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10 Tips to Get Stunning Eyes for Your Wedding.

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Getting the perfect eye makeup is critical, more so if you’re the bride. Read on to understand the ways to get it just right and to make your eyes pop during the wedding ceremony.


It’s been said that ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’. And when you’re the bride, everybody has got eyes just for you. How do you make your eyes express the joy and excitement of the day?

Bridal eye makeup is crucial to creating the perfect look on your special day. You can’t be too shy (unless that is your thing) and you can’t go over the top (again, unless that is your thing). There are ways to go about getting the perfect bridal makeup, including getting the eyes right.

Whether you’re doing your makeup yourself or enlisting the help of a professional makeup artist, it is important that you know how to apply eye makeup.


#1: Prepping for the Wedding Day

Doyour eyebrows one day before to avoid redness and skin irritation. Also, sleep well the night before for fresh and rested eyes.If you’re doing your eye makeup yourself, buy all the products in advance.

#2: Picking the Perfect Make-up Artist

If you’re not doing your own makeup, get recommendations from people whose eye makeup you liked. Book an appointment in advance and do a trial run. Carry along picturesof the look you want. Take lots of photographs in all types of light – indoor, outdoor, warm light, white light, phone camera, etc.

#3: Cleansing and Moisturising

Cleanand moisturise your face. Pay attention to the neck also. Choose a foundation apt for your skin type and gently apply it allover your face and neck.

#4: Using a Concealer

Cover any dark spots on your eyesand the dark-circles with a concealer that matchesyour skin tone.

#5: Choose the Right Eyeshadow


Select your eyeshadow after you’ve chosen your wedding dress. If you can’t find the exact shade goldis a safe bet. Invest in a good quality brush to apply it. Apply slightly above the crease, beginning from the inner side (closer to the nose) and moving outside.

Apply the second coat from the centre of the eyelid, sweeping the brush outwards. Blend well.

#6: Applying Kajal (Kohl)

If you use kajal daily, just stick to your regular routine. Use a light hand as you want the attention to be focused on the upper lid.

#7: Lining the Eyes

This needs a little practice and if you don’t apply the liner regularly or can’t hold a steady hand, get someone to help you. Draw a thin line from the inner-corner and gradually get thicker as you reach the outer corner of your eyes. You can also go a little bold with patterns.

#8: Applying Eye Mascara

Accentuate your eyes with a coat of mascara. Apply it after you’re done with the liner and kajal. You can use a curler once the mascara is dryto further shape your lashes.

#9: Tear-Proofing your Eyes

You get a whole range of waterproof eye makeup articles – eyeliners, eyeshadow, kajal, mascara, etc. If you’re the crying kind, keep the area under your eyes eyeliner-free.

#10: Be bolder than normal, but don’t try a totally new look

Don’t create a new look just for the wedding. Remember, you need to look like you always do, just more glamorous.

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