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Feed by Kumar Sanu Cat- Essay

Life is a see-saw of pleasure and pain. Sometimes we get pleasures. Sometimes we get pains. Our life swings between pleasure and pains. On the whole human life has more pains than pleasures. Pleasures comes now and then. Pain stays with us forever.

The happiest day of my life was last year when we went to New Delhi to see the Republic Day celebrations. It was a great fun and the whole city wore a festive appearance. The whole city was spick and span. Everything was neat and clean.

We started early in the morning and found a comfortable seat near the India Gate which was the hubhub of Republic Day celebrations. All Ministers, ambassadors and other most important people gathered at the India Gate to watch the celebrations. Dignatories has also come from abroad to see the show.

Soft music was playing. There were uniformed members of the defence services to participate in the function. Exactly at the fixed time the President of India arrived at a fixed point on Raj Path and was received by the Prime Minister. The Defence Services gave him a salute and there was a march past. The President stood to receive salutation of the Army, Navy and Air Force contingents. National Cadet Corps and school children also marched past the President. Then the planes of the Air Force showered flower (petals) on the people gathered there.

This was followed by shows of different States on trucks. We had cultural shows from all parts of the country. Every State showed its culture and economic progress by depicting scenes on trucks. There were tribal dances from Manipur, bhangra from Punjab, temples of Tamil Nadu, Bombay's Atomic Station at Trombay, agricultural scenes from Kerala, industrial progress of West Bengal, Ajanta and Ellora of Maharashta, and U.P. showed scenes of pandits from Varanasi. Lakhs of rupees were spent on these cultural tabletaux.

The entire procession went to Connaught Place and then passing by Ajmeri Gate and Old Delhi via Fatehpuri and Chandni Chowk, reached Red Fort, where it ended. The Ministers, the President and ambassadors, did not accompany the procession. They parted company at India Gate exactly from where they started. It took several hours for the procession to reach the Red Fort from the India Gate.

This is altogether an unforgettable experience of my life. Republic Day was my happiest day.

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