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Cinema-Its Pros & Cons

Feed by Kumar Sanu Cat- Essay

Cinema inside television or outside television is still a major entertainment of the modern world. Both its constructive and destructive values cannot be under-rated or over-rated.

From the poorest to the richest people are fond of seeing the cinema. Late night shows are full of poor laborers, rickshaw-wallas, tongawallas, coolies and other daily wage earners who have no time during other shows, as they must work to earn a living.

Matinee shows are patronized by the students who find a cinema hall a more interesting and less boring place than classroom in schools and colleges. They just steal away from studies and their parents are completely ignorant about the whereabouts of their children.

If the films are made with an educative purpose and noble ideas, they can be very useful for the uplift of the younger generation. But the truth is that good films are as rare as a to-do.

Now most of the films are made to play to the passions of the lowest kind and Hollywood has become leader of the film world throughout the world. Most of the films deal with sex, crime and violence. These films are now responsible for increasing number of thefts, murders and rapes in the world.

Most of the modern films lay stress on easy and dizzy life rather than values of hard work, honesty and public welfare. Film goers only learn how to beat, and cheat, rob and mob, wine and dine, and that has become the be-all and end-all of modern business, education and politics.

There is nothing wrong with cinema as a popular medium of public values. It can be put to a good purpose or evil activities. It is a sharp knife for surgery as well as murder. To-day, unfortunately, cinema is being used for murdering the minds and morals of mankind.

Unless the film-goers come forward and boycott bad films and even stage dharnas against them, film industry will not improve. Film goers should form a Film Improvement Trust and insist on the production of quality films and lead demonstrations against shady and shoddy productions. Let us pursue for a ray of hope on the gloomy cinematographic horizon.

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