people after training in required quantities.

The purpose of health education

The goal of health education is to improve the health status of a person and community. It teaches a person how to stay healthy and be safe from diseases. Its purpose is to develop a sense of responsibility towards the community as well as their own.

Health education is very important in developing countries. It provides people with basic knowledge about health and hygiene, to shape day-to-day activities. Apart from this, besides physical health, the purpose of health education is to address other serious issues like stress, depression or other emotional disorders.

India's position on health education

In recent years, offering of public health programs for students in non-medical professional institutes in India is increasing. Today, approximately 23 institutes in India offer Master in Public Health with annual enrollment of 573 candidates.

The School Health Program was started by the Government of India in 2009, which was meant to address the health needs of the school going children. The program not only fulfills the physical well-being of children going to school, but also fulfills their emotional, psychological and nutritional needs. Every year, massive funds from the Center and the States are allocated for those programs which benefit lakhs of students of marginalized sections of the society.

The Prime Minister Health Scheme (PSSY) was also started in 2003, which was aimed at making tertiary health services affordable to the public and improving the quality of medical education.


In spite of various government programs about improving and promoting the quality of health education in India, many still do not have access to basic health services and public health teachers are out of reach, as ground infrastructure lacks necessary infrastructure. is. Many programs failed to build necessary infrastructure at ground level with the aim of increasing public awareness about AIDS, cancer, malaria etc. In order to make health education successful in India, there is a need for adequate infrastructure and well-trained and equipped work force.


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