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A Postman

Feed by Kumar Sanu Cat- Essay

The postman is a humble but very important member of the society. Usually he wears a Kharki uniform. He is a familiar figure in every village, town and city. He is an indispensable organ of the postal system.

The postman' day generally starts early in the morning. He has to reach the post office very early. As soon as he reaches the post office, he is busy with his work. He opens the mail bags, stamps, and the letters and sorts them out area-wise and locality-wise. Then he arranges the letters of his area house-wise and gets ready to go on his round.

He goes from door to door delivering letters, parcels and money orders. He carries letters in a leather bag. In small villages and towns, he goes on his round on foot. In big cities he is given a cycle for this purpose. In some cities, some postmen have motorcycles also.

The postman's work looks very simple but it is very tedious. He goes about delivering mail in his area unmindful of the weather. Be it hot or cold, dry or wet, he goes about his work regularly.

The postman is welcomed by every household with mixed feelings. Some wait for him in hope; some in fear. The postman carries message which will break the hearts of some, while fill others with joy. To a student, he may bring the happy news of success or the sad news of failure in an examination. Thus a postman is the messenger of joy and sorrow, complaint and request, death and birth. How strange! He carries all such news to the people without knowing anything of it.

It spite of his great importance, he leads a very hard life. His uniform too, is far being impressive. Efforts should be made to make his life better and happier.

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