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Nagarjunosagar (Andhra Pradesh). On the Krishna river near Nandikono Village (about 44 Km from Hyderabad) Tungabhodra (Joint project of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka): On the Tungabhadra river.

Pochampad (Andhra Pradesh): Across Godavari river.

Gandak (Joint project of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh): Nepal also derives irrigation and power benefits from this project.

Kosi (Bihar): A multipurpose project which serves Bihar and Nepal.

Sone High Level Canal (Bihar): An extension of Sone Barrage project. Kakrapara (Gujarat): On the Tapti river near Kakrapara, in Surat District.

Ukai (Gujarat): A multi purpose project across Tapti river near Ukai village. Mahi (Joint project of Gujarat and Rajasthan): A three phase project, one across the Mahi river near Wanakbori village and the other across Mahi river near Kaduna in Gujarat and Banswara district in Rajasthan.

Sabarmati (Gujarat): A storage dam across Sabarmati river near Dhari village in Mehsana district and Wasna barrage near Ahmedabad.

Panam (Gujarat): A gravity masonry dam across Panam river near Keldezar village in Panchrnahals district.

Karjon (Gujarat): A masonry dam across Karjan river near Jitgarh village in Nandoo Taulka of Bharuch district. Bhadra (Karnataka): A multipurpose project across the river Bhadra.

Upper Krishna (Karnataka): A project consisting of Narayonpur dam across the Krishna river and a dam at Almatti. Ghataprabha (Karnataka): A project across the Ghataprabha in Belgaum and Bijapur districts.

Malaprabha (Karnataka): A dam across the Maloprobha in Belgaum District. Tawa (Madhya Pradesh): A project across the Towa river, a tributary of the Narmada, in Hoshongabad district. Chambal ( Joint project of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan): The project comprises Gandhi Sagar dam, Rana Pratap Sagar dam and Jawohar Sagor dam.

Mahanadi           Reservoir            Project

(Madhya Pradesh): It has three phases (1) Ravishankar Sagar Project and feeder canal system for supply of water to Bhilai Steel Plant and Sandur dam across Sandur village. (2) Extension of Mahanadi feeder canal. (3) Pairi dam.

Hasdeo Bongo Project (Madhya Pradesh): It is the third phase of Hasdeo Bongo project complex and envisages construction of a masonry dam across Hasdeo river. The first and second phases have been substantially completed.

Bargi Project (Madhya Pradesh): It is a multipurpose project consisting of a masonry dam across Bargi river and a left bank canal.

Bhima (Maharashtra): Comprises two dams, one on the Pawana river near Phagne in Pune District and the other across the Krishna river near Ujjaini in Sholapur district.

Jayakwadi (Maharashtra): A spillway across the river Godawari.

Kukadi Project (Maharashtra): Five independent storage dams, i.e., Yodgoon, Manikdohi, Dimbha, Wadai and Pimpalgaon Jog. The canal system comprises (i) Kukadi left bank canal (ii) Dimbha left bank canal and (iii) Dimbha right bank canal. (iv) Meena feeder and (v) Meena branch.

Krishna Project (Maharashtra): Dhom dam near Dhom village on Krishna and Kanhar dam near Kanhar Village on Varna river in Satna district.

Upper Penganga (Maharashtra): Two reservoirs on Penganga river at Isapur in Yevatmal district and the other on Rayadhu river at Sapli in Parbhani district.

Hirakud (Orissa): World's longest dam is located on the Mahanadi river. Mahanadi Delta Scheme (Orissa): The Irrigation scheme will utilise release from the Hirakud reservoir.

Bhakra Nangol (Joint Project of Haryana Punjab and Rajasthan): India's biggest multipurpose river valley project comprises a straight gravity dam acioss the Sutlej of Bhakra, the Nongal dam, Nangal hydel channel, two power houses at Bhakra dam and two power stations at Ganguwal and Kotla.

Beas (Joint venture of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan): It consists of Beas-Sutlej Link and Beas dam at Pong.

Thein Dam (Punjab): The project envisages construction of a dam across river Ravi and power plant on its left bank.

Pong Dam (Punjab). On river Beas, it is an important hydro electric project. The fourth unit of the dam was commissioned in March 1973

Rajasthan Canal (Rajasthan). The project will use water released from Pong dam and will provide irrigation facilities to the north-western region of Rajasthan, i.e., a part of the Thor desert. It consists of Rajasthan feeder canal (with the first 167 Km in Punjab and Haryana and the remaining 37 Km in Rajasthan) and 445 Km Rajasthan main canal entirely in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Canal has been renamed as Indira Gandhi Canal. When completed it will be the longest in the world.

Parambikulam Aliyar (Joint venture of Tamil Nadu and Kerala): The project envisages the integrated harnessing of eight rivers, six in the Annamolai hills and two in the plains.

Sarda Sahayak (Uttar Pradesh): The project envisages construction of a barrage across the river Ghagra, a link channel, a barrage across river Sarda and a feeder channel involving construction of two major aqueducts over Gomti and Sai.

Ramganga (Uttar Pradesh): A dam across Ramganga, a tributary of the Ganga river, located in Garhwal district, has, besides reducing the intensity of floods in central and western Uttar Pradesh, provided water for the Delhi water supply scheme.

left Bank Ghagra Canal (Uttar Pradesh): A link channel taking off from the left bank of Ghagra river barrage and joining with Sarju river. Also a barrage across Sarju.

Tehri Dam (Uttar Pradesh): Earth and rock-fill dam on Bhagirathi river in Tehri district.

Madhya Ganga Canal (Uttar Pradesh): A barrage across Ganga in Bijnor district.

Farakka (West Bengal): The project was taken up for the preservation and maintenance of Calcutta port and for improving the navigability of the Hoogly It comprises a barrage across the Ganga at Forakka, a barrage at Jangipur across the Bhagirathi and a feeder channel taking off from the Ganga at Forakka and tailing into the Bhagirathi below the Jangipur barrage.

Mayurakshl (West Bengal): An irrigation and hydroelectric project comprises the Canada dam.

Kangsabati (West Bengal): The project envisages construction of dams on the Kangsabati and Kumari rivers.

Damodar Valley Project (West Bengal and Bihar): A multipurpose project for the unified development of irrigation, flood control and power generation in West Bengal and Bihar. It comprises multipurpose dams at Kowar, Tilaiya, Maithon and Panchet; hydel power stations at Kowar, Tilaiya, Maithon and Panchet; barrage at Durgapur; and thermal power houses at Bokaro, Chondropura and Durgapur. The project is administered by the Damodar Valley Corporation. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @

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