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Morning Walk

Feed by Kumar Sanu Cat- Essay

Hiking provides the greatest pleasure to a man, whether you go by yourself or in the company of others. Some people prefer to go alone because then they can think calmly and quietly on many serious problems of the day. Mahatma Gandhi was one of them. He walked very fast every morning but he was accompanied by his disciples. They discussed many problems of the day as they walked.

Hikers and tramps are found everywhere in the world. Some go out on long walks for pleasure, some do it for health. Some go out for hikes because they feel bored at home and do not find anything worthwhile to do. In an effort to run away from them, they just run away from home. In the new surroundings they find a new interest. They see greener fields and pastures new. During hiking they make new friends and sometimes this friendship blooms into business ventures or a romance and even marriage.

Some people have hiking as their hobby. Whatever time they can spare, they spend it on hiking. They have an intense desire to go on and on. They are extraordinary walkers and this gives them a lasting source of joy and pleasure.

During hiking one enjoys the beauties of nature and feels quite fresh and healthy. One can study birds and animals and learn from their habits. One can enjoy the beauty of flowers, plants and trees. Hiking in the mountains is not an eternal joy. When the sun rises on the snow-capped mountains, it is a rare phenomenon.

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