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Feed by Kumar Sanu Cat- Essay

Television has come into its own in India. It is the ambition of every man, woman and child in India to have a television set. Television has become the most popular in the country. In the big cities, where television is available, most of the people spend their time before the television sets. It is planned to have television everywhere in the country. Soon even the far off villages will have television sets.

Indian scientists have launched a satellite named APPLE which will broadcast television throughout the country. On the contrary. Cheaper and cheaper television sets are on the way so that everybody could afford them. Within a few years television sets will be as common as transistors; and people will soon have pocket television sets so that they see television programme wherever they are, even inside cars, trains and buses. Television programme will be broadcast round the clock and not limited to a few hours in the morning and evening.

Television is a very good medium for recreation. It is like having a cinema house inside your drawing room. Full length pictures are televised and few people care to go and see a cinema show. You get games, classical music, dances, and other social programmes live on the television. Through satellites or telecasts foreign television programme are also available in India. An Indian can see at home what the Americans and Japanese see in their homes. Happenings round the world are televised. When Jimmy Carter, the then president of USA, visited India, his programme was broadcast directly to America through satellite transmitters over the Indian Ocean.

Television is also a very good medium for the purpose of education. Now lessons are televised for the benefit of school children and even college students. Intricate laboratory experiments and complicated operations can be brought home to the science and medical students right in their own homes, so that they can see and learn more easily.

As a source of recreation television appeals to the young and the old, men, women and children. It entertains all kinds of people. Television becomes the nerves of the people in this age of hard work and little leisure.

Tired of the days’ work, you can recline on the sofa in the drawing room and just switch on the television. You can listen melodious songs and music, stories, and humorous tales, dances and other items of popular interest, and everything happens before your eyes, as if you are present in the function, where the audience is limited and only VIP’s are permitted.

Television has great educational values and potentialities. It is a great means of instruction. Public men of repute are invited to speak from the television. There are scholars, scientists, politicians and economists to throw light on the important topics of the day.

Few people read newspapers but everybody wants to see news of the day on the television, because here events take place right before your eyes. So news on television is more. Popular than news in papers or even news on the radio. Many men and women get news of the day only through television. Television has great possibilities and its horizons are expanding every day.

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