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India as a Nuclear Power

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India has made great progress as a nuclear power. Indian nuclear scientists can compete with the best experts and technicians in the Western world. But the Government of India is dedicated to the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. India has no intention to make an atomic bomb for the destruction of the mankind.

There are few countries in the world, which have the knowhow for nuclear energy. These form what is known as the “Nuclear Club”. USA, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China are considered the members of the Nuclear Club. India joined this Nuclear Club on May 18, 1974 when Indian Scientists made their first successful explosion in the Rajasthan Desert near Pokharan. It was an underground explosion. It caused no radioactive fallout because it took place inside the earth. It was of fifteen kilo tons magnitude.

The Pokharan nuclear explosion marked India’s advance into the nuclear age. It was the achievement of Indian scientists and involved a lot of research in the field of technology. At first India expressed its desire in 1971 to conduct experiments for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The them Defence Minister, Mr. Jagjivan Ram, declared that the Indian scientists were studying nuclear energy for underground experiments for peaceful purposes, but scientists in other countries took the announcement lightly. They would not believe that India could do any such thing.


Hostel Life or Life in a School Hostel

Hostel life is a religious and sacred life. A hostel is school-cum-home. It is a very conducive way of living. The atmosphere is quite congenial for studies and suitable for the qualities of domestic life like co-operation, fellow-feeling and self-managing affairs. If a student takes it seriously, he can develop all qualities of a good citizen. But it is not an unmixed blessing.

A student who lives in a hostel is free from ordinary anxieties and cares. He can concentrate his mind fully on his studies. Besides, he can take part in social activities and can learn many virtues from his senior students.

He can also increase his knowledge and remove his weaknesses. Thus, he becomes mannerly, polished and cultured. His shyness fades away. He learns to speak fluently and express his ideas. It is because he mixes up with different types of students. He learns how to behave in the society. He acquires good manners and in future becomes a disciplined man and a good citizen.

Next, in a hotel life what a boarder wants to do is done by himself. This develops the qualities of self help and reliance in him. A hotelier has to take part regularly in games. He must take his food regularly. He cannot keep awake late hours at night. Therefore, regularity improves his health. He in his hostel life forms the habit of co-operation which stands him in good stead throughout his life. In short, he becomes an active and an all round man.

But, one should not forget the dark side of anything. Hostel life has some disadvantages too. Both rich and poor students live in a hostel side by side. The rich students get sufficient money from their guardians and, therefore, lead easy lives. Some of the poor students are influenced by them to their disadvantages and they want to lead an easy life. The result is that they become showy. They waste their parent’s hard earned money on profitless luxuries. Again, they form bad habits like smoking and drinking.

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