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Secularism in India

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India is a secular country. Secularism means that everybody enjoys complete religious freedom, Government will not compel anybody to adopt any particular religion.

Religious freedom is our fundamental right it is written under constitution. Everybody has the freedom to propagate any religion, to adopt any religion or to construct any religious building. The government will impart secularism to all the religions alike. No particular religion will be taught in school textbooks. India is a country of different religions. Therefore, secularism is the only basis in which different cultures can live and develop peacefully.

Every citizen is free in his religious matters. All religions are treated equally. That is why there is a cordial relationship among the people having different religions. There is no religious distinctin in government jobs. In India, minority communities enjoy greater religious freedom. Some undesirable elements have come up and have developed in the name of religion. These bad elements affect our general life. They should be checked.

Some fanatics in every religion cause great misery to the people who belong to other religions. Those who are ignorant and uneducated, often fall victims to these fanatics. Sometimes the politicians use religion as their tool to arouse the emotions of the people for religious conflicts. They poison the mind of the people for their selfish ends. Communal riots are the examples of their selfish ends. The citizens should not be misled in this way. They should live, respecting other religions.

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