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A Visit to an Exhibition

Feed by Kumar Sanu Cat- Essay

The exhibition is full of industrial showpieces, usual bazaar sales, shops, restaurants which are costlier than in the proper city places, blazing lights, Indian Tea board Restaurants and Indian Coffee Restaurants, facing each other, etc. the entire exhibition is nothing but a sort of another Connaught Place.

So far as agriculture is concerned, there is not much in it, not of much value or interest to the common man and I seriously doubt if agriculture experts can learn anything worthwhile from it. Go from pavilion to pavilion; and you will find nothing new in it; nothing you should know and will like to know.

In the first pavilion I visited was the prestigious “krishi Bhawan” nearest to the gate, while coming from the Tilak Bridge. It is a pavilion which highly complicated where there is a zigzag tunnel, in which if once you enter, you cannot get out easily. It you want you must pass on till the end. There is no escape, although I wanted a short way out. They show you forests and fountains and common agricultural stuff, which you see everywhere in India and are indeed pretty tired of seeing them. Full of photos and common articles, it is completely boring.

Then I entered the Goa and Daman pavilion, built on a modest scale under a round roof; but it did bring every possible agricultural product from Goa and Daman instead of merely showing photogenic landscape, which indeed it did not. It showed full and drab reality and one should be ready to see reality and must not feel bored. Reality is reality. In fact. I long wanted to visit Goa but the exhibition has quite disenchanted me. I have to know that Goa and Daman are not different from other seashore locations of India.

Then I saw the Russian pavilion housed in a very big hall but only really worthwhile item which it displayed was a giant tractor outside the hall; and nothing inside except rows of photos dealing with agriculture and industry as well as political leaders and ideological problems, including one “welcome to Moscow”! You are here only welcome to photo of Moscow! In short, there is pretty little outside the Russian pavilion and pretty little inside the Russian pavilion.

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